What is the experience of being old?

  When I was seventeen or eighteen, I had a habitual movement: stretch my jaw forward, turn my lower lip upwards, and then spit lightly in my mouth. A mixture of carbon dioxide, water vapor and bad breath came up my lips and passed through the bridge of my nose. , Glasses, and finally blow up the hair on my forehead. It feels like a weeping willow blown by the spring breeze, very pleasant. When I am happy, when I sigh, when a beautiful girl walks by, I can’t help but do this action.
  Watching the national football game some time ago, it seemed that the head coach Li Tie would also. It’s a pity that I can’t do this now, because my front top has no hair. Even though I am a lot younger than Li Tie, who was born in 1977.
  The colleague sitting across from me often teased me and said, “You must have applied the facial cleanser too high. The facial cleanser thought it was the face.” She was pure nonsense, and I didn’t need that stuff at all.
  Compared with the upward movement of the hairline, what worries the family more is that there are more and more white hair, which looks particularly old, as if there is a layer of lime on the head.
  For example, some time ago, I rode a battery car into my community and was immediately stopped by a new security guard. “How many times have I said that the decoration workers must first register with me when entering!” the security guard said angrily. I still have a clear understanding of myself, and I am not unhappy when I hear this. After identifying the owner and admiring his work attitude, I rode a battery car and ran away.
  I have to admit the fact that I look old. Even if I don’t care, even if I don’t approve of the way of “realizing self-awareness through the evaluation of others”, my family still started to discuss this issue.
  The daughter-in-law said: “You have to dye your hair. My classmates in Japan will buy hair dye for us.” My mother opposed hair dyeing at first. After all, it is harmful to the body, but I heard that the so-called hair dye is extracted from natural plants. It also seems to agree.
  The daughter thought it didn’t matter. The dad who looked a little old, a little naive, and a little gray-haired was her truest father. The son in the small class said that some time ago, I went to the kindergarten to pick him up for the first time. When I went back to the kindergarten the next day, the teacher asked him: Was the grandfather or grandfather who came to pick you up yesterday? Don’t say it, my son’s words are still quite shocking. But I would not agree with dyeing my hair. Like using facial cleanser, I really don’t like these things. They can’t help me. There is only one final solution: shave your hair more diligently and as short as possible. So the gray hair looks less.
  The day before yesterday, I had just finished shaving my hair, and it coincided with the shopping festival, so I accompanied my daughter-in-law and daughter to the mall. The daughter-in-law has been watching a TV series recently and is very fond of the heroine’s outfit, so she bought some similar clothes. Then passing by a jewelry store, she felt that she needed a simple and elegant necklace to match those clothes and her elegant temperament. After she had finished picking it, the clever waiter said, “Sir, you can also buy a necklace!” Then he led me to a counter, pointed to a necklace with a thick thumb, and said to me: “This necklace is the same as yours. The head shape is very suitable!” I was a little confused, and then joked: “Would you like to buy a machete before I carry it?”
  I said, “Isn’t there such a little scholar in my squinted eyes? The smell?” The daughter on the side immediately replied: “Very, very good! Go and buy me a cup of milk tea!” I walked to the counter of the milk tea shop. Before I could speak, the waiter said, “Uncle , May I ask your main points…”