South Korean presidential candidate: Running for president is a road to ruin

  A few days ago, South Korea’s “Asian Economy” published an article saying that there are only a few months left until the South Korean presidential election on March 9 this year. The two popular candidates of the Korean Democratic Party’s candidate Lee Jae-myung and the Korean National Power Party’s candidate Yoon Seok-yue and their The family kept breaking out of scandals.
  Li Zaiming was reportedly involved in a large-scale real estate development corruption case before he won the party election. Recently, his son also broke the scandal of suspected online gambling. For this reason, Li Zaiming apologized to the public, saying that he had “no way to teach his children.”
  Yoon Seok-hye is the former attorney general of South Korea who sent former South Korean President Park Geun-hye to prison. In August last year, he said: “Running for the presidency is a road to ruin.” Now it seems that it is a prophecy. Because just recently, Yin Xiyue’s wife was exposed to a scandal of fake resume. In addition, Yin Xiyue’s mother-in-law, Cui Mou, was sentenced to one year in prison in the first instance for forging a deposit certificate in the process of purchasing land in Dochon-dong, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do.
  South Korean media believe that in order to win votes, the “bad habit” of competitors destroying each other and attacking each other with negative news still exists during this election, and it is even more serious than previous years. The continuous emergence of negative news has squeezed the public opinion space that should have belonged to policy discussions, and at the same time aggravated the public’s disgust towards politics. The latest polls by South Korean pollsters show that both Lee Jae-myung and Yin Xiyue’s approval ratings have declined. Among them, Lee Jae-ming leads with 35% approval rate, followed by Yin Xiyue with 29% approval rate.

  On the 30th anniversary of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, as the last leader of the Soviet Union, 90-year-old Gorbachev recently accepted an interview with the media. In the interview, when asked whether Russia can establish relations with the United States without harming its own interests, Gorbachev said that after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Western countries, especially the United States, were filled with a victorious mood, and were arrogant and arrogant. Confidence carried away, leading to the subsequent expansion of NATO. How can Russia expect a fair relationship with the United States under such circumstances?
  At the same time, Gorbachev believes that it is not too late for Russia and the United States to resume dialogue. “I don’t know if this matter is moving forward, but there has always been some progress after the talks between the two presidents. I support this move and hope that there will be a result.” Gorbachev said.
  Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia and the United States are still “fighting”, and NATO’s eastward expansion has always been a thorny issue between Russia and the United States. On December 21 last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin again urged the US-led NATO to respond to Russia’s “security guarantees”. “The US-led NATO should understand that we have nowhere to turn back and we will not stand idly by,” Putin said. “If the US-led NATO continues their ‘aggression line’, then we will take corresponding military measures. , to carry out a severe counterattack.”

  Israel is widely believed to be the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, according to reports. In recent days, Iran held military exercises code-named “The Great Prophet” in Bushehr, Hormozgan and Khuzestan provinces amid concerns that Israel may be planning to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.
  Iran fired multiple ballistic missiles at the conclusion of the military exercise. Mohammad Bagheri, chief of the Iranian armed forces, said: “Iran has hundreds of thousands of missiles, and this exercise has deployed only a fraction of them. The exercise is a warning to Israel that if they make the wrong move, we will Their hands will be cut off.”
  Israeli Prime Minister-designate and Foreign Minister Lapid said that Iran will never be allowed to have nuclear weapons. According to Israeli media reports, Israel is prepared to use military means to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons if negotiations to resume the Iran nuclear deal fail. Major General Barr, who will take over as commander of the Israeli Air Force in April, said Israel could strike Iran’s nuclear facilities “tomorrow” if necessary.
  Since April last year, the parties involved in the Iran nuclear deal have held seven rounds of negotiations to resume the agreement. Ulyanov, the Russian negotiator and the permanent representative of Russia to the Vienna International Organization, said that the relevant parties will start the eighth round of negotiations, and all negotiators want to resume the Iran nuclear agreement as quickly as possible.

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