Ride the aluminum pot to get married

  In recent days, southern India has been continuously hit by heavy rains, and flash floods and landslides have occurred in many places. Statistics on the new crown epidemic released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that there are still nearly 10,000 new confirmed cases in India every day. The constant stream of bad news irritates people’s fragile nerves. Under such circumstances, a wedding video caused quite a stir in India. People took to the internet to congratulate the newlyweds, thanking them for the good news.
  In Kerala, raging floods have killed dozens. With the roads flooded and no boats available, groom Akash Kunjumon and his bride Aishwarya decided to get married while sitting in a large aluminum pot for cooking.   ”The people in the temple arranged the pot for us. A brother did everything for us. But in the end we found that we had no other choice but this pot,” Kun
  Jumong, 26, said in an interview.
, On their wedding day, Kunjumon and Aishwarya climbed into the pot in their bright wedding dresses. In the video, several friends tried their best to drag the big aluminum pot forward in the waist-deep muddy water. “It took us at least 20 minutes to get to the wedding,” said Kunjumon, who praised the friends who helped them through. During that long journey, there were powerful undercurrents hidden everywhere.
  While the couple’s journey to the temple by pot was unexpectedly smooth, the pair’s road to love wasn’t all smooth sailing.
  At the end of 2020, Kun Jumon, who was working as a cleaner in a hospital, first met Aishwarya, a 22-year-old nursing assistant. The two officially confirmed their relationship in February last year. Kunjumon said: “In the process of fulfilling our anti-epidemic duties, we met, fell in love, and finally came together.”
  However, due to the caste difference, Aishwarya’s family did not approve of the relationship between the two. “Her parents had no problem with it, but other relatives, especially her uncles, were against it,” Kunjumon said. “So we eloped.”
  After the two eloped, Aishwarya’s family called the police. Officers, however, supported the actions of the two men, noting that they were already independent adults.
  Few people attended the couple’s wedding due to flooding, the coronavirus pandemic and family resistance. “My father swam to the temple, and my mother, grandmother and sisters came with another pot,” said Kunjumon. The wedding photographer also decided to take the risk after learning the story of the two.
  Aishwarya admitted that their wedding was “weird” and that she had been “disappointed” by her family’s absence. However, neither of them thought that this “unconventional wedding” would cause such a big stir. “Everyone was so excited,” Aishwarya said.
  ”But anyway, by God’s grace, we got married.”

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