Don’t take yourself too seriously

  Around us, there will always be people like this who always sigh for their own situation and grieve for their own destiny: they were born out of time, their talents were not met, their ambitions were hard to pay… …The
   reason why he has such emotions is often because he thinks he is too talented and cannot be reused. Isn’t it sad and deplorable!
   In fact, there is a need for specific analysis: first, you are indeed talented, but after a large-scale selection, others are more talented than you; second, you are indeed capable, but in terms of this position, others are more suitable than you . The mistakes that a person is easy to make are: he is the best at discovering his own strengths, but it is difficult to see the strengths of others; he is best at using his own strengths to compare others’ weaknesses, and he is not good at using others’ strengths to compare his own weaknesses. In this way, you will be proud of yourself, dizzy and pretentious!
   Thinking of yourself as a talent, you will often rely on your talents and self-confidence. After all, Jiang Lang’s talents will be exhausted and nothing will be accomplished. Fang Zhongyong could write poetry at the age of five, and was known as a “genius boy”, but he was eventually reduced to mediocrity because of complacency; Li Zicheng invaded Beijing, but failed because he “made the mistake of being proud of victory”. Full of losses, modest benefits. Throughout the ages, there are countless examples of modesty making people progress and pride making people fall behind, which is embarrassing.
   Thinking of yourself as a talent, you will often be pretentious, and in the end you will get what you want, and sigh in vain. Ruan Ji went to Guangwu City and said: “There were no heroes at that time, so Shuzi became famous.” Chen Ziang went to Youzhou Tai and chanted: “I haven’t seen the ancients before, but I haven’t seen the newcomers later. When I recite the leisurely pace of heaven and earth, I feel lonely and cry!” The ambition to save the world does not mean that it is useful, and the objective reality will not satisfy everyone’s subjective wishes. Thinking that you are only eight buckets tall, you are often sad and lonely.
   People who regard themselves as talents tend to be unscrupulous and end up in trouble and end in tragedy. Miheng was wild and unruly and was killed by Huang Zu; Yang Xiu lost his life because of his own cleverness; Xu You thought he was outstanding, and was cut off by Xu Chu in public. The bloody facts tell us: to be self-righteous, you will bring shame on yourself; to be a low-key person, you can do it with ease.
   If you compare people to crops, you are like a pot, used to hold tea, you are a teapot, fragrant; used to hold wine, you are a wine pot, fragrant; used to hold urine, you are a chamber pot, Smells unpleasant. In fact, everyone has his own value, but this value is relative, not absolute. Put it in the right place and you are the talent; put it in the wrong place and you will be buried.
   Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you take yourself too high, you will feel lost; if you take yourself low, you will have a sense of existence! Treat yourself as a speck of dust and a pebble, and you will find that your world is vast, your role is great, and your life is happy. As the poet said Lu quinoa in the “soil” as in: “.. Always thought of myself as pearls, they always have buried the pain of the earth as it own, so everyone you step into a road”