Forget the medicine elves

A Xia was very beautiful when she was young, with a head of fine hair and black hair that hung down to her waist and twisted her waist as she walked. The man he married was an ordinary trucker, a lanky young man with a prominent Adam’s apple, a chain-smoker and a little gloomy. A few years later, he cheated on Her with her bestie, and the two got into fights several times. Once, Ah Xia was stopped by the police as she chased her around the street with a knife. Later, with no hope of recovery, A Xia smashed the man’s furniture and glass, and divorced her five-year-old daughter.
After the divorce, she soon applied for the social networking software and began to look for a boyfriend. Every time she saw me, she would tell me about her new boyfriend. Every man, at the beginning of the acquaintance, in her mouth, is beautiful, or talented, or rich, or gentle warm male, or mature, often there are two or three suitable candidates, let her entangled in which to marry the right.
After divorce, the marriage market is relatively narrow, facing a group of people who have been hurt and are waiting for healing, and it is not easy to find a good partner. Especially when you have no good luck in your first marriage, you have met someone else. Marriage, meet the right person, have to say, luck accounted for more than half; If you don’t meet the right person, no matter how talented you are, you will suffer. But Ah Xia firmly denied my view, she said, wrong! You don’t know how good those men are. They are mature and understand life after the vicissitudes of life.
More than her ex-husband, it seems.
But years went by, and there was no one to marry. It seems that all men are suspected of having a soft meal. They only live together, do not marry, only cook, do not buy food.
Finally, she met a man who was willing to spend money on her, but it was bait for her. He stole her credit card and ran away, causing her to fall into a huge debt crisis and get sick.
After recovering from her illness, she took on a new boyfriend. New always seems to be good, good. When she is immersed in telling you, her face is still yearning, like a charming girl, even showing small tiger teeth, fresh face, face is shy.
As people mature, most of them become cold and silent, defensive and defensive.
However, there are a few people who, no matter how much pain they have suffered, continue to rewrite their life stories.
Her sister said she had a “short memory” or a “memory of eating rather than beating”.
This vulgar words, really hidden a secret unknown – forget medicine elf. They work when you’re asleep, they’re about the size of fireflies, they’re all golden, and they’re the smallest fairies in the world. Every night, after the earth fell asleep, they fanned their transparent golden wings to deliver medicine to the world. For those who are sad, put on the “forget medicine”.
Sad people, after falling asleep, the roof will float a pale gray mushroom cloud. The greater the sadness, the darker the clouds.
Calm people, white clouds on the roof. Happy people, pink clouds on the roof. Happy event approaching, happy people, the roof is red clouds.
And the envious, the brown cloud; Angry people, black with orange clouds, and so on.
We can’t see it, but we know it when we see it. It’s all condensed from human breath.
The spirit of forgetting medicine is an angel of mercy. Every night, with its medicine bucket, he goes in through the crack of the door and applies medicine to the sad people. They gently ground, will drop light blue “forget medicine” wipe in your eyebrow heart.
Every time A Xia encountered setbacks in love, the spirit of forgetting medicine would visit her while she was asleep. Because ah Xia love to open the window to sleep, forget the medicine genie in and out of the convenience, unavoidably for her to wipe a few medicine. And because Ah Xia is a good woman, she has done a lot of things to help people, forget medicine genie is very sympathetic to her, every time to wipe her amount, also a little more, others is a drop, AH Xia is two drops. Sometimes, she was so angry that she cried out and cursed, and fell asleep in tears.
The next day after waking up, Ah Xia will suddenly feel relaxed, feel that the heart is not so painful, things are not so bad. She put on her clothes, shook her fist in the mirror, mustered up her courage again and began to live. Before long, there will be another love affair.
In her heart, there is always a beautiful belief that she will meet a true love her, excellent man, accompany her for the rest of her life, to compensate her for all the wind and rain and pain in the first half of her life. He was in the crowd, and some day in the future, he would turn around and see her, come and hug her with a smile, and say:
“You were very young then, and everybody said you were beautiful. Now, I have come on purpose to tell you that, to me, I think you are more beautiful now than when you were young. I love your battered face better now than I did then.”

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