Night in Xishuangbanna

  Back in the room, after drinking a cup of Pu’er tea, my mood changed. I opened half of the curtains and stared at the green grass opposite. The beautiful snake is stationed in our apartment. Maybe she is the bridge for foreigners like me to communicate with Xishuangbanna City. Looks like I don’t need to worry too much. Just now Xiaoji told me that there are cliffs everywhere, and it depends on whether people have the courage to fly over them. When Xiaoji said he had gained courage, I immediately felt courageous myself.
  At this moment I remember the stone wall, and the singing on the other side of the wall. Maybe it’s a cliff? Why have I never thought about jumping the wall? Alas, how old-fashioned I am. How many nights have I passed by it! There are also those songs, which have already become very familiar to me. I have experienced and forgotten, I have been a bystander. In fact, the cliffs, and the girls, have been calling me. It was a gentle patience, and I finally felt the virtues of this small town. If I stop watching, maybe everything will open up to me? People in the city have told me that Xishuangbanna opens itself up and never hides any details. It seems that the reality is that she has been revealing, but I did not recognize it.
  In the corridor outside the door there was a man knocking on the door next door to me, politely and patiently. Living next door was a man from the north. Why did he not open the door even though he was in the room? Was the knocker a girl? Can the local girl knock on the heart of this man who came from the ice and snow to escape the cold? As I listened, the ring snake appeared, it crossed the grass to the under the acacia tree, its wonderful body stood up, and it exchanged glances with me. Hi, even in the daytime, Xishuangbanna can smell the smoke of war. It’s dancing makes me want to try, I’m going to jump the wall tonight, maybe not jump, but bump. The girl spoke loudly in the hallway, and then she left, leaving a ghostly world to the man from the north. His heart hasn’t thawed yet. When I wanted to wave to the krait, I found that my arm was numb and could not move at all. My neck was also numb and my head was fixed in one direction. I felt the snake’s eyes were stern. The earth is rumbling. I can’t speak.
  ”I want it.” I said in my heart.
  Night has finally come. Before this, Xishuangbanna had been competing with the sun for territory. The light receded little by little, and when they all disappeared, the city that never sleeps came to life. Out-of-towners are not used to it at first, because everything is filled with that ambiguous and ambiguous expression that makes them afraid to act rashly. Out-of-towners, living in a chiseled world for many years, have their eyes formed from various angles. Once they came to this chaotic town, most of them lost their sight at night. I am also a foreigner. I have experienced the confusion and pain of losing my vision, and now I am gradually recovering my vision. I have conquered my fears, and what I see, step by step, is revealing the inner mechanics of the City of Heroes.
  As soon as I walked out the door of the apartment, I felt like I was being followed. My goal was the alley with the acacia trees that I visited yesterday. On one side of the alley is a long marble wall, and on the other side of the wall is the park. I walked for a while in the alley, and when I looked back, I saw a man with a turban on his head sneaking into the alley. He flashed into the dark shadows, and I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was still following me. It’s just the two of us in this alley now. I saw the familiar turn, and I reached out to touch the wall. But the wall is gone, and all my hands touch is air. There was no light where I was standing, and the street lights were far away from me. I’m not sure if I’m facing a cliff or a wasteland. Maybe the walls of the park have been demolished? I remembered my determination – I was going to hit the wall. As soon as I made that gesture, I suddenly heard that kind of laughter, and then the white light of the flashlight shone on my face. I can’t see him clearly, but I know he’s the stalker.
  ”Yuanfeng, tonight belongs to you. All those you have seen and those you have not seen will come to join you,” he said.
  ”So, I don’t have to jump off the cliff?” I was a little disappointed.
  ”You’ve already jumped over it just now, so why are you embarrassing yourself? Go to the right, there is no danger in Xishuangbanna, and the roads under your feet extend in all directions.”
  He turned off the flashlight and left me.
  I lift my foot to the right, which is the direction of the park. It was dark everywhere in the familiar park, and after walking for a while, I saw a few small lamps hanging from the frangipani trees, and the faces of four or five legless girls peeked out from the flowers. I ran towards the tree and shouted involuntarily, “Yuxiang, here I am! Wait for me!” To me, they were all Yuxiang, and I lost my mind.
  The next moment I fell into the pit. Fortunately, the bottom of the pit is soft soil. I lay there, above me, with a shower of meteors in the dark blue sky, and the lads flew past one by one in the glittering shower. Ah, those lads, the heroes of the city of heroes. Koyoshi and Iwanami were among them. The bell rang from the sky, and the universe was shocked. Lying in the pit, I became the recorder of this spectacle.