Someone else’s paradise

  Zhuang Xiaoxiao is not the kind of woman who can make people shine, her appearance and temperament can only be said. However, she doesn’t think so. On the contrary, she feels quite good about herself, and often thinks that she can’t be the top-ranking woman among women, but she is also top-ranking, so she inevitably looks down on other women. Zhuang Xiaoxiao has lived with her grandparents since she was a child. The family relationship between different generations has made her feel superior all the time, but a woman’s self-confidence is not from the beginning. Her husband Kang Daming is the main source. Kang Daming was tall and straight. He was the right forward of the Polytechnic football team at that time, and the Beckham in the eyes of girls. After playing football every Friday afternoon, he wears his jersey diagonally and looks stern and stern, turning a blind eye to the girls screaming and shouting for him on the side of the court, but when he sees Zhuang Xiaoxiao, who was as quiet as a lake at the time, I don’t know which nerve comes out When the problem was solved, his cold expression was like an iceberg melting immediately, showing a servile face willing to be a cow and a horse. Not only did he take the initiative to greet her, but he also rushed over to help her hold a few books in his arms. Although this often attracts the jealous eyes of countless girls to Zhuang Xiaoxiao, the unspeakable envy mixed with it makes Zhuang Xiaoxiao’s self-confidence greatly increased. This boy who fascinated all the girls in the school likes her, it’s a bit of a myth, but this myth happened to her. Sometimes, Zhuang Xiaoxiao sits in the stands, staring intently at Kang Daming’s indescribably healthy and handsome figure on the court, secretly figuring out the authenticity of this myth, thinking about it, and concluding that if Kang Daming has a unique eye, it is also true. She has a lanky heart and has extraordinary potential. Otherwise, how could such a proud boy fall under her pomegranate skirt? When he thought about this, Zhuang Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but straighten up, and suddenly felt that his image was bright. In this way, the girl who seemed a little unhappy in the middle school age because she didn’t have many looks and learning advantages, under the background of Kang Daming’s tall figure, became confident and proud, and even, there was some contempt in her eyes. the taste of. Kang Daming’s compliments and attentiveness made Zhuang Xiaoxiao unable to parry, nor did he want to parry. After graduating from university, Kang Daming successfully stayed at school, and Zhuang Xiaoxiao returned to work in the city where she was born.
  Even if it was for love, not long after they got married, Zhuang Xiaoxiao couldn’t bear the pain of separation and parting, so she quit her job and moved to the city where Kang Daming is located to stay with her husband and live a leisurely life as a full-time wife. In a flash, she has been married for seven years, and she seems to be living in a vacuum, and the breath of reality is getting weaker and farther away in her heart. Slowly, in addition to the concept of day and night, time is in Zhuang Xiaoxiao’s consciousness, like a distant lake blurred, she eats as much as she wants, sleeps as she wants, it doesn’t matter if she wakes up early to catch up with work, I don’t know what month it is today. Day, what day, what day of the week, the only thing I care about is the broadcast time of Korean dramas, I will watch on the sofa in my pajamas on time, and never miss an episode. She can skip shopping for a week, and sometimes even bother to wash her face and comb her hair for a few days. Kang Daming often goes to other places to do research projects. Sometimes it takes a month to leave Zhuang Xiaoxiao at home. After such a long time, it looks like a blank piece of paper. When I was feeling empty, I just drew casually horizontal and vertical lines lazily. Slowly, the three meals a day have almost nothing to do with her. If she is not happy, she can skip a meal for three days and use a lot of snacks to support her life. Of course, she also has to go to the supermarket to buy these snacks in person, otherwise, not only It was days that turned into a blank slate, and even her life might end into a blank slate. Of course, she would not let her life become a blank piece of paper with no content, but the problem is, in this city without relatives and no reason, there will be no second person to serve her except Kang Daming.
  Fundamentally, Zhuang Xiaoxiao does not admit that Kang Daming has served her over the years. Kang Daming has done more housework, but this is what it should be, isn’t it? Thinking back then, she was such a beautiful girl who was almost a peerless girl who was chased and beaten by him and pursued indiscriminately. Purely hanging from his tree, thinking about her thanks to her, is it justifiable for him not to behave well after marriage? Besides, Kang Daming often travels to other places on business, leaves her at home, and tastes loneliness and loneliness alone. In these days of gathering less and leaving more, who can be said to serve whom?
  However, in good conscience, Kang Daming is not a selfish person. He still knows how to feel sorry for his wife. He often persuades Zhuang Xiaoxiao to go out for a walk, saying that the outside world is wonderful within reach, which is like these TV series, which concocted a A delicate soap bubble, it doesn’t need to be poked, it bursts quickly, leaving a cavity of regret. Zhuang Xiaoxiao is not happy, saying that I am a person who lives alone in a vacant room, what is the truth? There is a soap bubble filling the heart, even if it is broken, it is broken in the heart, and the beauty is still there. It’s not that Kang Daming can’t say goodbye to his wife, but he just thinks that he often goes out and feels a little guilty in his heart, so he let Zhuang Xiaoxiao go. Just before going out, he always makes a few phone calls to some of his classmates. In this city, many of their classmates stayed and assigned jobs, but Zhuang Xiaoxiao basically did not contact them. Occasionally, classmates from other places came here for business trips. They wanted to hold some series gatherings, and Zhuang Xiaoxiao and Kang Daming were always notified. Zhuang Xiaoxiao didn’t participate, and even if Kang Daming said that, he didn’t bother to move. Usually it is Kang Daming to deal with it. At first, Zhuang Xiaoxiao did not like to be busy, and he was even more afraid that a group of people would drink endlessly and say some dirty words. Later, it was logical. Others only informed Kang Daming, and Kang Daming was not particularly enthusiastic. To persuade Zhuang Xiaoxiao, repeating the same thing is very tired. Therefore, Kang Daming only said hello when he attended the party. Zhuang Xiaoxiao, with the same posture, was lying on the sofa, glanced at her husband, and didn’t even bother to say a word. Kang Daming travels more and more. Every time he leaves home, he can’t bear to see his wife’s indifferent expression. I think it’s because he is too lonely. So, Kang Daming called around and asked his classmates to call Zhuang Xiaoxiao if they had any activities. Maybe Zhuang Xiaoxiao felt boring and would go to participate. If I can feel the love of my classmates who have forgotten each other for a few years, and become interested in this kind of life again, I will no longer have to be alone at home and feel bored.
  Kang Daming’s thoughts were really not in vain, Zhuang Xiaoxiao really suddenly agreed to the invitation of his classmates and lowered his body to attend a party.
  The classmate who came this time is Feng Yuan. After being assigned to work in Shanghai, it is the first time that he has returned to the city where his alma mater is located. With the name Feng Yuan alone, Zhuang Xiaoxiao has forgotten what he looks like. In fact, she has forgotten the looks and even names of many of her classmates. But fortunately, when she got to the meeting place, she still recognized a lot of classmates, and of course Feng Yuan. As soon as they met, she matched the number, thinking of the taciturn boy in college, who was always shy and shy. appearance. She still remembered that Feng Yuan liked a girl in the class at that time, but he didn’t dare to show it, and often looked at each other silently with warm eyes. Almost everyone in the class knew that Feng Yuan liked that girl, only Feng Yuan himself thought he was hiding deep enough to hide his ears. Later, a few classmates couldn’t bear Feng Yuan’s unrequited love and found an opportunity to confess to the girls face to face for him. As a result, Feng Yuan was stunned, blushed, and ran away immediately.
  Today’s Feng Yuan is no longer the shy, cautious and timid big boy he used to be. His witty remarks, elegant and colloquial sayings, made the classmates clap and laugh from time to time, pushing the atmosphere of the party to one climax after another, and also made Zhuang Xiaoxiao have a new understanding of the party between classmates. For the first time, she found a contrast to her past life, and found that her rejection of the outside world and her resistance to class reunions actually made no sense. It turned out that it was very good to bind herself and enjoy the leisure of life quietly. uninteresting. Under the persuasion of her classmates, especially Feng Yuan, she made an exception and drank a glass of wine instead of Kang Daming. She felt that it was interesting to attend parties, especially class reunions, at least to adjust her monotonous life.