The woman on the train

Spring rain drenches dusk in F city. Wrapped in cotton-padded lanping with a small Ming dynasty thousands of miles away from the C city run. From time to time the train whistle sounded loud, as the night drew on, in the fields and in the valleys, and in her restless heart.
Xiao Ming, more than two years old, fell asleep in Lanping’s arms. Perhaps because he had been crying during the day, now tired, driving the train with Lanping singing anxiety and lingering lullaby, swaying, prompting him to sleep gradually thick.
The window is filled with water glasses, snacks, toys, diapers and so on. The people sitting next to her complain and say nothing, probably think it is not easy for her to take care of the child. Later, the tall man next to her stood up and gave her a more spacious space. She thanked him softly, thinking that he would probably get out of the car later, and that he should do so. LAN Ping thinks so of those who help her pick up dropped things, fetch water and offer greetings.
LAN Ping’s mobile phone accidentally falls to the ground, tall man bends over to help her pick up. This move, in the surrounding people seem as if they are a couple, and Lanping is to this effect. The man ducked as the diner passed by. Lanping’s feet stretched all the way to the seat next to her, without moving. A female train attendant dozen here pass by, looked at tall man and half lie to embrace a child lanping, be about to speak but stop. Later Lanping saw police come over, immediately retracted long feet, let others back to the seat. Perhaps tired of standing all day, the tall man sat down with relief. Police swept a glance at Lanping and wrapped up the children went.
The rain stopped when the train reached a small station. The night is deep, the boundless wilderness, only a line of headlights across the long darkness.
Xiaoming woke up, full of tears, with a wail of fear. Lanping hurriedly feed him water, give him cookies and candy. She went to the bathroom with the baby in her arms. The tall man picked up her cell phone, which was still sitting on the seat, fiddled with it for a while, dialed his own cell phone, and saved the calling number.
LAN Ping went back to the window seat. The tall man moved out and let Ming, who had stopped crying, sit in the middle. Then he shook his little hand and asked him with a smile what his name was. Xiaoming recognize students, toward Lanping side.
The tall man asked Lanping again, my name is Changcheng, what is your name?
Lanping told his surname, tone of tension and cold.
Chang Cheng asked her where to go, Lanping dun dun, said to S city.
Chang Cheng was shocked. When he stole her phone to call himself, the caller ID was c-city.
Did you take the wrong bus? I don’t think this bus goes to S-Town.
LAN Ping blushed, but was covered by a mask. She said to go to the mother.
Chang cheng did not ask any more questions, he closed his eyes and thought, the woman beside him is not old, looks about 40 years old, is both can be a mother can be ahead of the age of grandmother.
Lanping cuddling Xiaoming look at the phone, focus not forget to listen to the ear and afterlight sweep. Beside chang Cheng crossed his hands as if to sleep. Green train tunnel bridge, over the mountains, clanging when the sound, the speed of the tortoise rabbit. Looks like she’s trying to hide something by looking at her phone. The tension slipped through my fingers and the long hours passed silently.
Xiao Ming in lanping’s arms without defense, as if his world is as silent as this long night. He was no longer crying, resisting everything, and slowly transitioning from raw resistance to familiarity and harmony. By the temptation of candy, he sucked the cheap sweet as if no one was watching, small mouth out loud noise. The faint light fell on his innocent, helpless face, which was chubby and chapped, black and rough.
Lanping is constantly chatting about wechat. She is exchanging information with Wu Zheng, but also sharing the results. Wu Zheng told her that he also had a boy. They bragged, showed off to each other, and made a proud look. Lanping’s uneasiness disperses as the night, achievement lets her be satisfied.
In the past, LAN Ping and Wu Zheng work together, is a happy cooperation with tacit understanding. If you succeed, you split the spoils equally. Most of the time she was empty-handed, eating and drinking wu Zheng’s food, and he paid for the trip. Wu Zheng also do not lose, LAN Ping will be a amorous ten thousand kinds of their own without reservation to him, although the two sides meet each other on the road, ignore each other. Encounter divide spoils unfair, lanping often say angrily, be careful I break off your six fingers.
This time, they did not work together.
The train had slipped into C City. She took her children and took them all the way to the bus and three more rounds to get home.
As soon as she got home, her husband, who worked in a neighboring town, asked her sadly, “Where have you been?”
The mother-in-law is a snivel a tear to cry, these days you can not home, hill was abducted away.
Lanping a surprise, son hill was turned away? She subconsciously pulled xiao Ming, asked her husband how to return a responsibility, did not report to the police?
When the husband said ready to call the police, Lanping mentioned the heart of the throat fell down.
Don’t call the police. It won’t work. She pulled the child in front of her and said, the child’s name is Xiao Ming.
The other two pairs of suspicious eyes stared at Xiao Ming as if he were Xiao Shan. Because of the strange situation, Xiao Ming began to cry again. The family fussed over the child.
Lanping’s husband and mother-in-law did not delve into xiao Ming’s history. Lanping said that from the F city orphanage with legal procedures to adopt, not only did not pay a cent, but also get a sum of adoption fees, this explanation did not attract the family’s excessive questioning.
After dinner, tired Lanping but no drowsiness. Leaning on the head of the bed, she opened the mobile phone, received a letter from Wu Zheng, said that his little boy has been sold for 30,000 yuan. Lanping wechat back, congratulation.
In fact, she knew that Wu Zheng would not tell the truth, certainly more than this number.
She asked her husband, how did the hill disappear?
My husband said that he was not at home that day. My mother said that she was taking Xiao Shan to the vegetable garden that day. A stranger asked for directions and My mother gave him directions. Later niang picked a basket of vegetables ready to go home, found the hill disappeared.
The next day Lanping asked her mother-in-law, mother-in-law said to ask the road that man a crooked little finger long next to the thumb, very awkward.
Lanping a surprised, unconsciously scold a. She quickly sent Wu Zheng a message on wechat, asking him where he had been recently. Wu zheng said C City. Wu Zheng’s tone was lost, even sad. He told LAN Ping that his youngest son, Xiao Ming, had been abducted by human traffickers.
Lanping heart mixed emotions, angry tide surging. She made an appointment with Wu Zheng to see him the next day.
When she bought her ticket and was about to board the train, she found Chang Cheng and a young man approaching her. Chang showed her her badge and asked her name, and the young officer, who was not in uniform, handcuffed her and walked toward the station’s police room.

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