Taxi in Africa

In Africa, the 30-year-old taxis are only middle-aged, and some have run millions of kilometers.

  In Mali, seat belts are unnecessary, and even the door does not need to be properly closed. I quickly learned to slam the door very hard, but I still often run into a situation where the driver suddenly says “Your door is not closed”, and then I open the door calmly and then slam it again—— It turns out that the car can open the door when it is running.
  Perhaps because of the situation, the Malians are very enthusiastic. The most memorable time was when the taxi was waiting for a red light. I was in the front passenger seat, and a car suddenly drove up from behind. The driver stretched out his hand to open my car door and slammed it again. The two drivers glanced at each other, their eyes touched and then bounced away casually, separated by a question mark full of me. Really, this movement is a bit difficult, I don’t remember where his hand came from at the time.
  In fact, the car door can be closed by itself, but when the car stalls on the road, one person can’t push it. When the driver gets off the driver with a wave, passers-by will come over to help you push the cart. Of course, you will have to give you some small change to express your gratitude. However, with the high temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius, people willing to help you push the cart is considered a noble character. , And they didn’t ask for money before pushing the cart.
  When pushing a cart, the driver’s door has to be opened. The driver has one foot on the ground, one foot in the car, and several people pushing from behind. I don’t know why he put his foot on the ground, maybe pushing back can help? After pushing a few times, he found that he still couldn’t hit, so the driver got out of the car, holding the pillar of the car and pushing it while sparking. Usually it can be hit in a few times, but once it was embarrassing. They pushed for a long time and didn’t push up. I hesitated whether to get off the car. After all, seeing them push the car so hard on a hot day and add a 60 I feel very guilty for the kilogram. But the driver said firmly: “No, no, no, sit down, no need to get off!” Malians are really friendly most of the time.
  Then I thought about it, and I really couldn’t get off, because the car couldn’t brake again immediately after it drove, and I was afraid that it would stop again, so I could only continue to run forward. Then, what if I can’t catch up after getting off the car…
  Fortunately, the car finally started up with a bang, and there was a black smoke outside the window, and then another white smoke, intertwined with black smoke. Just when I doubted whether the car was going to explode, the driver quickly ran back to the driving position, slammed the door, and the car “wobbly”, and then drove forward “oooooooooo”.
  The car is broken like this, and the engine is still very fierce, so I have a perceptual understanding of the words “powerful”. Therefore, such a value-for-money car, even if it has some small defects, can be ignored.
  For example, there is no air conditioner, but there is natural wind. Anyway, most of the time the windows of the car cannot be raised and lowered normally because the crank is off. If you have to open or close the window, you can also tell the driver that he will rub the window up with the glass between his hands. The hardware is not enough service to get together, the experience is very good.
  For example, if there is no door handle, this is not a big problem. Just tie it with a rope or wire. The driver stretches his hand on the driver’s seat and pulls it, and the door can be opened.
  For another example, you can’t put on reverse gear. Once, I pointed the driver to the door of the residence, but he slid several meters forward, and I said casually, “You are over a little bit”, but it doesn’t matter. I was ready to drive the door and get out of the car, and the driver said ” Don’t move”, and then tried to go back.
  Seeing him shaking the handle, but it couldn’t reach the reverse gear, I could clearly hear the smooth sound of the blocking lever rubbing the gears. We were awkwardly silent for a few seconds, and then I said, “I’ll go down, it’s okay!” The driver said quickly, “Okay, thank you!” We all breathed a sigh of relief.
  All in all, taxis in Mali are quite safe and most drivers are relatively friendly. The vast majority of Chinese people will never come to Mali in their lifetime, and they don’t even know the existence of this country. And I have taken so many strange taxis in such a non-existent country, and it feels quite amazing.