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  Even if you haven’t been to an authentic American restaurant, you must have avoided the temptation of grilled chicken wings, hamburgers, and french fries. These common “calorie bombs” are regarded as beasts by many healthy people. Are high fat and high calories really the basic attributes of American food? Tom, the owner and chef of Hollywood Diner, an American casual dining bar, has been living in a small town in southern China with his Chinese wife for nearly ten years.

The secrets at the table, listen to what the chef has to say!
Besides fast food restaurants, what other restaurants are there in the US?

  When most Chinese people mention American fast food, they think of McDonald’s and KFC. In fact, in North America, there are various categories of western restaurants, which can be distinguished by their signboards.
  Café: It is the coffee shop we often see, focusing on beverages and light meals.
  Restaurant: It is a more formal restaurant and restaurant, and will sell some complete sets of Western-style meals.
  Diner: It’s more like a family restaurant. It’s the closest to the people. It’s usually open 24 hours a day, or at least late into the night. In a big city like New York, Diner, which is almost never closed, was once the most frequented 24-hour public place by Americans, and together with bars and nightclubs, it has become an important part of American urban culture. Compared with orthodox western restaurants, Diner’s prices are more down-to-earth and the dishes are more local. The restaurant I run is Diner, which can be understood as the American version of “mother flavor” and “grandmother flavor”.

Are American Foods All Calorie Bombs? Where does the heat come from?

  Well…I can’t say “yes” outright, but I have to admit, that’s how most American food is. Looking at my body shape, it does represent the average North American people who have been nourished by American food for a long time. (laughs)
  Barbecue and deep-fried items are high on the Diner menu, cheap ingredients, easy to make, and almost infallible in taste. There are also plenty of fried, baked, boiled foods, and the indispensable variety of salads, which are essentially all about neutralizing the heat. But now, with the integration of the global village, Diners are becoming more and more diversified, and everyone can eat new dishes that incorporate Greek tastes and even Chinese tastes in one Diner.
Are Chinese people used to eating authentic American food?

  Following the local customs may be the only way for every foreign food to enter China. My original intention was to make a family restaurant in China that is similar to the street side and alley in the United States, which is a kind of family restaurant that walks into the daily life and soul of the neighborhood, but in order to meet the needs of Chinese guests, I have made many adjustments.
  Meal matching: Americans generally only order one plate of meals, advocating one person to eat, such as a steak, which contains roasted vegetables, potatoes, etc. Chinese people like to gather, share, order a variety of things, and eat together. So I will take care of these two needs, not only can I make one-person meals, but I can also make super large sharing packages such as pizza and sandwiches.
  In terms of taste: Although tomato sauce is the soul of American food, in order to take care of Chinese tastes, the options of chili powder, sea salt and cumin powder have been added. After all, today’s young people do not like spicy food.
practical! How to order food without stage fright?

  American Diner is probably the most uninhibited place to order a meal. It doesn’t care about the appetizer and main course. One person will not be looked down upon when ordering a meal, and a group of people will not be treated differently if they order a table. , it is recommended to pair with meat and vegetables. Some Diners will have desserts after meals, as well as beer, cocktails, etc. It is also very appropriate to have one after you are full.
  It should be noted that some children’s meals provided by Diner will also be fried and high-calorie meals, which are not recommended for children.
  In addition, not eating pizza with bare hands and not sharing a hamburger with four or five people is a basic respect for the store. After all, the chefs may not have prepared the disposable gloves we need, and the waiters are also thinking about how to cut the hamburger five. Divide even more.

Practical! Get a little American

  Classic American Carrot Cake
  Ingredients : 70g chopped walnuts, 50g raisins, 200g carrots, 60g butter, 50g vegetable oil, 150g all-purpose flour, 2g cinnamon powder, 4g baking powder, 1g baking soda, 2 eggs, 110g sugar, 100g powdered sugar , coconut cream 200g, a little ginger powder, a little
  cardamom : 1. Grate and chop carrots, mix with all-purpose flour, cinnamon powder, baking powder, baking soda, ginger powder, cardamom powder, white sugar and other dry ingredients;
  2. Add the vegetable oil to the egg mixture and mix well, then add the mixed dry ingredients and mix well;
  3. Add chopped carrots, walnuts, raisins and mix well;
  4. Pour the mixed batter into the mold and put it into the preheated
  5. Slice the cake after cooling; 6. Whip
  coconut cream, butter and powdered sugar smoothly, make the cake filling, and spread it on the top of the cake to complete.

  1. Carrot cake is a slightly thick, moist and textured dessert, and it tastes more weighty. The three spices of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom are mixed with the nutty aroma of walnuts. People who don’t like it call it “American Five Kernel Mooncake”, and the taste is very unique.
  2. Carrots have their own unique sweetness, which is hidden in the cake, so that children who don’t like carrots can eat more carrots. If you want to cut the sugar, you can leave out the powdered sugar, and the sweetness from the coconut cream and raisins is also memorable.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

  Ingredients: 10 chicken wings, 50g all-purpose flour, 5g chili powder, 5g garlic powder, 5g salt, 50g cayenne red pepper sauce, 50g unsalted butter Method
  : 1. Wash the chicken wings and blot dry with kitchen paper Water, add salt, chili powder, garlic powder, stir well, put it in a sealed box and marinate for 1 day, set aside;
  2. Evenly coat the surface of the marinated chicken wings with all-purpose flour, and fry in hot oil until golden brown and cooked through , remove and drain the oil;
  3. Slowly cook to melt the butter, stir in the red chili sauce;
  4. Put the fried chicken wings in the prepared sauce, roll and dip in the sauce, and serve with vegetables.

  1. Buffalo chicken wings, also known as Buffalo chicken wings, were first introduced in an anchor bar in Buffalo, USA in 1964, and were handed down by later generations because of their unique taste. The buffalo chicken wings topped with the secret sauce have the best taste. You will feel a little heavy after the first bite. If you taste it carefully, the salty, sour, fresh and spicy are all gathered together, and the more you chew, the more fragrant it is.
  2. Eating buffalo chicken wings is best paired with a bottle of beer. Rich meat and beer are good friends. One mouthful of meat and one mouthful of wine will make you addicted.

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