Destroy the fake and keep the real 2021

This year, we have witnessed one news moment after another: whether it is the further strengthening of the supervision of the Internet industry or the obstacles to the overall development of the education and training industry; or the hot topic of “carbon neutrality and carbon peaking”. Discussions, and future visions including Metaverse… seem to be emphasizing that any industry must be implemented and implemented “down-to-earth.” These are about every industry, every company, and even every person. More importantly, this also sends out a signal that in the future, the Chinese economy will adopt all methods within its power to create and maintain a brand-new “environment of de-forgery and authenticity.”
Teng Nuo turned around in 2021

  The “hurricane” of 2020 came suddenly, but not unexpectedly. Because after entering the 21st century, China, which has been running for a long time, is constantly getting rid of the “trauma” left by various factors in the 20th century. You must know that from 2000 to 2010, the word “struggle” was still deep in the hearts of the people. Therefore, the entire market environment was full of various opportunities. At the same time, it was also creating more positive market frameworks. There are many industries crazily flooding in to fill every inch of possibility.
  But are these positive and sustainable developments? Soon, the next stage, from 2010 to the eve of the epidemic, gave the answer-the invisible hand began to shrink the accumulation of capital that was free from institutional constraints due to technological development. To put it simply, the first half of capital accumulation is an important step in integrating into the global economic cycle, but for the industry, this trend is actually caused by the lack of public awareness of the industry. For example, with the gradual popularization of industries such as the Internet, the demand for talents cannot keep up with the changes in the industry, but the huge return has brought in a large number of people who want to enter. After entering the second half, the trend of the entire new technology gradually matures, and the public also realizes that the technology of the entire world has undergone earth-shaking changes, so in order to have more opportunities, the involution of the entire industry appears to be very serious: on the one hand, inside People want to keep rising; on the one hand, people outside want to enter.
  The involution of this kind of industry has invisibly become the empirical talk chosen by the predecessors, and has set the standard of “what is a good job” for the work direction of the younger generation. The “good standard” is judged on the judgment of return, contribution, etc. We cannot deny the benefits it brings, but we must not ignore the negative effects it brings. Because with the development of the Internet, it is inevitable that there will be some good and bad industries, even flashy industries, which affect every industry or individual. And the most important point is: how to change from the traditional concept of self-support to how to break through the existing global rules and combine new methods to export more high-tech products.
  In 2021, Tengnao turned around, making many industries in China tremble. Simply put, the high-profit industries that we take for granted are being broken one by one. However, it is not the purpose to set off a storm. How to “remove the false and keep the truth” is the determination.
  On January 23, 2021, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the “Notice on Supporting the High-Quality Development of “Specialized, Specialized, New” SMEs; on July 30, the Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee proposed to develop specialized, specialized and new SMEs ; On September 30, the Beijing Stock Exchange was established and became the third largest stock exchange in the country. Its main task is to support specialized, specialized and new enterprises. This means that China’s technological innovation will focus on long-term deep cultivation of market segments, rather than short-term profits, and the pursuit of continuous breakthroughs in key technologies, rather than blindly expanding the scale of enterprises.

  All of this illustrates a problem: In the next twenty years or even longer, industry-based nationhood will become the mainstream!
Technological innovation receives more support

  If we want to say the biggest change in the entire science and technology field, it must be that the whole society is paying more and more attention to the innovation ability of science and technology enterprises. From April 10, 2021, Alibaba Group was punished by the State Administration of Market Supervision for “abusing market dominance” and imposed an administrative penalty of 18.228 billion yuan; until the implementation of the “double reduction” policy on July 24, the entire online education and training industry On September 24, ten departments including the People’s Bank of China and the Central Cyberspace Administration of China jointly issued a notice clarifying that all virtual currency-related businesses such as virtual currency exchange are illegal financial activities and “mining” is prohibited.
  From a macro point of view, these trends are the adjustments made by relevant government departments to the macroeconomic structure and financial system; but from an objective point of view, the above measures are in fact further regulating the development model of the entire Internet and technology industry. : In the past, all speculative business activities such as information mismatch, technology mismatch, market position mismatch… etc. will no longer be allowed.
  On the other hand, in the current Chinese local science and technology field, the rapid development formed by a wave of demographic dividends and barbaric growth in the past does have problems such as insufficient investment in technological research and development and insufficient emphasis on technological innovation-relying on the Internet to achieve efficient business iteration Innovation, rapidly occupying the market and realizing realization, has become the protagonist of “innovation”; in contrast, the number of manufacturers that truly focus on innovation in the technical field is much smaller. In the future, it is believed that this situation will be greatly changed: the more standardized the market, the more likely the main battlefield for competition among technology companies will be on the technology itself, as well as the resulting products, services and other aspects.
  At the same time, at the national policy level, using “technological innovation” as a competitive advantage will also receive more encouragement and support: in the “Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Major Achievements and Historical Experience of the Party’s Centennial Struggle” issued at the end of 2021, The explanation of “Science and Technology Innovation” pointed out that “Today’s world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century, and technological innovation is one of the key variables. We must cultivate opportunities in the crisis and create new opportunities in the changing situation. We must innovate in science and technology. To answer.” One
  conceivable trend is that, whether it is from the national macro policy level or the micro market selection perspective, the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of technology companies will be paid more attention. If you look at it from a development perspective, this is a long-term good thing for technology companies.
“Dual Carbon Goal” has become the “assessment standard” for the digital transformation of enterprises

  If the key word in the field of science and technology in 2020 is “new infrastructure”, then the key word in 2021 is “30-60”. “Carbon neutrality and carbon peaking” have become the most concerned topics of the entire Chinese industrial enterprises in 2021: On the one hand, for Chinese industrial enterprises that are in the growth stage, the “30-60 target” means that industrial enterprises need to be faster It is of course difficult to change the status quo of benefit growth dependent on energy consumption, and to find new driving forces and new models that support enterprises to achieve their own growth; but on the other hand, as a national strategic decision, achieve carbon emissions by 2030 Feng, to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2060, is equally unshakable. Therefore, for all Chinese industrial enterprises, business optimization and business transformation that were only promoted by improving efficiency and effectiveness in the past suddenly have clearer goals and more consensus evaluation standards: the goal is to reduce carbon and increase efficiency; the evaluation standards are natural It is the “30-60” dual carbon policy.

  There is a clearer relationship between the digital transformation of enterprises and the “dual-carbon policy”:
  Generally speaking, the current consensus on the practice of “dual-carbon” goals mainly revolves around two key words: one is “replacement” , The use of renewable energy power generation to replace coal-fired power generation; the other is “transformation”, using more industrial intelligent means to intervene to reduce carbon emissions in industrial activities. For most industrial enterprises, the premise of “using more industrial intelligent means” is the digital definition of each key business node in the entire product life cycle-this is also in line with the entire industry’s definition of Industry 4.0 .
  Simply put, the scene described by Industry 4.0 is roughly like this: define a data model in the virtual world that completely corresponds to the real world, and achieve complete correlation and feedback between the two, so that users can follow from the real world In the real situation, through calculations in the virtual world, the optimization of the real world can be realized-this is the origin of “industrial intelligence”. The digital transformation of an enterprise is to build a software-defined enterprise in a virtual world by using data, models, and rules. This involves all technologies and products related to enterprise-level IT applications.
  Therefore, from the 3060 target to the reduction of carbon and efficiency of enterprises, to the application of industrial intelligent tools by enterprises, digitalization is the foundation of all these. Therefore, following this logic, the standard for the future digital transformation of industrial enterprises will also be attributed to the 3060 goal. After all, for enterprises, all means are to gain more market development space and win more. The ultimate goal of the core competitiveness of the company is the only one.
The maturity of the theory of enterprise digital transformation

  In recent years, the development of IT technology has reached an unprecedented full-speed cycle, including cloud computing, AI, blockchain, edge computing and other IT concepts and technologies have been developed by leaps and bounds. For application companies, the development of technology means that the company’s own IT infrastructure will become more and more complex, and the entire company’s IT application model is always in the process of adjustment and optimization: whether it is hybrid cloud applications or big data Platforms, IoT platforms, edge computing…Applying the theory of enterprise digital transformation is always in the process of optimization.
  Therefore, when many people think that the meta-universe concept that appears at the end of 2021 is another round of popular IT concepts, in fact, from another perspective, the meta-universe concept can also be regarded as a reminder of the logic of enterprise application of IT technology.
  Like many emerging sciences and technologies, Metaverse initially appeared in sci-fi literary works. It can be simply understood as: people will build a virtual world parallel to real life in the future. At that time, people can use AR, VR and the Internet and other emerging science and technology to enter this virtual world, and have a physical interaction with the real world. The corresponding network clone.
  It is not difficult to find that, in fact, “meta universe” pays more attention to application scenarios. Therefore, to a large extent, the “meta universe” actually provides an infinitely broad imagination space for mankind: at this time, instead of asking how much value the “meta universe” concept can have for the future of mankind, it is better to ask about the imagination of mankind. To what extent can it be enriched-because with the current technical level, there is nothing impossible, only unexpected.
  Going back to the level of technical ability to practice “metauniverse”, an obvious feature is integration: the concept of metauniverse emphasizes a specific and idealized application scenario, and systematically systematically all previous science and technology. In order to respond to all imaginable social scenes, the theoretical combing, integration, fusion and utilization of them. Therefore, in this process, people need to constantly judge the value of various scientific and technological achievements and clarify the mode of integration of different scientific and technological achievements in the future, so as to achieve the greatest degree of ability to superimpose the capabilities of scientific and technological achievements at this stage.
  The third key word of the meta universe is “main line”. In fact, around the application scenarios, Metaverse emphasizes two main lines: one bright and one dark. Among them, the clearer main line is the need to establish a digitally defined “virtual reality” in the virtual world that is completely consistent with the “real physical”; and a deeper main line is to realize the “virtual reality” and the “virtual reality” of the virtual world. Between the “physical reality” of the real world, data can flow in an orderly manner.
  And from application scenarios to technology integration, and then to two main lines, this actually happens to be the best path for companies to practice digital transformation: starting from the company’s own business characteristics, formulating digital application scenarios that are in line with the company’s own capabilities and business; furthermore, Integrate existing IT technologies, products, tools and services in a loosely coupled manner to realize the digitization of business scenarios. In this process, there are also two main lines that echo each other: one is to use mathematical methods to define the business and build the digital expression of business logic and processes; the other is to build a data collection, management, analysis, and application. path.
  In this logic, the value of a single IT concept or IT technology will be more objectively judged. The results of the digital transformation of an enterprise mainly lie in: the enterprise’s definition of its own business scenarios, the ability to integrate existing technologies, and the In the whole process, did you follow the two main lines?
Write at the end

  2021 is a year for global companies to start again: the new crown epidemic has broken the global industrial chain structure that people have been familiar with in the past, and has profoundly changed the global economic pattern and corporate business forms; on the other hand, mankind has begun to think about how to explore and improve Strongly dependent environment. In China, the government’s goal of “carbon peak/carbon neutrality” not only means becoming a key indicator for measuring corporate value, but also means how to change the rules and use technological upgrading to find new opportunities. Therefore, for today’s Chinese companies, finding new ways to gain more market competitiveness may be one of the most important propositions.

  One thing we must realize is that for Chinese companies, digital transformation is no longer a goal in itself, but a means. Through such a process, Chinese companies will have the opportunity to discover and release your own capabilities. At the same time, through such a process, a more flexible and flexible business rules and logic can be established in the entire industrial chain and ecosystem.
  As in previous years, at the end of 2021, “Digital Business Era” will comprehensively observe the performance of the entire technology field in terms of technology, products, markets, and strategies based on its own, and combine the performance of experts, scholars, analysts, media and other aspects. Opinions, the annual smart manufacturing China selection list was launched for the eleventh time in a row: We hope to recommend more valuable products, technologies and partners to Chinese companies to help Chinese companies truly realize the blueprint of “building the future with wisdom” . In this selection process, we will focus on: the level of understanding of the leaders of technology companies on the local application company market; the value to China’s local application companies in the process of expanding business models and providing business services; and the value of technology companies themselves Technological innovation capabilities, service capabilities, etc., hoping to remind the supply and demand sides of IT products and services to pay more attention and attention to technology and the market.
  2021 is not only a year for global companies to start again, but also a year for Chinese companies to reshape their capabilities. For the upcoming 2022, we all hope that Chinese companies can seize this fleeting development opportunity, buck the trend, and achieve a quantitative change to a qualitative change.

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