“The Shawshank Redemption”: A person’s pattern is broadened by vision

Nine times out of ten, life is unsatisfactory. People who are truly organized can enjoy the best and endure the worst.

So, what is the pattern?

Teacher Fan Deng once said: “The vision is to learn to expand.”

According to this, some people have extended it to: “The pattern is the vision that expands.”

Revisiting “The Shawshank Redemption”, I have an epiphany that determines a person’s vision and determines his pattern.

The size of the pattern determines how stable he can go and how far he can go.

People who have read this book are not only impressed by the master An Di’s ability to escape from prison with his wit and perseverance, but also admire the way he behaves in the world.

As the saying goes: the vision determines the realm, and the pattern determines the outcome.

In Shawshank Prison, some people yearn for the stars and sea outside the walls, and some people are content with the plainness and order within the walls.

How high a person can climb is ultimately determined by his own vision.

01. The pattern is small and shallow: a single game

Andy, a banking elite, is in Shawshank jail after being wrongly convicted of shooting his wife and her lover.

Life suddenly fell into a trough.

Not only have to face the murderous prison guards, but also endure the suppression of the warden Norton.

Norton often holds a Bible high above it.

When admonishing the prisoners, he always said arrogantly: “Leave your faith to God, and leave your humble life to me . ”

In Shawshank, he was arrogant and regarded himself as the master of the prison to educate these evil people.

On the surface, they are virtuous, but in fact they use unscrupulous means to grab benefits, cruel, insidious and greedy.

He warned Andy in the words of the Bible: “I am the light of the world, and whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but must follow the light of hope when necessary. ”

He relied on the prisoners to grab huge amounts of shady benefits, and relied on Andy to launder the money again and again.

But when Andy came running hopefully to tell him that there was a man named Tommy who knew the real murderer of his case and could prove his innocence.

Norton turned his face, accusing Andy of being rude, and making excuses to stop him from reversing the case.

He ordered Andy to be forcibly locked up for several months, despite Andy’s pleas and repeated promises not to tell the truth about his corruption.

Not only that. In order not to damage his immediate interests, he ruthlessly shot witness Tommy to death, ending Andy’s hope of regaining his freedom.

He never examines himself, only judges others.

After that, Andy chose to hold back, but began to accumulate energy silently.

Gain trust by continuing to avoid taxes for the warden and guards, and then take every step to make a plan for yourself.

Norton could never have imagined that one day this criminal who was tortured and suppressed by him and only deserved to serve him for free would escape from the cage and give him a fatal blow.

After Andy fled, he wrote a letter to expose Norton’s series of crimes, and Norton was forced to commit suicide.

Some people say that people with small patterns are short-sighted and self-righteous.

Not only is he narrow-minded, he doesn’t know how to tolerate others, and he is even scornful.

As a parable puts it:

“The sparrow can never fly above the blue clouds, because it only stares at the rice on the ground; the reason why the eagle can soar freely on the top of the mountain is because its eyes are full of mountains and rivers.”

Norton’s behavior, to use a word of the business model, is “one-shot game”.

For example: Suppose you go to a scenic spot, go to a restaurant for dinner, clearly ordered a dish of 300 yuan, but you spend 3,000 yuan at the end of the checkout.

At this time, you must know that you have been slaughtered.

Because the merchant thinks that you will only come here once in your life, and he only wants to do business with you this time in his life. This is a single game.

Norton’s narrow-mindedness makes his way of dealing with the world a one-shot game.

In his eyes, the Shawshank prisoners are the most vulnerable group, and they will never get ahead, and it can even be said that they are a group of random garbage.

He only cared about his immediate interests, and even did not hesitate to offend the intelligent Andy.

A person’s thinking is limited by a narrow vision, and he will be trapped in a corner, and it will be difficult to achieve great things.

The pattern is small and short-sighted, and those who choose a single game are destined to be unable to go long.

02. The pattern is big and far-reaching: repeated games

Andy graduated from the University of Maine School of Business and was a vice president of a bank before going to prison.

Even though he was imprisoned and tortured, he still did not collapse and sink.

Compared with the despair and numbness of other prisoners, he accepted all this calmly and often thought deeply.

In Reid’s eyes, Andy is like this:

“His footsteps and conversations are out of the ordinary, like a walk in the park, carefree, like he’s wearing an invisibility cloak.”

He always looked at everything about Shawshank with secret eyes, and it seemed that he didn’t belong there.

When walking, he raised his chest and raised his head; when he was bullied, he rose up to resist; when he was in confinement, he did not forget to think.

This is a pattern that has seen the world from a high place, which gives him the tenacity to not be afraid of suffering.

It is said that the size of the heart, the size of the stage.

In a labor to repair the roof, he disregarded the danger of his life, and with his wealth of financial knowledge, he recommended himself as a guard captain to avoid taxes.

Since then, he has helped all the prison guards avoid tax and finance and become a “model prisoner” in the prison.

Not only was he transferred to work in the prison library, but he also had a single cell.

In order to enhance the vision of other prisoners, he kept finding meaning for their existence.

He insisted on writing applications for six years without interruption, and finally won the expansion funds for the library and improved the prison learning environment.

He also taught inmates to read, guided them to read books, and helped inmates get their high school diplomas.

The strong save themselves, and the saints cross people. This is the pattern of being a human being.

When inmate Red was imprisoned for 30 years, his parole application failed again, and Andy gave him a harmonica.

He hoped that this violin would bring strength to Reid, and that when he walked out of Shawshank one day, he would not go to a dead end due to his inability to adapt.

In his view, a person’s body can be imprisoned, but the spirit can be free and abundant.

Others’ dreams are of brutal and terrifying jailers and fellow prisoners, but Andy’s dream is of the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

He came to Shawshank to suffer, but redeemed the hearts of everyone.

Rather than a single game, Andy’s way of dealing with the world is a repeated game.

Taking the previous example as an example, if the businessmen in that scenic spot can treat every tourist like a friend, they are reliable and honest.

You may have a high look at him in your heart.

Then, recommend this business to your own friends, who will also gain long-term benefits.

At any time, people with a big pattern have a wider vision and choose to continuously connect with the world, and the road will become wider and wider.

Andy also inspires us in reality: when you are disappointed, don’t be discouraged; when you are in a downturn, don’t give up.

Self-passenger, keep improving, and one day you will meet a better self.

03. The pattern is eye-opening

Although Andy strayed into the abyss, he was not swallowed by the abyss.

After being transferred to the library, he has the opportunity to read more books and constantly enrich his knowledge.

Somerset Maugham once said, “Reading is a sanctuary you carry with you.”

Vision gave him hope and courage.

He had studied geology, combined with books, he carefully studied the geological and meteorological conditions in the vicinity.

After thinking about it, he realized that maybe he could dig a tunnel to the outside world.

Since then, with a small eagle hoe, he quietly persisted in digging for 19 years, just broke the joke that Reid said “it takes 600 years” and regained his freedom.

What is even more admirable is that he had planned for the worst when he had a premonition that the trial would be unfavorable.

With the help of my friends, I invested the money in advance and set up a new identity, leaving myself a way out.

Some people say that a skill, no matter how big or small, as long as it is proficient, it is a weapon for walking in the world.

If people do not have heights, they will encounter all problems. If people do not have a pattern, they will see all kinds of embarrassment.

A person can only make wiser decisions by standing higher and seeing farther.

There are three unforgettable scenes in The Shawshank Redemption.

First, when Andy repaired the roof with his fellow inmates, he made a deal with the prison guards and used his courage to win the right to drink beer for the inmates.

Andy told the guard:

“I just ask you to give each colleague three cans of beer. When a person is working outdoors in a sunny spring for a while, they will feel more personal if they have a can.”

What is touching is that Andy calls the inmates “colleagues”. In his eyes, everyone is equal.

At that moment, bathed in the warm sunshine, the convicted people sat in a row, drinking cold beers.

Everyone suddenly felt like a free man, repairing the roof of his house.

The second scene is: Andy sits in the office, locks the door, turns the prison radio to maximum, and picks out the “The Marriage of Figaro” record from the donated old things to play.

The singing is melodious, straight to the clouds, and the camera switches to the square.

All the prisoners who let the wind look up to the sky, listen quietly, and for a moment seem to have regained their freedom.

The music seems to penetrate the iron wall and open the shackles of people’s hearts, and this hideous prison seems to have become a temple that redeems people’s hearts and releases hope.

Third: Andy escaped from the sewers, stood in the mud pond, opened his arms under the electric light and rain, and savored the long-lost and lost freedom. This scene brought tears to the audience’s eyes.

There is a saying that goes well: “Above the pattern, where you see, every step is a scene.”

There is a time in your life when you need to carry it on your own.

Only through the most difficult days and self-healing can we meet at the top.

When a person has seen the mountains and the sea, he will not be bound by the suffering in front of him.


Writer Martin says:

“Every powerful person has gritted his teeth and spent a period of time when no one helped, no one supported, no one asked for help.

If it passes, it is your coming-of-age ceremony. If you can’t pass it, it is your bottomless pit. ”

Although Andy was not the murderer, he reflected on himself and found that it was when he was young that he did not know how to express love, which led to his wife’s departure.

With a heart of repentance, he redeemed himself in 19 years.

The pattern is not innate, but derived from personal experience and vision.

The trivial reality and the stubbornness of life often blind our eyes, so that we can only see the clouds but not the mountains and rivers.

In this world, there are 1% each of geniuses and under-intelligence.

Most of us, neither the former nor the latter, are ordinary people.

We can’t be a blockbuster, but we can continue to learn and improve to make ourselves better.

A person’s pattern determines the angle from which he sees things.

The smaller the pattern, the smaller the world you see, the bigger the pattern, the bigger the world.

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