Samoyed smile

  woman in a small hotel is the third night.
  When the boss came to the Shanghai International Convention Center for a meeting three days, he hinted at the itinerary. The woman who got the hint didn’t know what to think at the time, anyway, there was a strain, and she immediately asked the director for three days off. The director didn’t ask why. The woman’s husband and the other half were in Shanghai, and everyone had some housework to deal with at home. The director looked rigid and stubborn on the surface, but he was quite understanding in his bones. He said to the woman: “If three days are not enough, please call to renew the vacation.” The woman thought that after three days it will be a weekend and there is no need to renew the vacation, but she politely expressed her gratitude. After asking for leave, she sent a voice message to her husband, telling him that she was going to the provincial capital to participate in the project bidding meeting, and in accordance with the meeting discipline, the mobile phone was blocked within three days. This is a kind of well-intentioned deception. She can’t say that she came to Shanghai on business. How can she not come in when she comes to Shanghai? The woman thought. She entrusted her son to her parents, and also told her parents and son what she had told her husband. She especially emphasized work discipline and blocked her mobile phone for three days. After finishing this, I grabbed the trolley box, and the underground party climbed onto the night long-distance coach.
  As soon as the woman arrived at the small hotel, she sent the location to the boss, and the boss returned her with a smiling face, expressing her satisfaction. However, behind this smile was a long silence.
  The small hotel is deep in an alley. The alleys are buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with white walls, gray tiles, and dark green beams and pillars. A prominent historical celebrity once walked out of the alleys, a piece of black marble stood majestically at the entrance of the alley, and the gilded regular script wrote the national key cultural relics protection unit. Because of its once prestige, the alley cowardly avoided several major demolitions under the eaves of the metropolis. One end of the alley is a moat, and the other end is only two stops away from the International Conference Center. If you walk over, it takes less than 20 minutes to get a starting price.
  Walking out of the alley is a main street, full of traffic and colorful lights. Women like this kind of quiet hotel.
  Through the thin curtains of the small hotel, you can see the tall and majestic Fuyu New Village. The moonlight was like discolored snow in the dark night of the building, and the blackish white liquid on the roof overflowed all around. The woman is so familiar with this area, her home is in Fuyu New Village, three blocks away from the alley. She remembered the first time her husband held hands and stepped into the fishermen’s village, it was like walking into a vegetable market, with noise, noise, and pungent smell of sea and soot. She remembered the sound and taste there all at once. Thirteen years later, it was once a humble fisherman’s village on the corner of Shanghai Beach and facing the sea. Now the skyscrapers rising from the ground can kiss the stars in the sky. Echoing Pudong far away, there is a little underestimation of Pudong’s obsolescence and outdated. When a woman thinks this way, fluff flutters out of the window. Through the window glass, the woman can feel her nose itching and her eyes are sour. She drew the thick curtains, turned back and took a few tissues from the coffee table to cover her nose, but before she had time, a majestic sneeze made the chandelier on the ceiling of the guest room shudder slightly. The light inside visibly flickered. A woman has rhinitis. Spring is the worst season for her nose.
  Women are pacing in the room, not pacing, but measuring boring time with their feet. It was late at night, and the cold outside the window suffused into the room through the curtains. After all, in March, the temperature difference between day and night was more than ten degrees, and the woman shivered. The boss never called. The woman opened WeChat again, and there was not even an emoji on the boss’ WeChat. The boss once explained that he was only allowed to contact her, but she could not contact him. This is discipline. The woman smiled foolishly and threw the phone on the bed. He smiled again, and then cursed “a fool” at himself in the vanity mirror.
  When the woman removed her makeup, she didn’t know what she thought of, and suddenly smiled stupidly. Turning back and grabbing the phone, she thought that she should give the boss a hint. Say something? The tone should not be too hard, nor too soft, if it is hard, it will appear sharp, and it must be soft and ambiguous and frivolous. After hesitating for a long time, I thought of warmth. She typed “good night” on the boss’ WeChat account. These two words are greetings, with warmth and hints. But, what punctuation is added after the two characters? She was suddenly embarrassed. The woman thought, adding a full stop, does it mean that she is angry and over? With the exclamation point, is there any blame or complaint? Finally, I decided to add a smile without punctuation. The boss is very shrewd and she can’t let the boss see her emotions on WeChat. The twelve-year-old son once made fun of her, and the clockwork WeChat is as rigorous as her office writing materials. Comma, full stop, and exclamation mark are considered for a long time, which must be a manifestation of mental aging. Maybe he is really old.
  The woman works in a company in the county town, and her husband is a software engineer in a state-owned enterprise in Shanghai. The two are less than two hundred kilometers apart geographically. They have been facing a dilemma since they got married. Of course, her husband will not give up her job in Shanghai and rushed to her to come to the small county. The woman did not marry him at the Shanghai Hukou. She had no concept of Hukou. She was looking at the thrilling and lingering stories that happened in Shanghai when she was in college novels; Go to the small wooden cabins in the spring fishing village on the banks of the Huangpu River facing the sea. This is not how vain she is, nor is it that she was not married to a Shanghai man when she was in love. In the words of her mother, it was fate. However, it is impossible for her to give up her job within the system and become a full-time wife for her husband. This is not only not allowed by economic conditions. Both parents were once retired workers within the system and had a soft spot for the system. After studying for so many years, she finally entered the system and became a family member. She had a decent job in the county seat, and she became a vagrant when she gave up. In her bones, she is a woman who seeks stability. It is impossible to transfer from the system to Shanghai. Now, my son is in the sixth grade of elementary school, and he will be entering junior high school in the second half of the year. If he continues to study in the small county, he will go to Shanghai to take the college entrance examination in the future. The sky is big, the son’s college entrance examination is the biggest, and the son’s future is the best. But she couldn’t say it, and asked Grandpa to help take care of her grandson. She and her husband were married, and the grandfather was originally dissatisfied. The son marries his wife, but it is not his old fisherman who marries his wife. Why is he dissatisfied? In the final analysis, it is still a psychological barrier. Old fishermen are used to calling people outside of Shanghai “countrymen.” Looking at the daughter-in-law from the small county town, there is an imperceptible contempt in her eyes. The old man said that he had to go to sea every day to support his family when he was young. What Grandpa said is not wrong. Everyone has old age, and no one expects to spend his old age in peace. However, he was angry. His youngest son was married to the offspring of an old fisherman in the fisherman village. After giving birth to his son, he was as proud as an old monkey and a little monkey. The old couple took the little grandson and slid around Xinmatai. The friends and relatives looked at various scenic spots in the group of friends and relatives and took photos of them for a month. After the drying, I entered the circle of friends again. The most conspicuous fifth of Jiugongge, the old man is bare-chested, holding the little grandson above his head with both hands on the beach, the little grandson’s little chicken is raised high under the old man’s nose, and the old man is snarled with a yellow mouth. Teeth, showing off the strong muscles of the old fisherman. The grandmother had no hope. The grandmother was a new grandmother, who was married after the grandfather, not the husband’s biological mother. The children of the family called the auntie, still from the nasal voice, with a reluctant tone. The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in such an accent is naturally not embarrassing to ask others to take their children.
  When the son was born, he could only stay in the county seat and follow his grandfather and grandmother.
  At the end of last year, the boss looked forward to the company’s future blueprint at the year-end summary meeting, saying that the company was ready to optimize its structure and expand its business. The news made the woman really happy. Although it is only a blueprint, it is also exciting. She thinks that the boss is the noble person in her life. No, it’s the savior. Who says there has never been a savior, the boss is the savior. She always felt that this blueprint was planned specifically for her. The office is set up in Shanghai, her family is in Shanghai, and her husband’s contacts are in Shanghai. She has a college English level eight, and she never needs an interpreter when she travels abroad. If this opportunity is given to her, it will not only keep her in the system, but also solve the worries of the future at once. First, her son can go to Shanghai to study, and she can “hijack” her parents to Shanghai in the name of taking her son to and from school. My parents are in poor health, my dad has high blood pressure, and my mom has a chronic disease more than ten years ago. She has been relying on medication to maintain her condition. If her parents are in front of her, she will be at ease. The most important thing is that it can solve the problem of long-term and semi-separated couples.