The secret of the “pink coat”

  In people’s impression, nuns generally wear gray robes or khaki, and carry a small cloth bag on their backs, often appearing listless. Burmese nuns, on the other hand, are all wearing pink robes lined with a bright orange-red long sarong, with a long orange-yellow scarf draped over their shoulders, holding alms bowls in their arms, and they walk in rows. Through the mottled tree shadows and through the long streets, although they are very quiet, no matter where they go, they will make people’s eyes shine. landscape.
  The days of Myanmar nuns in the monasteries are not leisurely. In addition to studying, they have to do a lot of heavy work and go out for alms, but these hardships do not seem to make them haggard. Most of the nuns in Myanmar are very young, most of them are young and beautiful girls, and some are even young girls only four or five years old, which are very lovable.
  Myanmar is a Buddhist country, and monks have a high status in Myanmar. In Myanmar, it is very common for men to be ordained, and they are also respected by society. Burmese society divides people into three, six, and nine classes, and male monks are naturally the highest rank. However, as monks, nuns are considered to be low-ranking people, and even their social status is inferior to that of ordinary women.
  It is incredible that so many young girls have escaped into the empty door. In fact, those girls who become monks are basically children from poor families. In the Buddhist country of Myanmar, although there are temples and pagodas everywhere, there are sins that people cannot see in the shadows. Human smuggling and trafficking are very serious in Myanmar, especially poor Myanmar girls who are often at risk of being abducted. Many girls were abducted by human traffickers and sold to Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries to do service work in pornographic establishments and live a miserable life.
  Myanmar has had a serious problem of human trafficking for a long time, and the main target of human trafficking is young girls, especially in some poor areas near the border, where the location is relatively remote, the economy is relatively backward, and there are often armed conflicts, even if the government wants to crack down on population Selling is also difficult. And those girls from poor families, in such an environment, become the main targets of human traffickers. Therefore, many poor families in Myanmar, in order to prevent their daughters from being abducted and sold, will send them to monasteries early. Although they are far away from their parents and the world, they can be regarded as a safe haven.
  Girls living in urban slums face more threats than human traffickers. Myanmar is a poor and backward country, and the people at the bottom live very hard. If they can’t find a job in the city, they have to live in the slums, suffering from disease and hunger all the year round. Many men wandered around looking for food, and when people were in extreme hardship, they sometimes became vicious. Young men in slums form gangs and extort money from their neighbors, called “protection fees”. At the same time, they also search for beautiful girls in slums. Once a girl is targeted by them, their fate is often tragic.
  In areas of ongoing conflict, it is not uncommon for the military to force children into short-term labor or other non-combat support. What’s more, according to media reports, four girls from Shan State were forced to march with the patrol by armed forces, most likely to be used as human shields.
  Most of the girls in the slums have not read books, and they are the most vulnerable group. After they grow up to be young girls, they will be targeted by gang members, forcing them to make money in pornographic places. If they resist, they will be severely beaten, and the money earned by the girls is basically owned by the gang leaders.
  Therefore, many girls in urban slums are also sent to monasteries by their parents in order to escape the gang. In the suburbs near Yangon, there are some privately run nunneries. Although these nunneries are all located in villages and are very simple, they are safe havens for many girls. Nuns rescued girls from human traffickers and took in girls in slums ravaged by gangs, providing them with food, clothing and shelter. These young girls have lived in harsh environments since childhood, and they can only protect themselves by escaping into the empty door and away from the world.
  After girls enter the monastery, they not only have a place to live, but also reduce the burden on the family, and at the same time they can learn knowledge and Dharma. In Myanmar, everything is dominated by men, and the status of women is very low. Especially in rural Myanmar, men are mostly lazy, and the burden of life is on women. They not only have to raise children, but also do unfinished farm work. Day after day, year after year, hard work for a lifetime, hard days never end. The daughters of poor families will most likely follow the old path of their mothers in the future, and they will also face various dangers in the society. society.

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