The fleeting years are not wasted, the future can be expected

  On October 28, 2021, the Austrian Stubai Ice and Snow Training Camp ushered in a highlight moment. The 17-year-old Su Yiming “Yi”, a 17-year-old teenager from the National Training Team of China’s Snowboard Ski Jumping Platform and Slope Obstacle Skills, flew into the sky and completed the world’s first “1980-degree inward turn” movement, that is, turning inward for five and a half weeks Grab the board. The hardcore teenage skater has once again unlocked the ultra-difficult action.
  Su Yiming was born on February 18, 2004 in Jilin, a snow town. His parents like snowboarding very much and often take him to ski resorts. On his 5th birthday, his father gave Su Yiming a snowboard. Although there were no children’s skis available in China at that time, and the adult skis his father gave him were more than 20 centimeters taller than him, he was still excited and skated more vigorously…
  Since then, skiing has almost become Su Yiming’s whole winter. , In order to go skiing, he never sleeps late, and he doesn’t make a sound when his ears grow frostbite… With extraordinary talent and hard work, Su Yiming has made rapid progress. At the age of 7, he became a contract skater for the world ski brand Burton. In 2013, when Tsui Hark was preparing for the film “Taking Tiger Mountain by Wisdom”, in order to select a child character who could ski, he browsed many videos of young skiers. When he saw Su Yiming, Tsui Hark’s eyes lit up, and he immediately decided to ask him to play the role of “Little Shuanzi”. As a result, the audience saw Su Yiming’s true performance on the screen. Since then, he has participated in film and television works such as “Born in a Brilliant Day” and has become a well-known child star, but the most difficult thing for him to give up is skiing.
  In 2015, the news of Beijing’s successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics made Su Yiming very excited and had the idea of ​​competing for the country. Su Yiming’s “wish” has the full support of his parents. The whole family agreed to stop Su Yiming’s gradually improving acting career, spend his spare time on skiing, become a professional player as soon as possible, and get enough points to qualify for the Winter Olympics.
  In order to help Su Yiming realize his dream, his parents created conditions for him as much as possible, taking him to professional ski resorts at home and abroad for training. Without a coach, Su Yiming worked hard on self-study, trying to figure out the videos of the world’s top snowboarders. Su Yiming slowed down the video playback, zoomed in frame by frame, dismantled their movements, and then boldly imitated them. For this reason, Su Yiming didn’t know how many skis he broke and how many pairs of shoes he lost. Gradually, with the rapid improvement of his technical level, he repeatedly took the lead in domestic competitions and became the top juvenile skater in the country.
  Opportunity always favors the prepared. In 2017, in order to prepare for the Winter Olympics, the Winter Center of the General Administration of Sports of the People’s Republic of China began to select ice and snow reserve talents across borders and events. Because of his outstanding performance, Su Yiming was successfully shortlisted for the national training team.
  But good things take a long time to come, and at a critical period when Su Yiming was struggling to sprint, an accidental injury at the end of 2017 suspended his dream-chasing journey. In the process of recuperating from the injury, it coincided with the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in full swing. Watching the fierce competition on the TV, Su Yiming had doubts about his dream. Seeing this scene, Su’s father did not reprimand his son, but pointed to the American veteran Sean White in the picture and said: “There is no chance that he will not bump when practicing skiing. He is also back from injury, and he can still defeat his opponent and win the championship. Yes!” The strength of the role model and the encouragement of his parents revived Su Yiming. After recovering from the leg injury, Su Yiming conducted more rigorous training for the snowboard big jump and slope obstacle skills. With perseverance, in August 2018, Su Yiming was selected into the national training team for cross-border cross-sports snowboarding and became a professional skier.
  After entering the national team, in the 2018-2019 national championships, Su Yiming participated in the adult national competition for the first time and won the big diving championship. Since then, as long as Su Yiming participates in the competition, the national champion has never been sidelined, which has established a dominant position in the internal competition in one fell swoop.
  In August 2019, Su Yiming participated in the international competition – the New Zealand Ski Open for the first time. There are many veteran players competing in the same field. Su Yiming grew up watching their competitions and videos. In the face of a strong enemy, Su Yiming simply put down the psychological burden of competing for medals, showed his training level, and won the championship of snowboard slope obstacle skills in one fell swoop. This made Su Yiming more confident and more motivated to train.
  In the Changbai Mountain training base, Su Yiming was the first to go up the mountain every day, and he was the last to finish work, just to gain more time to skate one or two more times, so as to achieve the goal of making thousands of miles. When training the action of 1260 degrees, among the four directions of completion, Su Yiming’s “turn 1260 degrees inwards” was a little weak, so he consciously practiced hard, and it took several months to be satisfied. The coach was a little puzzled about Su Yiming’s competitive behavior in 1260 degrees, which is a low-difficulty movement. Su Yiming replied: “The only standard of satisfaction is that I know best, and I can’t say it. There are many different details from take-off to landing. It seems to be only a part, and the more important part is the thinking of the brain. If the thinking is not so clear, I will not be satisfied. Even if the coach is satisfied, I will continue to start again…” And it was Su Yiming’s stubbornness, It lays a solid foundation for unlocking more difficult actions in the future.
  Kung fu pays off. In March 2020, at the Changbai Mountain training base, Su Yiming successfully completed the “Air Flip Body 1620 Degrees in Three Weeks”, becoming the first person in China to complete this action. Since then, Su Yiming has repeatedly unlocked more difficult moves. At the end of 2020, Su Yiming launched a sprint to the difficult movement of “turning 1800 degrees for five weeks on the back foot”, and continued to increase the amount of training. Due to the severe cold weather at that time, the material of the skis became brittle. Within a week, Su Yiming slipped and broke four skis. In January 2021, Su Yiming finally succeeded in unlocking the “five-week 1800-degree reverse foot turn”, setting a new historical record for snowboarding in China.
  In the face of the achievements, Su Yiming did not stop there, because he knew that in the Winter Olympics, where there were so many masters, if he wanted to get good results, he had to challenge more difficult moves. On the National Day in 2021, Su Yiming flew over 8,000 kilometers with the team and came to the Stubai Ice and Snow Training Camp in Austria for training. He secretly made up his mind to win more difficult moves in a foreign country. Sure enough, after unremitting efforts, on October 28, 2021, Su Yiming unlocked the extremely difficult action of “internal rotation and 1980-degree grabbing” for the first time, becoming the first person in the world.
  From March 2020 to October 2021, in 20 months, Su Yiming increased the difficulty factor of the movements by 2 180 degrees. This hard-core juvenile skater told us with his strength and hard work: “The fleeting years are not wasted, and the future can be expected!”

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