“Morning C and Late A”, the refreshing philosophy of young people

  ”Morning C and evening A” is one of the popular terms in the skin care industry in 2021, which means that using skin care products containing vitamin C in the morning and using skin care products containing vitamin A at night will have the best effect. Nowadays, “morning C and evening A” has jumped from the skin care circle to the diet circle. Now young people love “morning coffee and evening alcohol” – drinking coffee in the morning to refresh the mind, and drinking in the evening to relax, also known as “day coffee night” liquor”.
  Cafés catch the wind and keep up with this trend. Coffee, meals, and drinks are available across the board, and they are open from early morning to midnight. Morning Cafe is divided into two spaces, Morning and Night, by the manager Xiaocao. Coffee and small wine are intertwined to help young people’s refreshing philosophy. When the summer night comes, let’s learn how to play with Xiaocao!

Let’s play “morning C and evening A” together!
What are the characteristics of the “day coffee night wine” space?

  Caffeine and alcohol, one side is sober in the world, and the other side is drunk. Some cafes will set some time nodes, such as boutique cafes during the day, after nightfall, coffee exits, music and lights change, and wine becomes the protagonist. I belong to the kind that blurs the boundaries between coffee and wine. I sell coffee and wine from morning to night.
  Although the lights will dim at night and the music will change, the coffee machine will not be cleaned. Even in the early morning, guests can still order a latte or an Americano, and similarly, they can also drink a mojito or an espresso Martini in the early morning. If there is any difficulty in this model, it is also proposed to the manager. It must be “multiple skills in one specialty”, extracting concentration, preparing liqueur, making milk and latte, creative recipes, and the most important thing. Double the knowledge reserve.
Why do young people like “day coffee night wine”?

  In many cases, personality is like the aura of independent cafes, which is the personality and preference of the operator, and this kind of “arbitraryness” is also an important reason for the magic of “7 loses 2 draws and 1 profit” in cafes. one. Unlike independent coffee shops, which are desperate and tragic, the “day coffee night wine” model expands more possibilities for coffee shops, allowing limited space to present better consumption potential, compared to simple coffee shops and pubs. , “Day Coffee Night Wine” space seems to be hosting a richer small salon. Young people attracted by various things gather here. Their viscosity is higher, and they can even form a certain community culture.

How to order “Japanese coffee”?

  In recent years, with the rise of creative special coffee blends, coffee can match everything, and it is easy for customers to drink a cup of amazing special blends, but it is also easy to step on thunder. The coffee beans of each origin have their own unique local flavors. Although they may vary due to different roasting methods, it does not affect our choice of basic flavors based on the origin.
  African beans: Generally, the flower and fruit aroma is prominent. For example, Kenya AA has very delicate fruit acid, ebony and sucrose at the end; Sidamo oiran and Yirgacheffe have light flower aroma and fruit acid.
  Southeast Asian beans: The herbal taste is outstanding, and the outstanding representative is Mandheling, known as “the world’s most bitter coffee”, but the sweetness after bitterness is addicting.
  Central and South American beans: The balance is relatively high, among which Panama Geisha is known as the “after coffee”, with a strong aroma of flowers and fruits, bright fruit acid, like a flower and fruit tea.
How to order “night wine”?

  When it comes to cocktails, those who don’t know them will classify them as “easy to get drunk” and “sweet like a drink”. In fact, the more professional way to distinguish them is not according to taste, but according to the duration of drinking.
  It can be divided into
  short . There is no ice cubes directly in it, and the alcohol content is about 30% vol. Martini, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Alexander, and Whiskey Sour are all famous short drinks. They drink fast, and with high alcohol content, they are easy to get drunk.
  Long drink: It is usually finished in about 30 minutes, usually in a larger-capacity cup. In addition to adding a lot of ice, juice or carbonic acid is often added. The alcohol content is lower than that of short drinks, generally 10% to 20% vol. The common ones are Long Island Iced Tea, Mojito, Gin and Tonic, Pina Colada, Singapore Sling, etc. Most of the cocktails with “sweet drink taste” are Drink long, drink slowly, as the ice cubes melt will dilute the taste of the alcohol.
  Long-drinking cocktails can also be divided into chilled and warm cocktails according to temperature. Iced cocktails are served with ice cubes or chilled, usually in summer, such as: Bloody Mary, Salty Dog, Cuba Liberty, Mojito, Deqili. Warm cocktails are mixed with hot water or hot milk, suitable for drinking in winter, such as: Earl’s Hot Totti, Hot Butter Rum, Baileys Hot Chocolate.

Practical! Let’s DIY at home together!
Tequila Sunrise

 Ingredients: 60ml   of tequila, 100ml of fresh orange juice, half a cup of ice cubes,
  30ml of pomegranate syrup   3. Use a bar spoon to drain and add pomegranate molasses, so that there will be a nice layering;   4. Gently lift it with a bar spoon to naturally smudge the feeling of sunrise, and decorate it with fresh orange slices or red cherries .


  1. Tequila Sunrise is said to be created based on the scene of the rising sun and the morning glow in the Mexican plains. It has a high and romantic appearance and is the first choice to show friends at home;
  2. The beautiful layering is actually density The principle is that pomegranate molasses is dense and heavy, and will sink to the bottom of the beverage, while spirits have high alcohol content and low density, and will float on the surface.

  Ingredients: 1 lime, 45ml of white rum, 20ml of lime juice, 6 pieces of mint leaves, 2 tablespoons of white sugar, appropriate amount of soda, and plenty of crushed
  ice Procedure: 1. Take half a lime, cut it into four pieces, and put them in In a glass, add lime juice, sugar and some mint leaves, squeeze a little with a masher;
  2. Add rum, stir gently;
  3. Add crushed ice, pour in soda water;
  4. Use mint leaves, Garnish with lime slices.

  1. Mojito is the most popular drink in western restaurants and cafes. The material is simple, easy to make, and full of changes. You can be creative and make it with your favorite fruits. Strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, mulberries, etc. are all common.
  2. For those who don’t like alcohol, you can also remove the rum. The non-alcoholic version of Mojito is also delicious.

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