Don’t say “boring”, life will be interesting

  My friend Xiaoman has been feeling very unhappy recently. After chatting for a while, she sighed: “Hey, it’s boring, life is boring.” After some conversation, she said several “boring” in a row.
   I asked her inexplicably, “You seem to have a good time, a loving family, and a satisfactory job, so why is life boring?”
   She forced a smile and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong, family and work are very good. , but I always feel that life is very dull, that I am worthless and meaningless.”
   “Is life too easy, thinking too much, and doing too little?” I teased her.
   “Yeah, it’s possible, I’m going to act!” she suddenly screamed in response.
   My husband also likes to talk about “irritable” and “boring”, but when I really ask him why he is upset and boring, he can’t say why. And my good mood was ruined just like that.
   In fact, if you observe carefully, you will find that many people have such people around them. They often put “boring” on their lips, and their lives are not very satisfactory. If you don’t want to work hard, you say promotion is boring, but work becomes more and more lazy; if you don’t want to go out to exercise, you say fitness is boring, but you keep getting sick. If you ask what is interesting, they can’t give an accurate answer.
   “It’s boring” seems to have become an excuse and a common problem for many people who are unwilling to live in the ordinary life in front of them, but are unwilling and unable to change. In the final analysis, people who like to say “boring” are because they lack awareness and planning of their own lives, and their abilities and desires do not match. If you have a clear goal every day, you are full of action, and your life is full and busy, there is no time to express your emotions.
   How you treat life, life will treat you as you do. If you are lively and interesting, life will be colorful; if you are dull and boring, life will be monotonous. Therefore, if you don’t say “boring”, life will be interesting.

  Understand, more important than love. Love, do not necessarily understand. People who can understand you don’t need to say more, just a smile and a greeting will make you calm and calm.
   Understand, is the most tender language in the world. It is a kind of touch of the years, such as the lake knows the coldness of the moon and the softness of the moon; it is a kind of care for the soul, such as the breeze passing over the strings, the resonance of the heart, the depth of the heart; it is a landscape of life, Like flowers swaying in the wind and rain, but blooming in the heart. The so-called “understand you” does not mean that he knows your information well, but when everyone thinks you are happy, only he knows the sentimentality and strength behind your smile.
   Xu Zhimo said, “I understand you as profoundly as I understand myself.” The short words contain thousands of words. Because of the deep experience, I know your burdens and difficulties; because I feel the same, I feel sorry for your sincerity and cherish your feelings.
   The contemporary poet Wang Guozhen said: “A kind of friendship, when you need it, will come to you silently, his eyes and heart can read you, and he will even hold your thin arms with his hands.” Because some people understand, Feelings can be told, and pain can be relieved; because someone understands, someone accompanies you when you are lonely, and someone comforts you when you are helpless.
   Understanding is the bridge to the heart and resonates. Because they understand, they are tolerant; because they understand, they are of the same mind. To understand, let there be no distance between hearts and hearts, and let life cherish each other; to understand is the most beautiful connection and the most profound moving in life. The warmest thing in the world is that someone understands and someone hurts.

  The fresher it is, the more poisonous Daylily is a common vegetable, and oddly enough, the daylily on the market is usually sun-dried, and there are very few fresh daylilies available for sale. This is because the fresh day lily contains colchicine, which is easy to produce toxic dicolchicine in the body after human consumption, and adults will be poisoned if they eat 50 to 100 grams at a time.
  The “toxic” staple food that 600 million people eat The raw materials of our common shrimp chips, vermicelli, pearls in pearl milk tea and other foods are cassava. It has high starch content and is known as the “starch king”. It is easy to grow and has high yields. It is the staple food of nearly 600 million people around the world. Little is known that cassava contains a toxic substance called linamarin, which is decomposed into a neurotoxin hydrocyanic acid under the action of human gastric acid after eating, causing symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting. Adults may die from poisoning if they eat 150 grams of fresh cassava. Therefore, before eating cassava, peel it first, then soak it in water for a long time to dissolve linamarin in the water, and then cook it thoroughly before eating. The cassava products sold on the market have also been detoxified.
  The poisonous apple that made the princess comatose In the fairy tale, Snow White fell into a coma after eating a poisoned apple. In reality, apples are actually poisonous, but the poison is not the pulp, but the seeds hidden in the pulp. It is understood that apple seeds contain the neurotoxin hydrocyanic acid. Generally, eating more than 150 apple seeds will cause nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, headache and even coma.

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