Everything has a reason

  Before putting down the phone, Tu Lixia vaguely smelled the boiled crab wafting up from the kitchen downstairs. She thought to her annoyance that at this time, the poor crabs must be lying on the bottom of the pot, and they would no longer move. The black crab shells on their bodies were slowly turning red at this time.
  Tu Lixia shook her head. This old guy can really do everything. She thought, when Song Lihuang came back from the forest farm at noon, she would tell him about it. But this thought only flicked in her mind, and it went out like a candle in the wind. Song Lihuang was a dutiful son with no principles. He listened to his father in everything. No matter what Tu Lixia said, Song Lihuang would think that his father was justified. Even if it is clear that she is reasonable, Song Lihuang would say that people are almost 80 years old, so what are you going to care about with him?
  In recent years, Tu Lixia felt that she was really old. She was no longer the young woman who had two dimples on her face when she smiled. Under the shattered wavy curly hair, the skin on her face was loosened, still a little gray, and her chin became two without knowing when. After the age of 45, the fat on her lower abdomen and waist could no longer be controlled. Every time she looked in the mirror the image of the waist dress always had a few folds, she always frowned helplessly.
  In two months, Tu Lixia will officially enter her fifty-three years old. However, she always felt that her father-in-law was more energetic than her. This lanky old man played mahjong, played a lot of music, and had a small wine every morning and evening. His voice was still very loud, and she could hear him far away. Thinking of her father-in-law, Tu Lixia’s small and bright eyes appeared in front of her eyes, and those eyes always showed an indescribable sly look. Father-in-law often told customers that his ears had been turned back, but Tu Lixia thought he was pretending-he could hear everything he wanted to hear, and he couldn’t hear what he didn’t want to hear.
  Those five or six palm-sized crabs were bought by Tu Lixia in the morning market not far from home in the morning. If it weren’t for her severe shoulder pain, she would have gone to the Yintan Lake release meeting by herself today. But since yesterday, her shoulder was so painful that she couldn’t even lift the chopsticks. She dared not move her arms when she walked. If she was not careful, the old wound would come with dull pain, like a blunt knife saw there. write.
  Tu Lixia called Master Mingshan of Lingzhu Temple and told him that she could not go to Yintan Lake. She asked Master Mingshan to help her take the crabs she bought to the lake to release them. Tu Lixia packed the crabs tied with the big claws in a cardboard box and put them in a woven bag, and then called a “Didi” online taxi with her mobile phone, and asked “Didi” to help her send the crabs to the city. .
  Over the years, on the fifteenth day of every month, Tu Lixia had to be vegetarian and eat fast. On the birthday of the Buddha and Bodhisattva, she would go to the temple to burn incense, which temple in Putian City consecrated and expanded, she must have a piety. Staying on the second floor of her five-story building, Tu Lixia looked at the cotton-like cloud shadows floating outside the glass door, and in front of her she appeared Master Lingchang Temple and her devout sisters standing by the wind on the edge of Yintan Lake. scene. Master knocked on the dharma instruments and led everyone to recite the “Heart Sutra” and “Great Compassion Mantra”. With the bursts of Sanskrit sounds, the atmosphere by the lake became solemn and solemn. After the chanting, under the command of Master, everyone released the fish and crabs they bought into the lake. In Tu Lixia’s imagination, for a moment, she felt that she was also standing by the lake, and the cool summer breeze by the Yintan Lake was blowing on her skirts, and she felt an unspeakable warmth and comfort in her heart.
  At this moment, her cell phone rang. On the screen is an unfamiliar mobile phone number. After thinking for a while, Tu Lixia pressed the answer button.
  ”The stuff was delivered. But the master here said that you gave the wrong thing.” The other party seemed to have some ridicule in his tone.
  Tu Lixia turned her head twice before realizing that the driver called Didi should be the one who called her.
  ”Why is something wrong?” She couldn’t react.
  ”Amitabha Buddha.” The other party’s voice changed. After hearing the voice proclaiming Buddha, she guessed that it was Master Mingshan who was talking now. “It’s not a crab, but a rooster you sent here. You know, domestic roosters cannot be released.” The fat Master Mingshan whispered.
  Tu Lixia’s face flushed. It took more than ten seconds before she understood which link had gone wrong. When Didi stopped at the intersection of their house, she did not carry the crab by herself because of her arm pain, but instead let her father-in-law go. “The woven bag for crabs”, she remembered that she said very clearly, she even remembered her tone of voice when she said this to her father-in-law. But that’s it, her father-in-law still made a mistake. He took the cock that Song Lihuang confessed to them to catch, and took the rooster that he was going to give away at noon and carried it to the driver.
  Tu Lixia suddenly felt angry, her father-in-law must have done this deliberately. Regarding her piety over the years, he once commented in front of Song Lihuang that it was “too waste of money”, and perhaps he was full of opinions long ago.
  Over there, the phone returned to the driver’s hand. Tu Lixia suppressed the anger that was rising in her heart, “Let’s do this, I will modify the destination later, and you will help me send the rooster back again.” She said to the driver.
  Seeing “Didi” on the phone map is coming, Tu Lixia slowly walked downstairs. While still on the marble stairs, she had seen the crabs packed in a large plate and placed on the dining table, and the red crab shells were emitting wisps of heat into the sky.
  ”I was so anxious in the morning. When I took the crab to the driver, I took the chicken out by mistake.” Her father-in-law was standing at the top of the stairs. With small, black eyes, they seemed to be real and fake, and asked her apologetically, “I don’t know if they can also release
  the chicken ?” “Domestic chickens can’t be released, but it doesn’t matter, I have let The driver brought us the chicken back.” Tu Lixia said with a smile on her face.
  ”I thought it was wrong, and these crabs won’t be used anymore. I’m afraid they will be broken, so I cook them first, and wait until Ahuang comes back to eat at noon.” Her father-in-law said again. His small eyes turned into two slits, and there seemed to be an uncontrollable smile hidden in them.
  Tu Lixia also smiled at him, without saying much. She stood at the door of her house and looked towards the highway. From a distance, she could already see the shadow of the white online car-hailing car.
  Ten minutes later, “Didi” drove Tu Lixia out of the village’s cement road and onto Xiugang Avenue. Tu Lixia leaned on the back of her chair, and she saw a brand-new asphalt pavement that was almost shiny. She knew that this was specially repaved for the World Buddhist Forum to be held in Putian recently.
  Listening to the “swish” sound made by the friction between the wheels and the road, Tu Lixia pulled the seat belt on her chest with her left hand, letting herself breathe a sigh of relief. She felt that she wanted to talk to the driver about her father-in-law’s hypocrisy and wickedness, and why she had to toss like this and go out regardless of arm pain. However, the seemingly indifferent driver remained silent. After listening to her saying that he would first go to the city to buy some live fish and shrimp, and then go to the Chaxi Reservoir, he did not express the joy of receiving the big order. On the contrary, she felt that the driver was simply unhappy, as if he was not driving to make money, but as if she was bothering him. Tu Lixia quietly looked at the man in her 30s sitting next to her with the corner of her eye. The driver in the gray T-shirt had no expression on his face. His eyes were looking straight ahead, as if it were an intelligent driving robot.
  In the continuous flow of traffic on the opposite side, a brown-white traffic law enforcement vehicle suddenly appeared. Tu Lixia turned her head, clearly seeing the driver’s face twitching and frowning again. Recalling the story of the traffic control catching Didi, she couldn’t help asking the driver: “Have you ever been caught by the traffic control?”