cilantro war

  Even if it is bean curd and zongzi, between sweet and salty, there is always a wave of people who love both sweet and salty. But coriander is different, it can always divide people into two opposing factions, and people can’t see the middle ground.
  Those who resisted cilantro shouted “No business, no cilantro”, they not only hoped “cilantro get out of the farmers’ market”, they even hoped that “cilantro disappears from the earth forever”.
  For them, coriander has reached the level of nausea just by seeing the picture. If you are unfortunate enough to touch it, you will feel like “to be sent away” when you smell it.
  This complex nasal experience can be summed up as a top note of “bug”, a middle note of “soap + mud”, and a base note of “mold”.
  But as many “cilantro to die groups”, there will be more “just love cilantro groups”. Whenever a netizen says, “When I’m rich, I’ll smash all the coriander fields in the world”, more netizens fight back, “When I’m rich, I’ll plant all the lawns in the world into coriander. .”
  For those who love coriander, it is really impossible to understand why some people reject coriander, the fragrance that hits the soul, it is fresh, straightforward and unpretentious. To borrow the comments of netizens, “it is the soul of all dipping sauces”, “it would be meaningless to make soup without coriander.”
  Eat beef ramen? Please add more cilantro. Eat cold rice noodles? Please add more cilantro. Appetizers before meals? Please serve a cold coriander directly!
  Two people who love coriander came to the hot pot table, put a big tick in front of the word coriander on the menu, looked at each other and smiled, nodding for each other’s love and understanding of coriander.
  Gradually, humans have been unable to stop coriander, coriander lemon tea, coriander milk tea, coriander smoothie are nothing… Recently, many food bloggers have also shared the practice of coriander cake on the Internet.
  The coriander juice and egg yolk are mixed well, and the coriander cake baked with low-gluten flour has made many coriander parties express their “heartbeat.”
  There are also brands that have launched coriander-flavored lollipops, known as sweet and sour , but the more you eat the coriander, the stronger the taste, and gradually reached the level of coriander lovers who “want to run after seeing it”.
  In addition to eating coriander Bailus, coriander chocolate, and coriander potato chips in their mouths, people who love coriander have even developed coriander peripherals, such as coriander-flavored perfumes, facial masks, shower gels… 360 degrees without dead ends around coriander in the fragrance.
  These products with the gimmick of coriander have also attracted the attention of many consumers. But in my opinion, it’s okay to try these things as novelty, how far they can go is unknown, and coriander should be in the right place at the right time.
  Wang Zengqi once wrote a story about himself and coriander. He boasted to the people around him and said that he eats everything, so someone bought a big bowl of coriander (cilantro) for him to eat, and teased him, “Don’t you eat everything?” But
  he couldn’t stand it. Things, coriander is one of them. He said, “I didn’t eat coriander before, because I thought it smelled like bed bugs.” But this time, when he gritted his teeth and ate it, the miraculous thing was, “I just eat coriander. When I come to the north, I always sprinkle mutton with the seasoning. A lot of coriander.”
  In the eyes of many coriander lovers, people who don’t like coriander are not used to eating it, or they are not eating the right way. After all, there are not a few people who don’t eat durian or snail powder at first, and they fall in love with it after a few tries. But for coriander, not everyone can easily fall in love with it after eating it a few times.
  There was a video blogger who bought 5 catties of coriander in anger and wanted to try to force himself to like coriander by “eating more”. But the result is swallowed the first bite he spit, he said, “is not installed, really cocky worm shares of taste.”
  He did not give up, began to take coriander and mutton roll children with shabu-shabu, mad After eating a few mouthfuls of mutton rolls, he thought he had adapted, so he confidently took a large amount of coriander into his mouth, and immediately he vomited again.
  For the coriander thing, some people even practice repeatedly, but the result is still not good. This situation is not “hysterical”, it is more likely to be related to genes. Some researchers have pointed out that for many people who hate coriander, they especially hate the smell of coriander – a strange smell described as “soap”, “mold” or “insect”.
  The unique smell of coriander comes from the more than 40 compounds contained in its leaves, of which 82% are aldehydes and the other 17% are alcohols. There are also many gases or materials containing aldehydes in life, such as motor vehicle exhaust, building materials, soap, and gases released when stink bugs are threatened…
  Researcher Nicholas Erickson et al. After investigation and research, the research subjects found that there is an OR6A2 gene related to olfactory receptors, which is very sensitive to aldehyde compounds, which makes people with this gene more likely to perceive the special smell of coriander. And once the body accepts the setting of “cilantro smell = stink bug”, it is really difficult to taste coriander properly.
  The results of another study in 2012 showed that there are many reasons for whether people like coriander. In addition to genetic factors, it also includes social and cultural factors such as ethnicity – for example, the proportion of East Asians who do not like coriander is as high as 21%, and Caucasians are 17%, 14% of people of African descent, 7% of South Asians, and 3% of Middle Easterners.
  From this point of view, whether you like coriander or not is decided at the moment of quacking. Next time you encounter the coriander debate, you can really save some saliva, you don’t have to be hard on others, you must respect your genes and hobbies.