The Past History of the New Korean President and His Wife

  The Koreans elected a new president some time ago. The largest opposition party, the National Power Party candidate, Yin Xiyue, was elected with less than 1% more votes than the ruling party’s Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung. The battle between the two can be described as fierce.
  The new president, Yin Xiyue, is known as the Trump of South Korea. Not only is he a political amateur like Trump, but also has a style of speaking and doing things. He married a beautiful wife more than ten years younger than him.

  He has sent many presidents to prison, but he is also riddled with scandals. During the campaign, countless black materials broke out, especially his beautiful wife, involving plastic surgery, falsifying resumes, bribing reporters, and even rumors that she worked in an entertainment club. The waitress, having an affair with many men, is even more bizarre than a Korean drama. Today, let’s take a look at the new president and his wife.
  Let’s start with Yin Xiyue, born in Seoul, South Korea on December 18, 1960. His father is Yin Jizhong, a founding member of the Department of Applied Statistics at Yonsei University, and an honorary professor at Yonsei University. , can be called the first of the scholarly family.

  When he was admitted to university, he originally wanted to take the psychology department of Seoul National University and become a psychologist, but he finally accepted his father’s suggestion and entered law school.
  But he was really lacking in his studies. He took 8 judicial examinations and failed all of them. He became an old boy who passed the 9th time.

  Since then, he has been working as a local prosecutor, and once resigned to become a lawyer, but he was not qualified enough, so he had to return to the procuratorial system.
  In fact, it is good to be a prosecutor in South Korea, with high status, great power, and good income, and can even compete with the government and the chaebol. Yin Xiyue climbed all the way from the Daegu District Attorney to the Supreme Prosecutor, and soon his chance to become famous in the first battle came.

  In 2016, when the affair of then-President Park Geun-hye’s best friend was exposed, Yin Xiyue served as the investigation team leader of the independent prosecution team. It was the investigation he led that prompted the South Korean National Assembly to pass the impeachment case against Park Geun-hye. It can be said that he single-handedly sent Park Geun-hye to prison.
  After Wen Zaiyin came to power, he was very optimistic about Yin Xiyue, and promoted him to be the attorney general. He also showed great enthusiasm, investigated former President Lee Myung-bak and Samsung boss Lee Jae-yong, and sent both old Lees to prison.

  The two presidents and the biggest chaebol are all in his hands, and President Yin is very popular. Next, he and Moon Jae-in meet again.
  Wen Zaiyin and Yin Xiyue were sympathetic before, but Wen Zaiyin always felt that the procuratorial system had too much power, so he wanted to reduce the power of prosecutors through judicial reform.

  Wen Zaiyin once approved the suspension of Yin Xiyue, which was later ruled invalid by the court. Yin Xiyue was even more ruthless, and simply announced her resignation. In July 2021, she joined the National Power Party, the largest opposition party in South Korea, and decided to run for president on her first day in politics.
  It seems that he is a character who would rather be a jade than a tile, but as soon as he enters the campaign, this character can’t stand the magnifying glass at all.

  He said that he “should work 120 hours a week” and was mocked by netizens that “the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp in Germany only worked 98 hours a week” and gave him the nickname “Yin 120”.
  He also said that “the poor don’t even know freedom”, “the poor can eat cheaper food than fast food as long as they don’t die.” At first glance, he looks like a gentleman who has been ignorant of the sufferings of the world since he was a child.

  On the train, he put his foot on the opposite chair, and was scolded by netizens for lack of public morality.
  Even the election slogans were dramatic.
  He was photographed many times with the word “king” written on the palm of his hand, and was questioned by netizens: Is the president a king? Is he still living in the Gojoseon era? Write a spell in the palm of your hand, do you want to dance the big god next?

  But maybe it’s really possible. There are rumors in Korean politics that Yin Xiyue has a close relationship with Master Tiandao. This Master Tiandao looks like Li Xuejian with a sticky beard. He claims to have experienced the cycle of life and death, and often breaks through the dimension wall to talk to God.
  He will send videos to point out Korean politics and comment on the merits and demerits of the former president. He can be said to be an internet celebrity in the religious circles. It is said that Yin Xiyue resigned from the position of attorney general and turned to politics. This master instigated him.

  It’s easy to think of the father of Park Geun-hye’s best friend Cui Shun-sil, who was also the founder of South Korea’s “Eternal Life Sect”. Could it be that the South Korean president has to rely on the master’s assistance?
  During the election campaign, Yin Xiyue once said that once elected, the Moon Jae-in government would be “liquidated”. When Wen Zaiyin heard it, he was angry and asked Yin Xiyue to apologize. As a result, Yin Xiyue said that I will act according to principles, and there is no so-called “revenge”. “.

  In this way, Moon Jae-in’s life will not be easy after he leaves office, or he will be sent by Yin Xiyue to step on the sewing machine.
  Netizens say that the South Korean president is the most dangerous job. Now Yin Xiyue has added another sentence: Running for president is a road to ruin.
  It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but there’s nothing wrong with it. During the campaign, the black material that his wife was exposed to was no less influential than the nude photos of Mrs. Trump’s Melania.

  Yin Xiyue’s wife, named Jin Jianxi, was born on September 2, 1972, 12 years younger than Yin Xiyue. Her father died at an early age, and she was brought up by her mother.
  Judging from her official resume, she is very bright. She graduated from Gyeonggi University with a bachelor’s degree in painting and literature, and then received a master’s degree in art education at Sookmyung Women’s University, and a doctorate in digital content design at the Graduate School of Technology Design at Kookmin University. Got an EMBA from Seoul National University.

  His work resume is even brighter. He has served as an adjunct professor in many first-class universities, held personal art exhibitions, and established a cultural and art curation company as the CEO.
  How did she meet Yin Xiyue? It is said that it was introduced by Yin Xiyue, the senior of Seoul University, Zhao Nanxu, chairman of Sanwu Construction, and a monk.

  In 2012, the two got married, when Yin Xiyue was 52 years old and Jin Jianxi was 40 years old.
  Originally, no one paid attention to who Jin Jianxi was, but as Yin Xiyue ran for president, all her black material was dug up, which was true and false, very eye-catching.

  First, plastic surgery and name change reports, Jin Jianxi is 50 years old this year, and this level of maintenance is enviable.
  But it was soon reported that it was a facelift, look at her previous photos. This is not a matter of medical beauty, it is simply a head change.
  The name has also been changed. It used to be called Jin Mingxin, but later it was changed to Jin Jianxi.

  It’s not a big deal to change the name of plastic surgery, the good show is still to come.
  South Korean media dug out in December 2021 that when Jin Jianxi applied for a position at Suwon Women’s University in 2007, he claimed in his resume that he had served as a director of the Korea Game Industry Association for 3 years since 2002, and the association was only established in 2004; she also claimed that in 2004 She won the Grand Prize at the Seoul International Animation Festival, but the winner was not actually her. In her resumes to various colleges and universities, there are more than 20 false work experiences.
  In addition, her paper was also plagiarized. After checking the duplication, it was found that the repetition rate of the paper was as high as 42%. A paper repetition rate of more than 20% is considered serious academic fraud in Korea.

  After the incident was exposed, Jin Jianxi was still arrogant, saying that he exaggerated himself just to find a job, and at that time he didn’t know that he would marry Yin Xiyue in the future, so why should he investigate himself, and said that any of you would dare to dig into your past without any black material!
  This attitude severely stimulated the nerves of young Koreans and was scolded on the Internet. In the end, he had to apologize publicly, admit the fraud, saying that it was all his own fault, and embarrassing the husband.
  Jin Jianxi’s mother was dug up in 2013 in the process of purchasing land in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, forged a deposit certificate, falsely claimed to have deposited 34.7 billion won (about 186 million yuan) in the bank, and was also suspected of illegally opening a nursing hospital and defrauding insurance. Jin was sentenced to 1 year and 3 years in prison respectively in the first instance.
  It has been so many years, and if Yin Xiyue hadn’t run for president, there is a high probability that it would not have been exposed. The son-in-law not only sent several former presidents to prison, but also sent his mother-in-law in the end.
  This is not over yet. In January 2022, a South Korean reporter revealed a recorded call with Jin Jianxi. The two talked 52 times in half a year, and the content was shocking. Jin Jianxi bribed the reporter directly, saying that if he helped Yin Xiyue to be elected president, he would give the reporter 100 million won.
  In 2021, two cartoons will appear on a street in Seoul, one depicting a woman who resembles Jin Jianxi, with the words: Julie’s dream! A first lady’s dream.
  A heart next to it reads “Julie’s Man”: a doctor in 2000, chairman Zhao in 2005, a prosecutor in 2006, prosecutor Yang in 2006, BM representative in 2007, announcer Kim in 2008, Yin in 2009 prosecutor.
  Julie is the alias of Jin Jianxi circulating in the market. There have always been rumors on the Korean Internet that Jin Jianxi worked as a waitress in an entertainment club in Gangnam District in his early years. Julie was the stage name at that time. This matter has never been hammered, and Yin Xiyue and Jin Jianxi have never admitted it.
  Jin Jianxi once clarified: I studied two master’s degrees and a doctorate, went to university, and did business. How could I have time to be the rumored Julie, I am a career-focused woman.
  Whether this is true or not, we don’t know, but listening to her words and deeds, this new first lady is by no means a “fuel-efficient lamp.”
  In the next 5 years, the couple will enter the Blue House, and the Korean drama will be turned again. I have a premonition that it will not be peaceful.

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