Monica Garden

  If translated literally from English, this little garden called Monica should be called a garden, but Chinese people call it a vegetable garden because all Chinese grow vegetables. Westerners also grow vegetables and flowers. Some are hybrids, there are flowers and vegetables.
  The small garden is a vegetable garden in the Pawnee community, and Pawnee is a side street in Montreal. Every summer, residents of several nearby buildings can apply for a piece of land. The rent is very cheap, the land is not big, the length and the width are about six square meters, but it is what people miss in summer. Every day I go to get off work to water, pull up and weeds, even if God appreciates the water, after the rain, I have to go around and take a look.
  Xiaoan’s land has been planted for three years. She didn’t rent it at first, so Ruozi encouraged her to rent one.
  It’s fun. Ruozi said. Watching Xiaomiao grow up is like watching a child grow up.
  As long as he is free, Ruozi will go to the garden. Once it was too dark, she was locked in the garden and called Xiao An and said to save me. Xiaoan took the key to rescue her. Seeing that she had been in a bath, she was still wearing household clothes and said she didn’t sleep after taking a bath? Ruozi said he still had to come and see again.
  What’s in that piece of land actually? It is three ridges of leeks, a few tomatoes, some small cabbage lettuce, and kale. Last year, a neighbor gave her a toon tree and planted it in the ground. She thought of the fragrance of toon scrambled eggs. She sniffs and feels that life is good. Toon freedom can be realized this year.
  In fact, Ruozi is not very good at farming. Before she went abroad, she grew up by the sea, and knew the names of all kinds of seafood. But if you are willing to learn, and when you don’t understand, you can check it online and practice it. Nothing is unachievable.
  The land next to Ruozi belongs to Sister Shen. Sister Shen came to visit her daughter from China. She grows well, and the leeks are green and green. In contrast, Ruozi’s leeks look like an angry girl, thin and small.
  You have to fertilize. Sister Shen said, taking off her straw hat while talking. Her straw hat is covered with a net cover, which not only shades but also protects mosquitoes. She squatted on the ground in the right posture, with her waist straight and her legs squatting low. If you can’t do it, you’ll get tired after squatting for a while.
  Farming style, the posture must be correct, otherwise how to survive those years of going to the countryside. Sister Shen said, she glanced at Ruozi from the corner of her eyes. Condescending.
  If Zi imitated it, she felt much more comfortable.
  How can you grow strong without fertilizing? Look at your leeks. They are as thin as hair. I feel uncomfortable for them. Sister Shen said.
  Ruozi was a little embarrassed. Following the instructions of Sister Shen, I bought the bean dregs from Tofu Xishi, and buried them in the four corners of the ground during the dark night, digging deep to make the manure, until the white dregs could not be seen, and then sprinkled it on the ground. Don’t bury it shallow, it’s easy to attract flies.
  Sure enough, the earth looked a little oily. In fact, Ruozi doesn’t know whether this method is good or not. Westerners don’t do this. They go to the supermarket to buy sheep manure soil and chicken manure soil.
  Too expensive. Sister Shen said. Sister Shen has a light black face with faint pockmarks, but her neck is white. Ruozi didn’t know if it was in the sun. But Sister Shen always wears a straw hat. Sister Shen said that she was intolerant to the sun. Sister Shen said that she had several plots of land, and there was a vegetable garden at the junction of Newman Street and Pawnee Street, where she rented two plots of land.
  Ruozi said that if you do so much, this piece of land can grow a lot of vegetables. Sister Shen said how one piece of land is enough. We have many families and two grandchildren. Ruozi stopped talking. Sister Shen opened a plastic bag with her hands and feet quickly and inserted the green onions bought in the supermarket into the ground. After she finished inserting, she clapped her hands to show that she is growing beans.
  Ruozi is greedy for Sister Shen’s Northeast beans. Westerners only have Arabic beans in supermarkets, with long fingers and thin greens. Shanghainese call string beans, and northeastern people call scallops. Sister Shen said she couldn’t get used to it. Wherever the beans are, you can’t see the beans. she says. She had bean seeds, which made the rabbit roll his eyes and the eagle stared.
  Why are they called eyes? Ruoko asked.
  Because it’s big and round. We Northeast people eat beans, not skins. As Sister Shen said, she sprinkled carob seeds. The seeds were round and round, like small pebbles, with flowers on them, white with red lines, brown with small black spots, all full, like bird eggs, in the sun. There was a flash of light. Sister Shen used a small shovel to dig holes and dropped two or three in each hole. Ruozi saw that she finished sowing the seeds, stepped on the soil and left. Ruozi knows that this kind of Zi Jingui, because it is spread privately.
  I don’t know who is so bold. Ruozi thought. Who brought in the first carob seed?
  In late May, the temperature suddenly reached more than 20 degrees after a few sunny days. The seedlings seemed to be riveting enough, and they jumped out all of a sudden. When the bean sprouts first came out, they were small round leaves, with two and three petals of tender green, which are really cute. Sister Shen began to sprinkle coffee grounds. Sister Shen said that fertilizing, coffee grounds is a good fertilizer. Sister Shen spilled a layer of coffee, the ground looked darker, and the aroma of coffee was exuding again. Sister Shen said that she didn’t dare to sprinkle too much, the concentration was too high, and the coffee was passed over.
  This week, supermarket coffee is on sale, 3 yuan and 9 large cans.
  Cheaper than sheep dung. Sister Shen said again.
  Monica Vegetable Garden has a leader. Ruoko asked them to lead the group. The leader is Monica, as well as Nina and Sabina. Monica was tall and slender, with white hair and a stubborn chin. Ruozi guessed that she was at least 70 years old, with a bad leg, but she was in the vegetable garden all day. The Monica vegetable garden is surrounded by barbed wire and covered with green vines. In the center is the tool room. Outside the tool room is a small pavilion with long tables and benches on which disinfection water is placed. Monica especially emphasized that she must wear a mask when she enters the garden this year. If you don’t wear it, you will be fined. The tenants know Monica’s temperament, she must believe her words, deeds must be fruitful, and never break her promise. Monica also leads by example. But one day nobody came to work in the vegetable garden. Monica, Nina, and Sabina were sitting on the benches and drinking coffee. Someone saw that they were not wearing masks and hung them on their chins. Some said they did. Laughing, just murmured that Monica was unruly. But seeing the three old white-haired ladies happy, they didn’t say anything.
  But generally speaking, Monica is a man of rules. Once Xiao An saw Monica ask Liu Xiang to lower the small box containing tools by ten centimeters. Liu Xiang was an engineer, and he was going to nail a nail with a finger. Monica asked him to pause, measure it with a level, and straighten it. , Let Liu Xiang do it. Xiao Ann asked Monica, were you a teacher before retiring? Monica said no, why did you say that? Xiao An said, you are very serious.
  The old ladies consider this place as their home. The remains of plants left over from last year, dry branches on the barbed wire, and weeds on the isolation belt were all cleared by the old ladies. Monica wears a short-sleeved shirt, a pair of big shorts, dragging one leg, hands and feet not free. They didn’t even let go of the land they hadn’t rented out, and covered the land with white thatch cloth, and fixed it with big iron nails around it. It was stable even on windy days.
  What is the picture? Sister Shen looked unpleasant. Just go without rent. The money to buy white tarpaulin is more expensive than the rent.
  Another task of the three-person leader group is to send emails to tenants, and this task is completed by Sabina. Sabina has light blonde short hair, clear eyebrows, never married, and likes to follow the tall Monica. Sabina is short and thin, not the same as Sabina in Xiao An’s impression. It was the first time that Xiao An saw the romantic girl in “The Unbearable Lightness of Life”, and she liked to have sex with her grandfather’s men’s felt hat. In reality, Sabina is another image. Sabina is dedicated. She used to be an accountant and is very sensitive to numbers. Every email must be written in at least three languages, English and French, and Spanish. She is also diligent, and communicates in time if things are out of order. Sometimes Ruozi receives several emails a day, for example, the grass on the side of the trail is about to be pulled up, check it next week, otherwise he will be fined. For example, the bucket under the faucet for hand washing must be dumped after washing, and it must be poured at the drain, otherwise it will be fined. For example, the wooden slats of the climbing vines cannot be higher than the barbed wire, otherwise it is fine. Ruozi gave them another nickname in private, called the Little Feet Detective Team.

  But this small garden is a landscape. Even if you look at it, you can tell which piece of land is Western and which piece of land is Chinese. Ruozi likes to go around when he is okay to see what others have planted. This is not only because of different plants, but also because of different management models. William in the southeast corner is a German. He drew a lot of white lines in the ground, 10 horizontally, 15 vertical, fixed with specific hard plastic tags, and then divided into 150 equal parts with thin hemp rope, each equal part It’s all a small square square. Ruozi didn’t know what he was going to do. After a few days, I saw him start planting, all in the center of the small squares, with the same spacing and not bad at all, so I had to sigh for its fineness. Across the trail is the Turk. Since I rented the land, he has only come once. The land is like an outcast with no owner and overgrown with weeds. Monica murmured for several days, and finally got the Turk. He didn’t go into the ground, but stood in the aisle, holding a handful of seeds in his hand, sowing one from the east and one from the west, and then left again. Up. Ruozi never knew what he sprinkled.
  The black Gini was a fat man. He divided the garden into several communities. In one corner, he put a waste tire, planted a few flowers in it, and planted a few tomatoes on the side. He also erected a monument in the corner of the garden with the words The number of his land. Sally’s garden is planted with grapes. According to Monica’s request, the grape racks should not be too high, only about one meter, and form a fence. Under the grape racks are several small porcelain men, sitting and lying down, enjoying the summer. Cool. In June, the grapes will bear fruit. The bunches of young and green grapes are only the size of a finger, and they are crowded in a mess. There is a wooden stick inserted in a small basket in the corner of the ground. Xiao An has carefully looked at it. It turns out that it is a variety of sports equipment, including golf clubs, ice hockey sticks, and a small toy shovel hung on a wooden stick, although it is old. Unbearable, but don’t have fun.
  Each plot shows the character of the owner. The Arabs only planted a few daisies, and a few stones were placed in the center of the ground. A glass water bottle was placed on it. The water bottle was half full of water, as if they were doing a dojo.
  After turning around, Xiao An laughed, thinking that we are planting vegetables and they are gardening.
  Nina said that the beans you shared this year have grown very well. Xiao Ann was a little surprised at Nina’s use of the word “share”. If it were her, she would say the beans she planted. Thinking carefully, a little emotional. I thought I was growing vegetables and eating, but in her eyes it was sharing, which meant a performance. Looking at the scenes in each homeland again, it is indeed a kind of sharing. Thinking of this, I feel a little ashamed. In the eyes of others, what is your own land? Too simple and too plain. She suddenly felt that every piece of land resembled the owner’s soul, and her life and artistic style all resembled the living room at home. In fact, there is a lot to do in square inches. Xiaoan planned to buy some iron frogs and small windmills in the small shop, and also decorate them.
  The garden of South Korean Su Ji is just like that of Sister Shen, densely planted, and every inch of land is rich in gold. The only difference is the plant. Sister Shen knows Ruozi who grows it, but neither does Ruozi who Su Ji grows. If Zi asked her what it was, she spoke Korean. If she doesn’t understand, and Su Ji doesn’t know how to say in English, she opens her palms as if she is delivering rice to her mouth, saying eat and eat. Ruozi doesn’t ask any more. Ruozi doesn’t know why it is farming, of course it is eating, and how to eat it. Even if I know, each ethnic group has its own way of eating. Once Ruozi bought small radishes and picked leaves in the garden. When she took off the tassels of radishes, Indian Raz asked her why she threw away the leaves.
  can not eat. Ruozi said.
  Why can’t it be eaten, it’s very delicious. Raz said, eyes widening. The fresh vegetables are delicious.
  how to eat? Ruoko asked.
  Cold and make soup. As Raz said, he pinched three fingers together, placed them beside his mouth, and tapped his lips, saying that we all like to eat, it’s very delicious.
  Wakako picked up the radish tassels and stuffed them into a plastic bag.
  You can eat anything. Said Monica who was walking by. All food is a gift from God. The potato skins were washed and fried, crispy and fragrant, and delicious.
  Monica also has a piece of land. Monica only grows tomatoes this year.
  When Ruozi went to work early in the morning, he would visit her Xiaomiao as usual. But I saw Sister Shen squatting on the ground in a daze. It turned out that too much coffee powder was sprinkled, and the fertilizer was too rich. Those precious beans could not bear it, and the whole army was wiped out.
  Pity. Ruozi said. Although they are all Chinese, Ruozi doesn’t know what to say to Sister Shen. Intuitively, Sister Shen is not very good at socializing. The two are of the same age and the same language, so they should be good friends, but Sister Shen is indifferent by nature. Apart from guiding Ruozi to fertilize and plant seeds, she never talks about her housework, and she has a sense of superiority. At first Ruozi thought that she didn’t like herself because she could farm the land, and those who could work would be displeased by those who could not work. Letting a farmer to look at people farming would also suffer, Ruozi understood.
  hateful. Sister Shen said. Then stood up with a cat waist. Her face was crooked with anger.
  Ruozi thought that Sister Shen didn’t plant anymore, but the seedlings of other people’s families have grown taller. Unexpectedly, Sister Shen refused to admit defeat and continued to plant. This time she put down the capital and covered a small piece of land with a net. On the edge of the seed, she even set up wooden poles. Sister Shen’s wooden poles are of various kinds. There are high and low, fat and thin, cut with branches, and standard parts bought in supermarkets. A few of them are second-hand and have been used, and there are red, green and green paint on them.
  Sister Shen’s Xiao Miao did not have coffee powder this time, but it grew fast. When Ruozi’s cabbage was attacked by slugs, Sister Shen’s seedlings were still green. Sister Shen said that she spilled medicine. Ruozi said that the leading group does not allow it to be sprinkled, and we grow green food without pesticides and fertilizers. Sister Shen sneered from under the straw hat, saying that she could still farm without pesticides? never heard of that. Don’t pay attention to them, foreigners just have a lot of things. Speaking of loosening the soil, he used too much force and raised him towards Ruozi, who hurriedly hid.
  In the twinkling of an eye, midsummer, the days are getting longer and the temperature is getting higher and higher. The vegetable gardens of every family are thriving and full of vitality. South Korean Su Ji’s field was green, the tulips in Sarah’s garden were lost, the roses were blooming, and there were big and big peony flowers, bending the stems of the flowers. Peony crouched, almost sticking to the ground. Ruozi remembered all kinds of poems about peony, remembered the allusion between Shi Xiangyun and peony, and remembered that he hadn’t watched “Dream of Red Mansions” for a long time. “A Dream of Red Mansions” is Ruozi’s Bible. Sabina’s rose is a long-stalked purplish red, a unique variety of Quebec, called Maria Rose. When the rose was ajar, Sabina cut two branches with big scissors, one on the long table in the gazebo, and one Hugging and went home.
  Now Ruozi spends more and more time in the small garden. Sometimes she would sit in the pavilion and watch the people around her. When Indian Raz came to farm, his wife and children would also come, and he brought a chair. Their youngest daughter is only 8 months old, sitting in her mother’s arms and watching Daddy work. Their American shorthair cat also came, and the lower part of the cat’s face was white. Ruozi was taken aback when he saw it for the first time, thinking that the cat was also wearing a mask. It turned out to be white hair, which looked like a mask when she was born. Not only wearing a mask, but also wearing gloves, the four hooves are also white. The cat wearing a mask rubbed against the owner, and the baby’s hand rubbed against the cat. Ruoko thinks this scene is very beautiful. Thinking of this way, I feel lonely. She also wants to find a companion and start a family. Ruozi has been alone for several years. I originally came here with my husband, but when I was out of the country, the husband and wife should depend on each other for their lives, but they couldn’t. After suffering for the child for several years, the child went to college, and the two broke up peacefully.

  The tomato incident occurred in June, when all the plants in the garden had grown. Even the Turk’s land also had seedlings. It turned out that he was growing cabbage. Although it was sparse, some seedlings grew out. The Turk said that he grows autumn vegetables, so he is not in a hurry.
  Xiao An also grew beans this year, which was mailed by her sister in the United States. Xiao An asked Ruozi to plant too, and if she didn’t, there was really no place for her land. When Sister Shen’s beans grew up, Xiao An’s beans also began to climb vines. At this time, she felt Ruozi’s mood, just like watching a child grow up. Little green sprouts grew out, with leaves and vines. The tiny vines were like little hands, dancing briskly in the wind. Xiao An couldn’t help bending down and wrapping her hands around the tip of the vine, as if she was afraid that the wind would hurt it.
  Once a seedling grows, it grows wildly, and grows as soon as it sees the wind. Nobody is required to do anything except watering. It seems to know that it is not easy to be born in this city, and it will snow in two months. Xiao An went to water every day. She grew up in the city and had no experience in farming for the first time. She was afraid of drought and waterlogging. She was very entangled. She originally thought that the land underneath was still land, but it turned out that there were still lots of rubbish. Xiaoan went to buy soil and add fertilizer again.
  When the beans grow up, they have to set up seedlings. Simon next door is an Italian, and he also grows beans. The Italian beans are green-green and are more than a foot long. Thick skin, but not many beans. Simon walks in a hurry every time he comes, but the beans are grown well and grow faster than Xiao An’s. Simon’s rice seedling racks were bought from a department store, and they were standard parts. Xiao’an was reluctant to buy it, and asked, too expensive. She looked around and picked up some skirmishers, all of different lengths and thicknesses. She didn’t think about anything. Isn’t it just farming?
  One day I went to see it as usual after get off work, but saw that the shelf was mostly flattened. Without the seedling stand, the small bean sprouts seemed to have no support, sluggishly leaned down and lay down on the ground. Xiao An felt very distressed when he saw it, but didn’t know who did such a thing. Looking around, I saw the three leading group sitting under the pavilion chatting. Before she could ask, Monica had already walked over. Monica said that your shelf is too high, don’t you know that the shelf can’t be higher than the fence? Xiao An was a little baffled, saying that he never knew. Monica said that you just don’t read the mail. You have to read the mail carefully. It is also said that these shelves cannot be used if they are unqualified, and standard parts must be used. Xiao An couldn’t help but feels distressed about Xiaodou Miao, so she didn’t want to go home to eat, so she went to buy standard parts. As I walked, I mumbled what the rules are, isn’t it just a vegetable garden?
  Monica listened and said, the vegetable garden can’t have regulations? Don’t you know that all buildings in Montreal cannot be higher than Mount Royal? Without regulations, how can there be human social life?
  Xiao An couldn’t laugh or cry, only then did she understand why Monica’s vegetable garden was called a garden. Chinese farming is to eat green and fresh vegetables. Foreigners farming is a kind of game. They play fairly well. They don’t hesitate to spend energy and money, but they want a good-looking one.
  Monica said that our regulations are not just for you, and the bean racks over there are too high, so we just pulled it off and asked her to use standard parts. I got on Highway 50 and turned a corner. I bought them in the renovation supermarket over there.
  Xiao An followed Monica’s fingers and looked at it. It turned out that Sister Shen’s land had been regularized, and the original red, green and green wooden poles had been brought down, as if a performance art had ended.
  In fact, after careful calculation, buying vegetables in the supermarket is much cheaper than farming. You think, renting land, replenishing soil, fertilizing, buying seedlings, setting up seedlings, you have to invest everywhere. It’s good to have a harvest. If you are planed by a squirrel or eaten by a bird, you will lose everything.
  This kind of thing happens often. The few Chinese cucumbers Xiao’an planted were eaten by little squirrels. She bought it from the farm specially, and sacrificed as soon as the small melon button was grown. It happened in front of her. Just when she walked to the door of the vegetable garden that day, she saw a squirrel standing on both legs and holding a cucumber in her forearm. Just as Xiao An was about to shout, she saw the squirrel’s arms slammed into two pieces.
  Xiao’an was so distressed that she didn’t dare to eat. The squirrel is a rodent and I don’t know if there is any infectious disease. She was a little desperate at the time. She doesn’t want to plant it next year. She rented it again the following year. She didn’t understand why she was.
  This is life, Xiao An thought. There are gains and losses. Sometimes you lose more than you get, but you can’t help it. The process of losing is also a process of gaining. Who can tell the difference?
  Rodent pests are unavoidable. Now he still obeys Monica’s rules. Thinking of Xiao Miao’s wilting head and brain, Xiao An couldn’t bear it. After she bought the standard seedling stand, she straightened the seedlings one by one and put their fingers on the stand. Seeing that they were held tightly, they didn’t fall, and then she returned home.
  I thought that I was the only one who was repaired by Monica’s rules, but I didn’t expect that Monica was also repaired the next day. The mailbox received three letters from Sabina in one day, one of which was full of anger, saying that yesterday I didn’t know who had tampered with the tomatoes grown by Monica, and the seedlings that had already produced small fruits all died overnight. The last letter is from Monica, which begins with a reminiscence of the history of the garden. In the 1970s, Monica was the first person to build this garden, which also won an award in municipal construction. Speaking of the tomato incident at the end, Monica said angrily, who did it and went to hell.
  Xiao An went to see Monica’s land. The seedlings had grown to more than 2 feet high, with wide leaves, and clusters of cherry tomatoes, like red agate. Now his head and brain are wilting, the leaves are all yellow, and the little fruits have fallen to the ground one after another, looking desolate. The outside of the ground was wound in a circle with net cloth, originally to prevent small animals from entering, but now the net cloth is intact and undamaged. I don’t know how the person killed the tomatoes.
  Many people went to see the scene and mourned the innocent tomatoes.
  Ruozi was watering the water, and when Xiaoan came to see him, he said that the three-person leading group was very angry and was investigating. Xiao An asks any clues? Ruozi said he didn’t know. As she was talking, she saw Sister Shen walk in and walked directly to her field. Her leeks have grown to a foot height, and three crops have been harvested. Sister Shen still wears a straw hat, a circle of white gauze around the straw hat, and two floral sleeves, as if she had walked away from the propaganda posters decades ago. When she saw Ruozi and Xiao’an looking at her, she didn’t speak, as if they didn’t know each other. If you look at Monica’s vegetable field, Ruoko said, the tomatoes are all dead, and I don’t know who did it. Sister Shen raised her head, the corners of her mouth raised, and she said who knows. Ruozi stopped talking.
  It is September, and the cicada cries happily. What else to grow at this time? A piece of land just fell away. Monica was sad for a few days and covered her ground with a thick white thatch cloth. During the harvest season, the whole garden was green and there were flowers blooming. Only Monica’s land was deserted. The white thatch seemed to remind people that the bad guys hadn’t caught it yet.
  Those who came to farm in the evening looked tentatively, but didn’t say much. The Korean Su Kyi asked how the Italians could kill the tomatoes. The Italian looked at Su Kyi from the deep concave eyebrows and said why you asked me as if I knew it. Su Ji quickly apologized, saying that she never meant it. So the people in the garden were silent, no one talked about this topic anymore, as if it was poisonous.
  Xiao Ann thought that Monica would be chasing after her, and she would get to the bottom of it. There might be a controversy, but there was none. There is no follow-up report. People are so good at forgetting that they soon gave up Monica’s tomatoes. The originally dazzling white thatch was also pleasing to the eye, as if Monica’s land should have been like that. Monica also returned to her original condition, still sitting in the pavilion all day, still chatting and laughing with the skinny Sabina and the fat Nina, and just say a few words when she sees who is planting irregularly. We will still check every week, and the weeds in the trails will be pulled out at the edge of the field. Every Monday, a group of three leads a team to check, and those who fail to pass will send a letter to remind them. I checked it and made it to the list to announce it. I poke a wooden board in front of the garden with various questions posted on it. Xiao’an went to see with trepidation. Fortunately, she didn’t have herself.

  One day after Xiao Ann watered the water, she hung her shaved head on the pillar. Monica saw it and told Xiao Ann that there was still a little water left in the pipe, and she should pour all of it in the ground.
  There is no water in the pipe before it can be hung up. she says. Every drop of water is precious.
  Moreover, after emptying the water pipe, turn off the water and roll it properly on the hook. If it is not emptied, the water pressure in the hose will reach a certain height, which will be dangerous and the hose will age prematurely. She said again.
  Xiao’an nodded only innocently.
  Since the tomato incident, Xiao Ann’s feelings about Monica have changed a bit. An old lady is doing voluntary management work in the garden all day long. There is nothing wrong with just loving the land. Although it is a bit harsh, she sees the different behaviors of so many people in the garden and understands the different lifestyles of different races. There is nothing to complain about when you go to the countryside and ask for bans in the mountains. Thinking about it this way, I sometimes talk a few words.
  One day Monica said that her husband can speak Chinese. Xiao An was a little surprised. Monica is very proud, saying that he can speak six languages. Xiaoan asked why he learned Chinese? Monica said she just liked it. Ruozi said he teaches? Monica laughed and said that he was a construction worker and didn’t even graduate from high school. We were married back then. My family disagrees because he is British. It turns out that Monica is of French descent, and her ancestors have been here for hundreds of years, and she is an early immigrant from Quebec.
  Xiaoan asked how did he learn? Monica said that he taught himself, read books, listened to tapes, and talked to himself, strange. Speaking of which I laughed loudly. Then he was silent for a long while, and his expression was a little lonely, saying that after his death, there would be no such fun. Ruozi heard that the same sickness pityed each other, saying that you live alone? Monica said that she has been alone for more than twenty years. He used to cook, he likes to make soup. I have no good food after his death. Eat only frozen food and heat it up in the microwave.
  Wakako said you can do it yourself.
  Monica shrugged and said that I had eaten an authentic Chinese restaurant, the one on Newman Street, but I was hungry for a while, without cheese, and not enough calories.
  Sister Shen didn’t take it seriously. She muttered in Chinese what would they eat? A buffet is very happy. Ruozi said that they don’t know much about Chinese cuisine. Sister Shen curled her lips and said that I can’t eat cheese the least. One time my grandson bought a piece with mildew stains on it, and I didn’t eat it. My daughter had to let me have a bite, and I vomited.
  If the child laughs, cheese really varies from person to person. Ruozi has been here for thirty years, but still can’t eat cheese.
  Although Ruozi is alone, she manages well and has a lot of dumplings, so she told Monica, do you like dumplings? Monica said she liked it. Before, Mr. Liu gave me some delicious chicken and vegetables. Ruozi said, I’ll bring you something over tomorrow.
  October is approaching, and the weather is getting colder. Montreal’s short summer is coming to an end. Sabina sent a notice to congratulate the gardeners for harvesting the beautiful plants, and then said that the garden would be closed on the 5th and every piece of land had to be cleaned up. Ruozi’s kale has grown into old leaves, and it tastes as hard as rubber. Only the cabbage can still be eaten. Ruozi went to Qingyuan after work, filled a bag full of lettuce and cabbage, and asked Xiao’an to come and get it. It was late when Xiao An came, and when he saw Ruozi alone in the small garden, the cat was still pulling vegetables, so he shouted. Unexpectedly, Sister Shen was also in the field. She squatted low and was cutting the roots of the leek. She said that she was going to cut the leek roots and bury them with soil, so that new shoots could grow next year.
  The moon was dim, and there was an invisible yellowishness. The night breeze is very cool. Sister Shen was in a good mood and divided her leeks among Xiaoan and Ruozi. If you don’t want it, if you say that you have a lot of family, you should keep it for your grandson. Sister Shen didn’t speak, she sighed for a long while, and said that any grandson was taken away by his father. Xiao An asked where to take it? Sister Shen said that she was divorced, and only my daughter and I were left. Had it not been for the epidemic that I couldn’t go away, and seeing her sad, I would have gone back long ago. Go back to play mahjong. A group of sisters have fun.
  Ruozi and Xiaoan didn’t know what to say for a while. Sister Shen was refreshed, she said she left and left. My daughter didn’t suffer, and she was given a good family property. Then I was a little angry, saying that white people were weird, behaving differently from us, and unreliable.
  After packing the food, the three of them sat in the pavilion and rested for a while, feeling very comfortable. Every day when I go to get off work and leave work, there is so much less conversation in the night, and I can still hear the sound of cicadas. It turns out that pastoral life is within reach, but it is even more wonderful.
  After sitting for a while, Xiao An suddenly discovered that they were sitting in the same place where Monica’s three-person leadership team usually took place. Ruozi laughed, saying that they would be blessed. Xiao’an looked around and saw Monica’s tarpaulin glowing white in the dim night. It was very dazzling. There was no conclusion to the tomato case? Ruoko said that he hadn’t heard of it, and Monica never mentioned it again. How did Xiao An say this? The fence is not broken, and the tomatoes are dead. Sister Shen laughed and said what was the problem, and poured a pot of hot salt water into it. She couldn’t stand any seedlings, and she died immediately. Ruozi and Xiaoan looked at each other. Sister Shen also stopped suddenly, as if she had missed her words.
  The chill sounded cold. When a gust of wind came, the leaves on the maple tree were still green, but they also fell one after another.