Eat for the body during the day and for the soul at midnight

  There is an episode in the Japanese drama “Okawabata Detective Agency”. After a certain boss gets old, he wants to eat a bowl of wonton soup. He invited countless celebrity chefs to cook carefully. He was tasteless when he ate. Finally, he invited a chef to make him the roughest bowl with MSG.
  Every time I “feel light in my mouth” late at night, and want to eat instant noodles, I always think of the boss-that snoring a few times, must be the joy of life? I once thought that in order to avoid “feeling light in the mouth late at night”, I should eat a little fuller and eat a little better for dinner, right?
  Nor does it work. I eat salty and spicy food for supper, and I’m full; in the middle of the night, I will crave a sweet bite: either glutinous rice balls or fruit, anyway,
  let’s have something… I ’ve eaten something sweet and sour for supper, and I’m full; to In the middle of the night, I want to eat something salty: instant noodles or fried rice, anyway, come here…
  What if you have a clear soup for dinner? Of course it feels bland; if you eat dinner with mixed flavors or even hold up, and want to have a little soup…A
  hundred years ago, many people in Pingjin area drank and ate lo-mei in large wine tanks, and hiccups when they were full, it was not enough. Drink a bowl of wonton soup with spicy, coriander, dried shrimp and seaweed.
  Sichuan Dandan noodles are said to be used for supper by serving wives in the past. Looking at the old story, the typical one is a briquettes stove and a copper pot, meat scum, noodles and soup are arranged in different categories, and the other is bowls, chopsticks and buckets. The ladies and aunts were hungry and tired from playing mahjong, and they didn’t have a great appetite, so they ordered a bowl of noodles. So under the soup, put the meat scumbag on top, and pass in a small bowl of noodles.
  It seems that when human beings eat at night, what they covet is not to eat, but to taste. According to my mother, I was really hungry during the day, gluttonous at night, and pale in the middle of the night. why?
  A few years ago, the “Washington Post” had a saying: They studied people and animals and found that when there is no light, people and animals tend to eat. Why do animals do this? Are they also greedy for supper? ——It seems that certain animals associate long nights with cold winters; they hunt during the day and eat at night to store their physical energy in order to survive the winter.
  Kelly Allison of the University of Pennsylvania said that humans also have this attribute: more energy converted from what you eat during the day will be released; more energy converted from what you eat at night will be more stored. Therefore, eating at night is probably considered human animal instinct: in order to spend the long night at ease, eat more…
  Think about it this way, it is understandable: we are obviously not hungry at night, but want to eat, it is ours Instinct is urging us to store energy and survive the winter. Only after eating and satisfying can I sleep peacefully. So, if you want to eat something tasteful but not solid at night, you are also telling your body: I ​​am eating food! ——But in fact, I didn’t take much. Coax your body smoothly, and that’s it.
  Someone once said: Eat during the day to feed the body; eat at night to satisfy the soul. The truth is right. Probably the hunger at night is not hunger, but our instinct as humans, we need to make sure that there is food being ingested.
  This can also explain why we don’t really want to eat white steamed buns or clear noodles at night, but want to eat instant noodles, spicy tang, chicken soup porridge, fried rice, fried rice noodles, dan dan noodles, cheese, snail noodles, which are not necessarily full The stomach, but the oily food: all for these certain tastes, let the crisis instinct in our body rest so that we can fall asleep.
  Therefore, when you eat something flavorful at night, don’t feel guilty. That is the call of our human instinct, the smell of hope in the world, soothing our own souls!