Dream Travel

  ”Contraceptives are divided into short-term contraceptives and emergency contraceptives.” Guan Niuzhi told the young woman a fact, she was standing in front of the shelf to choose.
  The woman stopped and just said: “Then you take a box of emergency contraceptives with the least side effects.”
  ”Contraceptives have side effects.” Niu Zhi told her responsibly, but also took out a box from the medicine shelf behind. Emergency contraceptives imported from Australia-at least no one knows the side effects of which box of contraceptives. It suddenly occurred to him that the women in Australia are strong, and because they don’t eat them a lot, he has two children in his arms, two children in his hands, and big children on his back. But I have to admit that they are healthy, they wash themselves very clean in the deep blue water under the bright sun. The woman in front of her also had a young face, but she seemed to be rushing forward on the path in a hurry, with a worried look on her face.
  ”It’s best to eat with vitamin C tablets.” Niu Zhi told her without raising his head.
  ”Yes, I have one in my house,” the young woman said.
  Niu Zhi looked up at her, “It’s the kind of vitamin C tablets.” He reminded her.
  ”I know, I have it in my house. I haven’t finished eating it last time, and there is still a small half box.” The woman told him intimately, convinced him that she did have it in her house. Niu Zhi stopped saying anything. Although his monthly salary depends on drug sales commissions, the commission for a box of vitamins is also very limited. He was a little discouraged. So he was reluctant to say: “You take a box with you to prevent it from being used in the future. Make a glass of it as orange juice, which is good for your body.” It sells like an old brand.
  After the woman left, Guan Niuzhi supported her chin with one hand, put her elbow against the glass medicine cabinet, and looked at the pharmacy she had seen right. Unexpectedly, in just one year, the front store went from a hardware store to an underwear store to today’s drug store. Three pharmacies have already been opened in a street less than 500 meters. He didn’t know how to get anxious. He stood up straight and pushed up his thick glasses, sitting at the computer desk and sorting out documents. He was the only one in the drugstore. There was originally a girl who graduated from health school. She went back to her hometown to get married a month ago. The boss has not recruited any more people up to now. He is a graduate student of a medical university with a bachelor and master degree. It hasn’t been long after graduation. He graduated from a prestigious school, and he has strength and is very trustworthy. Niu Zhi also thought that if she does a good job, one day she will return to her hometown and open a small pharmacy.
  The hometown is only two hundred miles away from Nanjing. The rotten blades of grass and tall buildings along Nanjing Road, Niu Zhi’s hometown are all there, and it is no different. Sometimes seeing the grass leaves in Nanjing piled on the side of the road was enough to make him startled, and he felt a sense of trance. But then I felt that there was nothing more authentic than that. As if the grass and tall buildings in Nanjing should be Nanjing, the grass and tall buildings in the hometown should be the hometown.
  Recently, the cilantro in Nanjing sold for 25 yuan a catty. He remembered that the cilantro in the large vegetable plot in front of his house could not be finished, and it was more delicious than the one in Nanjing. He had seen them grow old, and the stems grew tall and thick, until the white umbrella-shaped flowers bloomed in the summer. Niu Zhi talked to his hometown grandmother and complained very much about the high prices in Nanjing. However, after complaining for a long time, she felt guilty, as if she shouldn’t. So she seemed to have a plum in her mouth, cold and sour, and her sturdy face was pinched on her cheeks. With a little bit of laughter: Why did you call this Nanjing? ! After graduating, he desperately wanted to stay in Jimin Hospital. After many twists and turns, he spent a lot of money. I started to trust the relationship from my hometown to Nanjing. Of course, I spent a lot of money, but I ended up staying in this pharmacy. He works honestly and honestly in this pharmacy.
  Niu Zhi waited for Xiao Xu to take over the shift at 7 o’clock in the evening and took the bus home. The man was 10 minutes late. Niu Zhi changed his white coat and didn’t say anything. Before leaving, he only turned on two lights, one in the front and one in the back. Before going back, he went to Xia Chunqiu first. Recently, the two had a conflict, and he didn’t want to go. Because he had pursued her for two years, and had quarreled many times in the past two years, he didn’t speak very well, and the words in his heart were turned into words, so he said insincerely. That will only make things worse. Language is stagnant, he thought. He is most in favor of geometric art, and most like to look at sculptures. Those precise proportions are neat and tidy. The two had been cold for two days. In the past, he almost always took the initiative to apologize, probably because he used to apologize first.
  A pair of white and beautiful feet in Nanjing’s winter in Xia Chunqiu were embedded in iron-hard leather shoe shells, and a few inches of thick heels were superfluously nailed to two artificial white beads. She was squatting on the ground to take care of the debris. Her squeezed toe ditch seemed to be a pastry chef who cut out the dough with stainless steel scissors one by one, making him want to stretch out his flesh and blood hand to cover it. Such a scene seems to be only in the city of Nanjing in Niu Zhi’s memory, and the women in Qinhuai River are all skinny. If she were transplanted to her hometown, she would be “a soul flying out of the sky, and a soul scattered.” Such a woman does need extra care.
  Xia Chunqiu works not far from home, and leaves work at 8 in the evening. Niu Zhi would probably meet her on the way, so that he would not have to knock on her door and meet her mother. As long as her mother is at home, there are always red waves on her head, like the tail of an animal; she traces a pair of thin eyebrows, always speaks a little bit, opens the door with a wide slit, and stands behind the slit and says: “Mr. Guan, I’m sorry, there is a big dog in our house, I am afraid that it will bite you. Chunqiu is not at home, just go out, you can call her.” He heard the dog barking inside and said a few words, he was very I want to know more about the woman in front of me. Women always agree with a smile. The dog’s barking made him startled, and when he said hello, he turned and left.
  Xia Chunqiu’s mother is very polite and a good person. But she said this every time, as if reminding him to always come to their home. Otherwise, Xia Chunqiu said he didn’t care about her. He said he didn’t, she said she didn’t believe it.
  Regarding women, he only knows his mother, because his mother only belongs to his hometown, and his hometown can definitely produce a woman like his mother. So all of them can only be the same as his mother-to bear hardships and stand hard work and raise him as an adult. But he doesn’t like women like Xia Chunqiu’s mother.
  He called Xia Chunqiu just now, and the phone showed that he was on the phone. He just stood at the intersection and waited for a while. The call finally got through, and he said he was at the door of her company.
  Xia Chunqiu said, “Wait a little while, and I will be over right away.” After waiting for more than half an hour, no one came out there, so Niu Zhi didn’t urge it.
  He suddenly saw Xia Chunqiu approaching him from her home, which was farther away than the company. Niu Zhi “Huh” said: “You are at home.” Xia Chunqiu said, “I didn’t say that I was in the company. A friend had something to do with my house just now.” Of course, Xia Chunqiu punished him slightly for the things he had done before. a bit.
  ”Chun Qiu, the previous thing, I spoke a little bit more aggressively, don’t care.”
  ”Which thing before?” Chun Qiu stood there, looking a bit lower than Niu Zhi’s shoulder. Niu Zhi looked down at her, unable to speak for a while. He stood there, pulling up the zipper of the down jacket, pressing his chin firmly, feeling too tight. He drew his mouth inward and pulled it away, so he closed the zipper and spit it out again.
  Niu Zhi was originally fat and thin, but because he wore thick glasses, his eyes were very lively. He likes to keep himself warm. The black down jacket is full, and now he covers his neck again, and suddenly he becomes a thick black fat man. Procrastination, sharp breathing. It is hard to tell that he has quick mathematical thinking.