Female rat

  A female rat rests on a mound near the entrance of her cave. As the sun was setting, the sun over Africa lowered its heat, enjoying the breeze, waiting for the night to come.
  Although it is still in its prime, it is quite thin compared to ordinary mice. When he was growing up about a month ago, his cleverness, graceful figure and body fragrance once caused a mad riot in the male rat. He reminisced about the beauty of this life and always looked at his lame left front foot. In the wild African landscape, any minor defect or injury can be fatal.
  More than a month ago, Fadi mates with several lovers almost without refusal. After a few days, he noticed the changes in his body. Intuition tells Fa Di that he has to find a place to give birth, but the original cave is too crowded and it is not a good place to raise children. It patrolled a few places nearby. Either there were bad neighbors or it was too revealing. It suddenly reminded me of going to a small hill 200 meters away in the north with my companions a few days ago. Some rhizomes were very fond of them. There are some rock crevices and soil gaps for it to hide and raise offspring.
  It didn’t delay and hit the road the next day. It was a hot noon, and the predators were taking a nap. When I came to the small hill in the north alone, I found a small cave for it, which was covered by sparse grass, and the height was appropriate. This is very important. If the terrain is too low, if it encounters heavy rain, the newborn mice will drown; if it is too high, it will waste energy to climb.
  As soon as the mother mouse found a good hole, she immediately widened and repaired it, dug two other escape holes, and explored the surrounding environment. The three holes lead to different areas for it to choose to forage. A few days later, these escape routes and the surrounding landforms were imprinted in his mind. This is a matter of life.
  The fetus in the abdomen is wriggling, it is trying to eat, and it was the right thing to choose to settle here. Come here for more than a week, a large group of insects flew like gold coins from the sky. This is a wildfire in the distance, and flying insects and grasshoppers are flying to avoid it. After feasting for a few days, these protein-rich foods are very important for the fetus, and its body is plump.
  A six-born baby, the tender, hairless young rat squirmed with closed eyes, clinging pitifully to its mother’s nipple. Fatih is very busy, it needs to eat to replenish its milk, so it rushes between going out for food and going home to nurse.
  After more than ten days, the six young mice all opened their eyes, covered with a layer of silk-like fluff, and began to crawl and explore in the cave. The healthy growth of the offspring makes Fadi full of joy, and the pressure is on the growing appetite of the offspring for milk, like a bottomless pit. This time, it chose the back door route, hoping to get some highly nutritious food. As usual, as soon as it came out of the hole, it patrolled the surroundings, and its keen tentacles and sense of smell searched for all clues. Along the way, it ate a lot of grass stalks, grasshoppers and termites. Satisfied, if you want something, go forward to the lush grass in the distance. Like an electric shock, Fa Di could smell the male rat.
  Although it said that it wants to conceive a second child, it does not want to mate at this time; it just knows that the mouse will grow up soon, and then it will leave the nest. Therefore, I want to explore the surroundings before this and arrange the next life. Now that I do know that this dense grass has its own ethnic group, the excitement of the French land can be imagined. It plans to walk around here more in the days to come, get acquainted with its own ethnic group, and also have to check this unfamiliar place to determine whether it is livable.
  Just as I was concentrating on analyzing the male rat feces left by the haystack, a javelin-like shadow suddenly appeared in the sky, and a memory flashed in my mind. Leaping, took its brother away. The figure of the wild cat hunting and killing is unforgettable. Fadi jumped to the left suddenly, and as soon as his foot touched the ground, he ran away. A jackal behind you can’t make a pounce, how can you miss this delicious food? Kill like a meteor.
  Fadi understood that the lives of the six young mice depended on whether they could escape. Once they were caught and killed, the young mice would have to starve to death without milk supply. Therefore, he also forced out his potential and ran to a fork at a high speed without any hesitation. He turned to the right. That run. Just as the jackal’s sharp teeth almost bit into its buttocks, it saw a large cluster of thorns beside it, and immediately jumped in. This kind of thorn is a common plant, taller than humans. In order to protect the precious leaves from being eaten by herbivores, it has evolved to grow thorns on the branches and stems, and people or animals will be stabbed when they touch it. . The jackal, who was accustomed to fighting, knew the danger of the thorns, and immediately stopped the charge, and could only shoot at the thorns.
  Faldi, who escaped into the thorn bushes, was in trouble. It turned out that when he was in a panic, his front feet got stuck in the staggered branches. After several struggles, he finally pulled his feet out but was sprained. It stayed in the shadows until the jackal was gone, and then limped back to the entrance of its cave.
  As soon as they entered it, the young mice eagerly rushed forward to ask for milk. Fadi was covered in blood, scratched by thorns, but he continued to breastfeed as usual and followed through without second thought. Even if the next moment will die, this moment has to support the mouse, which is a bounden duty.
  For the next two days, I was unable to go out for food, because my feet were still very painful. Fortunately, there was food in the cave, enough to eat for three or two days. On the third day, I tried to go out, but I stopped after only ten steps. The forelimb was severely sprained and the bones were deformed. I no longer had the flexibility of the past. Eat some rough grass stem bark near the entrance of the cave. In the following days, I would go out before dawn. In addition to eating some food that was not nutritious, the most important thing was to drink the dew on the grass stems in the morning.
  After six or seven days, Fadi lost a lot of weight. No matter how hard the mice sucked, they could no longer drink a drop of milk from the shriveled teat. The mice have grown quite agile, and although it is not the time to take them out of the cave to explore, Fa Di can only take a risk.
  As soon as the mice came out of the hole, they were very nervous and excited, and they explored the surroundings suspiciously. Seeing them walking away, Fadi immediately sounded a warning and ran back to the cave first. This is the training given to them by the Dharma. The outside world is full of dangers and must not be taken lightly.
  In just two days, the mice had initially learned about the foraging way, and they could no longer satisfy the barrenness near the cave entrance and left. Fa Di watched with relief, knowing that this parting would never meet again.
  The sunset was fading, the evening wind was blowing lightly, Fa Di was crouching on the mound like a broken sock and looked at the vast land. Looking back on his own experience, there were many questions. First of all, why did you choose this northward road that day to settle down on this hillside mound? Although the hometown is crowded, there is still room for peace of mind. So is it because he has a longing to go to another place to find another home? Even so, the companions and brothers and sisters have also settled in other places, why not follow? It looked at the crippled forelegs and knew that it would not recover. It couldn’t help but wonder why it chose the back hole route for food that day and was chased by jackals? At the fork in the road, if I choose the path on the left instead of jumping into the thorn bushes on the right, will I get out of my life and get pregnant with my second or even third child? Or will the wolf’s mouth be killed and a litter of mice buried with it?
  There is no answer. Some choices appear to have been carefully considered, while others appear to be just random choices. Darkness shrouded the earth, and the first stars twinkled. Fa Di looks at the far-reaching starry sky with humility and awe, unable to understand the alternation of day and night, but it is calm and comfortable with the cycle of life and death in life.

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