Why do people scream when they are scared

  Among all the sounds made by human beings, nothing can attract our attention like screams. So why do people scream involuntarily?
Screaming can release fear

  When a person is frightened, the first reaction is often to scream. When people feel fear, they will accelerate the secretion of adrenaline, so they will experience rapid heartbeat and poor breathing. At this time, people will release the excessive pressure on the body due to excessive adrenaline secretion by screaming. This is an instinctive behavior. Its role is to increase stress, and it can quickly maintain the stability of the internal environment in emergency situations.
Screaming is the result of evolution

  The act of screaming can be traced back to the time when our ancestors lived with other primate ancestors. For them, screaming is a key social survival skill. Screaming plays a particularly important role in monkey groups. Experts pointed out that the monkey’s screams can convey a variety of information, and different pitches and volumes represent different levels of urgency. For example, the African long-tailed monkeys have evolved a series of unique screams, which can not only warn their companions, but also indicate what kind of natural enemies are nearby. From an evolutionary point of view, it is not difficult to understand why screams made out of fear are the easiest to attract attention, because they clearly signal imminent danger. Therefore, our ancestors may be good at screaming and distinguishing screams from other people. Scientists believe that the reason why humans scream is because horrible screams are behaviors of positive evolutionary significance, which warn of imminent danger. In the long history of evolution, people who cannot easily distinguish between different types of screams may not be able to make appropriate emergency responses when life and death are at stake. In the long run, they will disappear from the human group. Only those who are good at screaming and able to hear the “extraordinary meaning” of screaming can survive the crisis safely. Scientists believe that primitive people who don’t like to scream are dead, and modern people are the descendants of primitive people who like to scream.

Why screams make people feel scared

  Screaming is one of the indispensable elements in horror movies. Every time people hear a scream, they will instantly feel that the surrounding horror is a little bit more. Why is the scream so powerful?
  A scientific study has shown that the reason why screams are so terrifying is because of the roughness of the screams. The higher the roughness of the sound, the easier it is for the amygdala of the brain to capture such sounds, and the amygdala is the area in the brain responsible for feeling fear and danger. Such a sound is rarely heard in ordinary life, so once you hear such a sound, the brain will activate the “alarm”. It is precisely because human beings have defaulted screams to sounds like “alarm” and “call for help” in thousands of years of evolution. Screams have been given a strong emotion, so every time they hear a scream, People are more afraid.
Why women are more likely to scream than men

  Women prefer to use voice to express their emotions. Psychologists conducted comparative experiments on the fear of men and women in the same environment. The results showed that men and women have the same fear, but women prefer to scream to express their emotions. What is the reason? Data shows that men only speak one-third of women, and women are more willing to express their emotions in words. This stems from the sensitivity of women. For women, when they encounter difficulties, they can alleviate stress by communicating with friends. In addition, society is more tolerant of women, so when encountering situations, men will choose to suppress their emotions, while women will choose to scream or yell. This is when couples quarrel, women’s emotions will change with men’s attitudes. They will accumulate all the unhappiness and negative emotions, and finally burst out screams at once.
  Screaming is a way of expressing emotions, and it can also become one’s own protective umbrella. Appropriate screaming can relieve stress. Human genes determine that women are weaker, so when you encounter danger, you need to scream for protection from men and use high-decibel sounds to frighten the enemy.

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