All things in life, just let it go

  No matter how big a person is, living the life of a little person will be transcendent.
  What is the standard for a small person? Not only to hunker down low, but also to care less.
  Among them, emotions are a very important indicator, for example, anger. Big people can not be angry, once the anger will not be able to transcend. Small people also have anger, but after the anger felt useless, and will not be angry.
  You see, the best transcendence, in fact, is to let yourself quiet down faster.
  In this way, there will be less entanglement, less tearing, less struggle. Otherwise, it will deplete the temperament, destroy the pattern, affect the sentiment, and ultimately make yourself into an ugly person.
  The real transcendence, not the transcendental fantasy into the fairyland, that is too distant; nor is it the beautiful and out of the ordinary, that is too high. It is very specific and very subtle, sometimes, is as ugly as possible than others so little.
  Big people can transcend very little, because they need to let go of too much. But once they think about transcendence, they are more thorough than the small people, because they have experienced more profound, so more determined.
  Especially envious of those who are free. Just because, we sometimes live with too much anxiety.
  One day in June, it was the deadline to fill out the college entrance examination. At noon, a parent with a child came to me and asked how to fill in the volunteer. I was stunned and asked them what they had been doing the other day. The parents said, after the score was checked, the child did well in the test, we went to a relative’s house to play for a few days.
  I was both laughing and crying, and secretly impressed. I said you are not afraid that the only remaining half-day power outage and disconnection of the Internet can not apply for the volunteer. The parents said, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
  –The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.
  In theory, every thing should be carefully planned for a rainy day, but emotionally, and much hope not to live to such anxiousness and anxiety.
  The difference between anxious and non-anxious people is here, you have a lot of things to think about still here noisy and misplaced play it, others have long been simple clothes and light clothes light boat has passed ten thousand mountains.
  You say, what kind of life are you living?
  The ignorant are fearless, although not desirable, but the knowledgeable are fearful, in fact, more harmful – the world, not many things to be collapsed, by their own scared to death a lot.
  It is right to have a little worry, proving that you have a natural sense of responsibility in your life. But it’s not right to think about what you shouldn’t think about all at once. The one that should come let it come, because you can not stop; should not come do not have to make an appointment, because the prepayment of pain, only to make life heavy.
  To be kinder to yourself is to have fewer things on your mind. Then less anxiety, all things on earth, and let it go.
  Don’t say that you have seen who you are, because sometimes we don’t even know ourselves completely.
  The science of saying so is that it recognizes the complexity of human beings. It is precisely the complexity of human beings that makes all the science pale.
  One’s true self is only present in the sight and memory of others, and being true does not mean being complete. Of course, the patchwork of fragmented realities may lead to another kind of bias, and the emotional bias is the bias of perception.
  Therefore, it is inappropriate to evaluate a person in anger or disgust. In this world, judgments that cannot transcend interests, entanglements and desires are mostly unreliable.
  Life can sometimes bring out the overly intense side, and then the passion fades and returns to the ordinary. For example, love. The person in love is definitely a different person, sincere, warm, endlessly passionate, daring to die and live. After the love, you find that he has changed and become unbelievable to you. In fact, it is the other side back to the original face of life. So, don’t equate the one in love with the one in marriage, it’s simply not equivalent. If you were previously pampered like a fairy, after that, you must land on the ground and be ready to live the life of a weaver.
  The person who is infatuated with the intensity is bound to be hurt by the intensity.
  Zhuang Zhou dreaming of butterflies, I do not know what is Zhou, what is butterfly. After the western poison Ouyang Feng became obsessed, he kept asking “who am I and who am I? Indeed, who I am is the ultimate philosophical question. No matter how long they have been together, sometimes they still can’t see through each other, it is perfectly normal.

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