The torpedo boat that crossed back

  The frigate “Sharp Sword” of a certain country, which just returned from a mission in the high seas, accidentally discovered an old-fashioned torpedo boat 30 nautical miles away from the naval port. “This guy has long been discovered by the ship’s radar, but the radar soldiers thought it was a small fishing boat. Because according to the deployment, there are no ships performing tasks in this area.” The second mate reported to the captain. The captain observed carefully with a high-powered telescope. This torpedo boat has two torpedo tubes on the left and right, and a double cannon at the bow, with hull number 6587. “This is a DZ1 type boat built in the 1960s and 1970s. If I remember correctly, it has been retired for more than 20 years. I only saw this type of boat during my internship.” The captain was very confused. , “This old torpedo boat, except for the exhibition in the museum, is estimated to have been completely dismantled. How can it appear at sea?”
  At this moment, the torpedo boat was still heading towards the military port. “Call 6587 immediately,” the captain said. “It has been called several times, and it has not responded.” The second deputy replied. “Then call Fleet Command and ask about torpedo boat 6587,” the captain said. Soon the Fleet Command fed back the information that no other ships were deployed in this area. The torpedo boat in the fleet battle sequence did not have No. 6587. The command ordered the Sword to stop the boat immediately. After receiving the order, the Sword immediately entered a state of combat. They quickly approached the torpedo boat, and passed the flashing lights and fired a flare to ask the torpedo boat to stop for inspection. The torpedo boat quickly stopped. The Sword put down the skiff, and the second mate boarded the torpedo boat with ten heavily armed soldiers.
  After boarding the boat, the second mate and ten soldiers were dumbfounded by the scene in front of them. I saw two men in old-fashioned navy uniforms standing on the deck, both looking in their twenties, and they were also looking at the second officer and his soldiers curiously.
  Judging from the military ranks on their shoulders, the older one was a lieutenant, and the younger one was a warrant officer. They also saw the rank of major on the second mate’s collar. The older man hesitated for a moment, then gave the second officer a military salute, and the young man hurriedly stood up and saluted. The second mate returned the salute and said, “You two are…” “Report, sir, I am the deputy captain of No. 6587, Rosen. He is the apprentice captain Tucker. We have just finished our combat mission and are returning.” The older Soldier answered. “Combat mission?” The second officer was puzzled. “Yes, sir, the 6587 torpedo boat was ordered to rescue the waters off Wallenda Island, and fought with the enemy ships for more than two hours. The shells and torpedoes were all fired, so they had to withdraw from the battle.” Rosen replied. “What? Wallenda Island? You’re talking about the Battle of Wallenda?” The second mate was taken aback. “When did the battle take place?” As a naval officer, the Second Officer knew very well that the Battle of Wallenda, which took place thirty-six years ago, was a medium-scale conflict at sea between the country and its neighbors. More than a dozen small and medium-sized ships participated in the battle, and they finally narrowly defeated their opponents in that naval battle. Since then, however, tensions between the two countries have gradually eased, and there has been no more dispute in the waters. “Bring me your logbook,” the second mate ordered. Soon Tucker brought a large book, and the second officer looked at it carefully. The last day of the book was recorded as: “March 11, 1986.” The second officer’s brain “hum”, he clearly Remember this was the day the Battle of Wallenda took place.
  At the same time, on the Sharp Sword, the captain received a call from the Admiralty. After investigating the torpedo boat No. 6587, it was lost in the Battle of Wallenda 36 years ago, and the six crew members, including the captain, are still missing. unknown. The Admiralty also sent a file photo of No. 6587. The 6587 in the photo is generally the same as the torpedo boat parked not far from the Sword.
  On the torpedo boat, the second mate ordered the soldiers to temporarily take care of Rosen and Tucker. He and the rest of the people searched the boat from the inside to the outside, and found two wounds on the foredeck and broadside. There were signs of fire, a section of railing was blown off, and there were two bloodstains on the deck. The boat was running out of fuel, and no remaining torpedoes and shells were found.
  The second mate went back to the deck and continued to interrogate the two of them: “Why are you two left on the boat? Where are the other crew members?” Tucker immediately replied: “Report sir, during the naval battle, my boat The starboard side caught fire, and the two crew members were injured and fell into the water. Although we tried our best to rescue them, we were unable to rescue them because the fighting was too intense at the time.” “According to your torpedo boats, there should be six people. What about the other two?” The second mate asked. “Report, sir, after my boat was injured and caught on fire, the other two jumped into the sea and fled.” The second mate thought, this question seems very complicated. It was inconvenient for him to say more, and he immediately ordered Rosen and Tucker to be taken to the Sword.
  Back on the Sharp Sword, the second mate reported what he had seen and heard to the captain, who also felt that the matter was strange. He especially instructed the second mate to take care of the two in person, and asked the second mate to pay special attention not to reveal any information to them, and to send them to the Admiralty for further investigation immediately after arriving in port.
  Soon the Sharp Sword dragged the torpedo boat No. 6587 into the naval port. The second mate turned Rosen and Tucker over to investigative officers from the Admiralty.
  The Admiralty attached great importance to this peculiar incident, and soon established a special investigation team for this, with Vice Admiral Snyder personally serving as the team leader. Lieutenant Admiral Snyder was chosen because he was a witness to the naval battle thirty-six years ago, and he was the captain of the fleet’s main ship at that time. Snyder immediately issued an order, and Rosen and Tucker were questioned separately. The officers and men of the Sword, including the captain and second mate, were questioned as witnesses, and the torpedo boat No. 6587 was sent to the naval base for careful inspection.
  The results of the investigation were quickly sent to General Snyder, and Rosen and Tucker described the battle of Wallenda in great detail and clarity. Thirty-six years ago, the two men had indeed served on the Navy’s torpedo boat No. 6587, and after comparing them with the photos in their archives, they looked very similar. The Admiralty took their DNA samples and is now looking for relatives of the pair for comparison.
  The inspection results of the torpedo boat were also quickly fed back. After careful inspection by relevant experts, this torpedo boat was indeed No. 6587, which served in the Navy 36 years ago and disappeared in the Battle of Wallenda. The two damages on the boat were indeed caused by the explosion and combustion of artillery shells. After analysis of the metal composition, the damage time has been more than 30 years ago. General Snyder looked at the two investigative reports, lost in thought. He was very impressed with the Battle of Wallenda. That was the first time he had participated in a real naval battle as a captain. The sea area they guarded had been without war for nearly eighty years. The encounter came very suddenly. The two countries had a dispute over oil exploitation, and the neighboring countries fought undeclared war. Snyder led three warships to fight back violently, but the other party came prepared, and the tonnage and firepower of the ships obviously dominated , Snyder’s fleet can only parry, he can only ask nearby ships for help. Torpedo boat 6587 is one of the ships that came to the rescue. 6587 was very brave at first, and made several attempts to torpedo the enemy flagship at close range. Although No. 6587 is small, it is flexible and fast. Coupled with this desperate style of play, it disrupted the enemy fleet and once diverted the enemy’s flagship’s attention, making Snyder’s fleet pressure significantly relieved, and the rush to help. The ships arrived one after another, and the situation of the naval battle was slowly developing in favor of Snyder’s side. But at this moment, No. 6587 suddenly caught fire and had to temporarily withdraw from the battlefield. However, No. 6587 not only did not come back, but even disappeared completely. This disappearance has been more than 30 years.

  A “report” from the staff brought General Snyder back to reality from his memories. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “The families of Rosen and Tucker have been found.” The staff officer handed over a few photos, “they were not married when they disappeared. The people in Rosen’s family who are still alive and related to him by blood are his sister and Brother, the Tucker family only has a younger brother.” Snyder nodded: “Compare the DNA.” The results of the comparison, as expected, Rosen and Tucker and their respective family members have more than 100 DNA similarities. Ninety out of ten, it can be completely identified as a kinship relationship. “What are we going to do next?” the staff officer asked. The general got up and paced back and forth in the office, “Let the two of them recognize each other with their families.” The general walked to the staff and stopped, “Install more cameras at the meeting site, and come back to the experts to analyze the time when they met. response.”
  Three days later, Rosen, Tucker, and their families met under the arrangement of the Admiralty. In another room, General Snyder and members of the investigation team, as well as a specially invited psychologist, carefully analyzed this special meeting through the video returned by multiple cameras. When they met, Rosen and Tucker were very excited, and the Admiralty deliberately mixed their relatives to meet with both of them at the same time. Both of them quickly recognized their relatives and were thrilled when their respective relatives met. The investigation team repeatedly watched the video replay of the meeting and did not see any problems.
  That night, the investigation team’s meeting was held until the early hours of the morning, and no results could be found on this strange incident. Some experts in the investigation team believe that the No. 6587 incident was a time-travel incident. Thirty-six years ago, during the Battle of Wallenda, the injured No. 6587 accidentally drove into the time-space tunnel, disappeared from that time, and finally crossed over to Thirty-six years later. In the investigation group, there were not many people who supported this idea at first, but with the emergence of one investigation result, people gradually tended to the conclusion of crossing. But it was difficult for General Snyder, who was the leader of the investigation team, to accept such a bold investigation result. The meeting lasted more than seven hours, and still no conclusion could be reached in the end.
  The results of the investigation by the Ministry of the Navy here have not been confirmed for a long time, but news about the matter suddenly appeared on the Internet. It turned out that Tucker’s younger brother was a news reporter. Although the Admiralty repeatedly emphasized that this matter should be kept strictly confidential, Tucker’s younger brother still published the matter on the Internet as soon as possible in order to follow the hot spots. The sensational effect of this event can be imagined. It quickly became the headlines of major online media. It is generally believed that Rosen and Tucker came from the past. They bravely participated in the Battle of Wallenda, and they are returning naval heroes.
  As soon as the media hyped it up, the Internet exploded, and the Admiralty Building, which used to be peaceful, was surrounded by reporters from all walks of life. They urge the Admiralty to give an accurate account. At this moment, Tucker’s younger brother broke another big news. The two heroes, Rosen and Tucker, have been secretly under house arrest by the Admiralty under the pretext of recuperation. Tucker’s brother said the true purpose of the Admiralty’s move was to conduct human research on traversers. After doing this, the Admiralty could no longer be silent. Had to hold a press conference to truthfully explain the situation. At the press conference, General Snyder said that the evidence currently available cannot accurately prove that Rosen and Tucker came back through the crossing, and further detailed identification of the No. 6587 torpedo boat is needed. This time, the media has quit, and after so long interrogation, the family has recognized it, the DNA has also been tested, and the ship has been checked several times. Why is it still uncertain? But General Snyder, who was the leader of the investigation team, just felt that something was wrong. At the end of the press conference, he had no choice but to promise to announce the final conclusion as soon as possible. In the office, General Snyder frowned, and the staff officer handed over an internal report of the investigation team and said: “The vast majority of experts in the investigation team have agreed to conclude that 6587 is back from crossing.” That means That is, General Snyder, who is the team leader, can make a decision now, and now the pressure is concentrated on him. Suddenly, the red phone on the desk rang, Snyder hurriedly answered the phone, and the voice of the Secretary of the Navy came from the other end of the phone: “Snyder, when will the investigation result of 6587 come out?” “Minister, Give me three more days,” Snyder replied. The Secretary of the Navy pondered for a moment: “Now there is a lot of pressure from public opinion. Those two people are heroes who participated in naval battles. How to treat them involves many issues. The president is also very concerned about this matter. Just called me, you guys Hurry up and let them go.” The minister said nothing and hung up the phone. Regarding Rosen and Tucker, General Snyder really had no reason to say that they were not real, but he always felt that something was wrong. He called the staff and asked him to immediately lift the house arrest of the two and send them back to their respective homes.
  It was late at night, and Snyder was still watching the video of the interrogation of Rosen and Tucker over and over again. “What’s wrong?” Snyder’s eyes suddenly lit up, “It’s the accents of Rosen and Tucker!” Snyder clearly remembered that it was recorded in the archives that Rosen and Tucker were from the south and the north, respectively. The accents should have been significantly different, but they now have a very similar accent, which is neither southern nor northern, where did it come from? With this discovery, Snyder ordered the authorities to monitor Rosen and Tucker.
  As soon as Rosen and Tucker were released from the ban, they naturally became the darlings of the media, and reporters from all walks of life came, and the two immediately became popular. The two of them also started live broadcasts with the help of online platforms, handsome guys, heroes, and time travel, which made them attract countless fans, which is called a fire. Snyder watched their live and recorded video carefully, and gradually saw the problem. Rosen and Tucker are very familiar with today’s popular culture, and their language and actions are by no means the style of people who lived more than thirty years ago. A day before the deadline to publish its conclusions, a young woman approached the Admiralty. She said she had studied in a neighboring country, and she knew Rosen, whose real name was Brom, with whom she had been in a relationship. The woman showed a group photo of them. The general suddenly realized that the accents of the two Rosen came from the border area with the neighboring country. Knowing this important information, Snyder immediately ordered the arrest of Rosen and Tucker, and their surprise trial. In the face of evidence, Rosen and Tucker had to confess truthfully. It turned out that Rosen and Tucker did live in neighboring countries, and they didn’t travel back at all. Their homes are by the seaside, and at first they made a living by fishing. The conditions of the two families are not bad. There are several fishing boats. Later, the two also jointly opened a small ship repairing yard. Rosen and Tucker have known each other since childhood. They are the youngest sons in the family, but neither of them is willing to follow their father’s business to fish. They are in their twenties and have no serious jobs. These two people want to be an internet celebrity. Although they have both studied acting for a while, they can’t become popular without other skills. By chance, they found the torpedo boat No. 6587 that had been hidden for a long time in the old warehouse of the shipyard. They learned that both of their fathers had been in the military and had fought in a naval battle. This gave Rosen and Tucker a good opportunity to become popular. They were going to stage a good time-travel show. Their father, the real Rosen and Tucker, strongly opposed this, but they couldn’t stand the soft grind of their two sons. Hard bubble, finally had to agree, and based on his real experience in the past, he helped his son write the “script” and repair the torpedo boat. The truth is revealed here, but a new question arises. Why did the real Rosen and Tucker not return to the military port after the ship was damaged, but went to a neighboring country to become fishermen? With the help of the Foreign Office, Rosen and Tucker were extradited back. After interrogation, the two confessed that in the naval battle that year, after No. 6587 was injured, many crew members were killed or seriously injured, and only Rosen, Tucker and the captain were not injured. After the fire was extinguished, the captain insisted on returning to the battlefield to fight again. Rosen and Tucker were terrified and asked the captain to return, but the captain refused, and the two even killed the captain together. In order to kill the mouth, the seriously injured crew was thrown into the sea. Both of them knew they were guilty , did not dare to go back to China, so he had to go to a neighboring country to hide his name and become a fisherman. I thought this life was over like this, but the final result was to be pitted by the son who wanted to be an internet celebrity.