Fish and Icelanders

  During the trip to Iceland, every day fish, meal fish, and even the fishy smell of fish wafts in the dream.
  I remember the first night I arrived in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and saw the richness of Iceland’s fishery products. This restaurant called “Reykjavik” is famous for its buffet dishes, all fish. Dozens of fish dishes, dozens of different ingredients and cooking methods, are colorful and beautiful.
  Standing by the long table, I seem to hear the sound of the waves and smell the breath of the ocean. However, I never imagined that the enjoyment that this buffet brought me was only limited to visuals.
  Every dish is actually cold, which is really disappointing. In my opinion, if the fish is not steaming hot when it is served, no matter whether it is fresh or not, no matter how well it is cooked, it will be fishy when it is cold.
  Today, every mouthful is the kind of icy cold called tongue numbness.
  The next night, in a restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere, as soon as I opened the exquisite menu, a line of naughty words jumped into my eyes: “Do you dare to challenge your taste buds with fermented shark meat?”
  I dare, so, I ordered .
  The so-called “fermented shark meat” is to bury the shark meat under the sand pile for 3 to 6 months, so that it rots and emits a disgusting stench, in order to attract the gluttonous eaters who have a “good smell” in their diet. .
  This principle is actually the same as how the Orientals make stinky tofu and the Westerners make blue cheese.
  At the “World Expo” held in Shanghai, China in 2010, “fermented shark meat” was the main delicacy of the Icelandic exhibition hall; however, recently, the US Forbes website announced the “Top 10 Disgusting Foods in the World”, which was named by Iceland. “Fermented shark meat”, which is regarded as a delicacy, is actually on the list!
  It’s really “the bear’s paw of A, the arsenic of B”!
  Perhaps for fear of scaring diners with the pungent smell, this controversial dish, “fermented shark meat,” is served in airtight glass jars.
  The milky white “fermented shark meat” is golden and jade on the outside, and spoiled on the inside.
  It’s salty, it stinks, and most of all, it’s full of that pungent, choking smell of Amonia.
  My son said it was like eating a piece of “unclear chemical that burst into the mouth with an unbearable stench”, but my daughter said it was like a piece of “broken salted fish that stinks indiscriminately” “As for me, to make a bad analogy, I feel that it is like an unknown object salvaged from a cesspool. It smells so disembodied that I can’t wait to squeeze my own taste buds to death as soon as I enter it.
  To put it figuratively, eating fermented shark meat is like putting a foul-smelling flame on your tongue.
  Some people jokingly pointed out that Icelanders who have lived in ice and snow for many years have a wildness that is difficult to detect in their personalities, and a traditional dish like “fermented shark meat” has inadvertently exposed their wildness in their personalities. Wild side.
  The average life expectancy of Icelanders is 80 years old. Others attribute this longevity to Icelanders eating fish every day, because fish helps delay aging.
  However, I think that the high purity of the air and water in Iceland, and the pollution-free environment and meat may be the reason for the longevity; and more importantly, the Icelanders have lived in the harsh natural environment for many years, and have cultivated indomitable people. The spirit, the character of being at ease.
  Physically strong and mentally sound, of course, you will be able to enjoy your life happily like a fish.

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