nothing has to be yours

   Is there a “should” in this world?
   For example, the honor you deserve, the fame and fortune you deserve, the power
   you deserve , and the people you deserve … If you get it, you deserve it, if you don’t get it, you don’t deserve it. Gained, and then lost again, is also not deserved. After tossing and turning several times, it came back to your hands, and it was called deserved.
   The truth of life may be more complicated than this. Those who have experienced the ups and downs of fate are more aware of the ups and downs inside. Maybe, in the end, everyone will have a say. But there is one thing in common: in this world, there is really not much that should and should not be.
   The flow of wealth, the change of ownership of the country, the resignation of friends and friends, no matter what must belong to whom. What I mean by this is not to obey the fate obediently, but to abandon the “ego” and let everything happen according to the circumstances.
   Yes, if there is something that you can’t keep even if you try your best, remember, you can don’t want this thing, but you must have it.
   The core of “the” is exclusive and exclusive. In self-psychological suggestion, God must guarantee the inevitability of the result. But life will not always be presented with “God’s will”, it will show its own confusion and unpredictability with its accident. This flexibility is also its cruelty. It does not presuppose the ownership of all things in the world, just like a train, whoever stops suddenly, everything on the train belongs to whoever is.
   Of course, there are many possibilities in real life: the train will arrive late; or it will stop at the wrong platform; what’s more, you are looking forward to it, but there is no train going in this direction at all.
   So, nothing is taken for granted. Life follows the way of heaven, and the way of heaven is always impermanent. Don’t see this impermanence as unfair. In fact, God is fair. Because, in other people, there was also something that you deserved and didn’t get, but you only saw your own misfortune, not the misfortune of others.
   For all kinds of awkwardness in life, adapting may be the best way. It’s my luck, but it’s not my life, just let it go. The things of the world have returned to the world, whether it is fate or doom, let it flow by itself.
   If you are in it, you will smile and watch it come and go; if you are outside, you will sit on the side of the road and enjoy it quietly.
   Again, in this world, nothing has to be yours. If you can’t see through this, your face will inevitably have the face that everyone owes you two hundred dollars. This kind of face hangs on for a long time, and it must be reflected in the temperament of the self, which will make your impression in the hearts of others collapse.
   This is a very bad state of mind, and it is harmful in two ways: one is that the people around you will gradually leave you, after all, no one wants to be with people who are sad all day long; And most importantly, you can’t be happy all the time, which will endanger your health. When you are healthy, you feel that everything is important and you can’t give up anything; when you are unhealthy, you feel that everything is not important.

   However, it’s too late.
   Why bother! Even if it should be your own, you must dare to let it go to others. Dare to give up is a kind of demeanor to live with ease, and it is also a kind of ability to live to openness. Throughout the ages, those big men have always dared to give up. It is precisely the people of the secular world who have to compare each and every one with one another.
   Sometimes, we look up to the achievements of others, or envy the happiness of others, and always feel that others are better than us. The reason for this is that they have done a better and more thorough job of “breaking up” than us.
   People who can’t give up anything, in the end, get nothing.
   Therefore, the biggest difference between people, I am afraid that you can’t do it, others can do it. As a result, it has also opened up the height and quality of life for everyone.
   To be able to understand, but also to be able to do. As Wang Yangming advocated, it is necessary to integrate knowledge and action. Su Shi was banished to Huangzhou and wrote the famous “Chibi Fu”, which contains the following sentence: “Between heaven and earth, each thing has its own owner, and if it is not mine, even if it is not mine, I will not take it.” He also said, In this world, the only thing you can always have is “the breeze on the river” and “the bright moon in the mountains”, because it doesn’t belong to anyone, so it really belongs to you.
   That is, a person like Su Shi who has fallen to the bottom in his life has such a true and profound understanding.