That worrying little thing

  One day, I thought I was pregnant, because the “little friend” who had always been on time couldn’t come, and it had been delayed for 10 days. It just happened to be a special period of the epidemic, the community was completely closed and managed, and the building was not allowed to go down. It was difficult for me to buy a pregnancy test paper.
  This matter made me sleepless almost all night, and kept thinking: What would my life be like if I had a child?
  There are too many problems in front of me. In addition to the economy, life, work, etc., I also worry about one problem: whether my daughter can accept it.
  My daughter will be 11 years old soon. In case I get pregnant, when Er Bao is born, my daughter will be 12 years old, which is the period of Xiaoshengchu + Youth Rebellion. This should be considered an important moment in a child’s life, right? And what am I doing at this time? I’m nursing a newborn baby, and I can imagine with my eyes closed that I don’t have time to think about a teenage child.
  Moreover, the age difference between the two children is too large, and the way they get along may not be like siblings, but more like an adult with a child.
  This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that my husband and I are not too young. We have to take care of work, family and life, and take care of a child. It is really exhausting!
  On the night of insomnia, I prayed for the “little friend” who was temporarily lost to come back soon, while thinking about what aspects should I adjust in case of having a baby and accept this baby well.
  After thinking about it, I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I unexpectedly found that the “little friend” came!
  My heart is finally down.
  Even better, good news came from the community group: you can go out for two hours to buy daily necessities!
  I drove out to buy a bunch of ingredients and went home. The family of three had a delicious hot pot meal, and my husband and I tacitly had a drink-after finding out that the “little friend” was late, I told him Saying that he might be pregnant, he said calmly at the time: Pregnancy is also very good, and a family of four is also very good!
  But I know that he, like me, is worried. Over the years, we have been accustomed to the family of three.
  What changes will the family bring to having one or two more children?

Digital Nomads | Island jobs are not a dream

  The term refers to people who have no permanent residence or work in a fixed city with the help of digital technology to facilitate remote work. In recent years, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and other countries have become favored places for digital immigrants from Europe and the United States. Many people are engaged in programming, design, consulting and other occupations that do not require work, while earning wages in Europe and the United States, while enjoying the comfortable life of small tourist countries. Affected by the new crown epidemic, many companies also allow their employees to work remotely. Many people choose to work in places with blue seas and blue sky and join the digital nomad group. Experts predict that in the digital age, the characteristics of work without borders will become more and more obvious, and the dream of working while blowing the sea breeze can be realized by everyone.
40+4 Retraining Model | Adult Career Trajectory Reshaping

  The anxiety of “40-year-old elimination” worrying about the workplace is being eased by the “retraining” trend emerging around the world. The “4+40” model used to be popular in the European and American world, that is, most people study at university for 4 years and then work until the age of 40; now the “40+4” model is popular, that is, starting from the age of 40, learning new skills every day for at least 4 years, To achieve personal skills upgrade. Large companies around the world are realizing that an effective way to keep up with technology is to upskill existing employees, not just graduates, as school education is often outdated. In short, traditional career trajectories are being reshaped, and living and learning has become the common goal of employees and companies.
Women-friendly workplace | Make women more dignified

  May I ask, do you have a nursing room in your company? If not, it may be out of date. Today, global companies are stepping up efforts to improve women-friendly environments and encourage women to balance work and family life. Many large companies have introduced flexible work policies, so that female employees can flexibly adjust their working hours and locations to a certain extent, so as to ensure work efficiency and smooth life at the same time. This change is not only the product of the awakening of women’s rights awareness, but also a way to encourage fertility under the global trend of low birthrate: improving the working environment can encourage mothers to have more children and work with peace of mind to earn milk powder money.
Micro-entrepreneurs | Young people yearn for small and beautiful careers

  According to a global job trend survey conducted by Microsoft, 41% of young people want to work for their hobbies and become a full-time “micro-entrepreneur”, such as wedding planners, account designers, and live-streaming bloggers. Micro-entrepreneurs are different from entrepreneurs. The former expects to maintain small-scale entrepreneurship, emphasize a balanced life, and do what they like to do; while the latter tends to become bigger and stronger, and it is easy to sacrifice the quality of life. In short, more and more young people are starting to take a closer look at the career they want to pursue and what they can get in the job. For them, money is important, but it is not worth sacrificing life for it.

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