The study path of Prince Yujin of Japan

  The only child of the Japanese royal family, Prince Yuren, will enter a famous high school in April: the high school affiliated to the University of Tsukuba, which has made Japanese public opinion lively again.
  According to the Imperial Household Agency, Yuren passed the entrance exam and entered a prestigious school with dignity.

  The photo of the scene was taken, Youren was holding the admission ticket tightly in his hand, like a student going to the test.
  Later, the Tsukuba High School announced that Youren passed the exam, but did not announce the results. The Japanese people don’t buy it. “I knew he would go through it for a long time. After all, his parents have been operating for many years, and the royal family and the palace hall really know how to play.”

  Prince Yuren is the son of Prince Qiu Xiaogong. He went to a prestigious school along the way and was the first descendant of the royal family who did not enter the Academy.
  Previously, Yuren’s sister, Princess Mako, caused an uproar. This time, he caused even more controversy. He was accused of taking advantage of his privileges to occupy civilian resources.
  Why is Japanese public opinion so fierce? After all, the high school he entered was a fighter in a famous school.

  The High School Affiliated to the University of Tsukuba (referred to as “Zhufu”) is extremely difficult to test. It is one of the top five high schools in Tokyo and is known as the “Springboard of East University”.
  As we all know, Yuren broke the tradition and never attended the aristocratic school, because Concubine Noriko’s father and younger brother both graduated from the University of Tokyo. She hoped that Yuren would become the first royal family to graduate from the University of Tokyo, and set up a school of domineering.
  The building is located in a quiet area of ​​Tokyo’s Bunkyo district, very close to the Ochanomizu School where Yuren studied for 12 years.

  With a strong background, in 1977 (Showa 52), British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited the school.
  It has been rated as a global high school by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for 5 consecutive years, cultivating international talents, headed by three-term Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoyama, and has many well-known alumni.
  Netizens believe that the Qiu Xiaogong couple is more interested in the educational policy, “independence, self-discipline, freedom”, there is no ranking, no results are announced, it is a famous school with a free school spirit.

  So what Yuren has learned in the end, God knows what people don’t know.
  Zhufu mainly relies on high-quality students. According to statistics, the deviation value is above 75, which is not something that ordinary people can apply for.
  In Japan, the standard deviation of the results of the unified examination is an indicator for measuring the performance ranking. Generally speaking, the deviation value of 60 or more can be applied to a better university. According to Youtube news, Princess Aiko has excellent grades, with a deviation value of 72.

  The value of Yuren’s deviation is unknown, and his school results have never been announced. However, in the junior high school affiliated to Ochanomizu Women’s University, the deviation value for boys is only 53, and the deviation value for girls is much higher.
  If Youren’s grades are among the best, of course, it is far higher than the school’s deviation value. The problem is, he never really took the test, relying on his parents to plan all the way.
  As early as 2009, Yuren entered the kindergarten affiliated to Ochanomizu Women’s University and was questioned to go through the back door. At that time, the kindergarten needed to pass a lottery and a group test, and the admission ratio was one-tenth. The garden explained: “Prince Yuren did not pass the entrance examination, because Concubine Noriko served as a special researcher of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. She set up a special laboratory at Ochanomizu University, dedicated to investigation and research on national health issues. The university aims at outstanding teachers. And researchers, there is a policy of priority for children to enter the school. Therefore, it is reasonable and legal to accept the little prince Yuren.”
  Yuren also enrolled in the elementary and junior high schools affiliated to Ochanomizu University. Japan Weekly reported that Concubine Noriko carefully selected his classmates. , to form an alumni who went to school together, for fear that he would be adversely affected.
  For the entrance exam of a prestigious school, many elementary school students have been working hard to remediate from the fourth grade, and Yuren has also prepared for the exam, which seems to be very difficult.

  The staff of Qiu Xiao Palace said: “Youren does not participate in the cram school, so she can only ask for tutoring, but the pressure of tutoring is too great, and I cannot find a suitable one.”
  In this way, another plan has to be made. So, as soon as Yuren entered junior high school, there was an unheard of movement.
  At the sixth grade parent meeting, the school notified the establishment of a new system of “cooperating with schools to enter school”. The University of Tsukuba and Ochanomizu Women’s University cooperate in running schools. Students studying in junior high and high schools affiliated to the two universities do not need top-notch students if they want to be promoted to the other school. Written test results and interview pass.

  One parent revealed: “Parents were very excited when they heard about it. The junior high school attached to Ochanomizu is co-educational, and the high school started as a girls’ school. Boys can only be admitted to other schools. It would be great if they were promoted to the Tsukuba Affiliated High School through the new system.”
  After all , the number of children who pass the exam every year is rare. For example, in 2021, only 2 boys will pass the building test.
  In 2022, Yuren’s special treatment caused huge controversy. The Sankei Shimbun reported that the president of the University of Tsukuba, Nagata Kyousuke, said that Prince Yuren will be promoted to the high school affiliated to the University of Tsukuba through the “cooperative education system” between the University of Tsukuba and Ochanomizu University.
  According to the Imperial Household Agency, Prince Yuren “has excellent academic performance and belongs to the best group” in the junior high school affiliated to Ochanomizu University, and conforms to the “cooperative education system”; he also participated in the entrance examination of the attached building, taking 5 subjects a day, and passed the examination.
  However, the results of the five subjects that people called for have not been announced, and it was found that the so-called “cooperative education system” was implemented when Youren entered junior high school.
  Netizens criticized: Youren used the privilege to go to school and competed with the outstanding children of ordinary people for places, which was disgusting. Many children cut down their playtime from a young age and made painstaking efforts in order to get into a famous high school, but they lost the opportunity, which is disrespectful to those people.

  In the royal family reporter’s report, Youren is still a well-rounded scholar.
  For example, he has won consecutive awards for his composition, he is a member of the table tennis club, his hobby is nature, and he investigates the insect habitat of Akasaka Palace every summer. This is 12 years old, observing and photographing dragonflies.
  When he graduated from elementary school, he made dragonfly clay works, which used film to add patterns to the wings, which were “surprisingly delicate”.
  As Youren was promoted to Zhufu, more bad histories were exposed, surprising the Japanese.
  In 2017, the Yomiuri Shimbun published a diary. When Akishinomiya’s family traveled to Shiga Prefecture and visited the brush studio, Yuren left a message, “When picking up a brush, the Chinese character ‘you’ is difficult, so it is written as ‘jin’. ‘ . It wasn’t until recently that I could write down my name.”
  Is the word “you” difficult for fifth graders? Judging from the kanji table in Japanese elementary schools, they are all traditional Chinese characters, so Yu is not difficult to write.

  The controversy exploded among netizens, “Why can a child who only writes his Chinese name in fifth grade enter the Zhufu? What is his grade?” What
  ’s worse, Yuren’s award-winning composition was exposed as plagiarism.
  In 2021, he will participate in the middle school competition of the “12th Children’s Non-Fiction Literature Award” hosted by Kitakyushu City, and the composition titled “Visit the Ogasawara Islands” will be tied for second place.
  The composition describes the experience of traveling with my mother, but it is very boring and makes people unable to read. This chapter introduces the location, route, environment, culture and history of the Ogasawara Islands, as well as memorial monuments for the dead.
  It has been found that large sections of the text are from real research reports.

  In the article, the creatures of the Ogasawara Islands “are carried away by the ocean currents, and some are carried away by the wind, and only creatures adapted to the environment can survive”, which is the same as the travel book “World Heritage Ogasawara” published in 2012.
  The description of coral reefs comes from the article on the official website of the National Institute of Environmental Research. The red letters are all repeated, and other words are replaced with the same meaning. The ghostwriters are too careless.
  Netizens believe that Youren’s composition is obviously plagiarized and the award should be cancelled. The organizer said that the content of these points is indeed similar, but it will not consider withdrawing the award.
  The Imperial Household Office responded that the article was never plagiarized, but forgot to indicate the references, thank you for your correction.
  If the math Olympiad, English speech, running, swimming competition wins, no one will say anything. There is too much space in the composition competition, who can make the future emperor lose? Even the clay dragonfly from his elementary school was questioned for processing.

  For the royal family’s powerful resources, it’s nothing, but in the eyes of ordinary people, Yuren’s “good student” characters are all unfair operations.
  Not to mention anything else, Yuren enrolled in the building annex, the security around the school has been fully upgraded, and a new female police officer is the director.
  Netizens found that on February 16, the school announced that Prince Youren was admitted, and on February 14, the new director took office, and the school’s “internal decision” was known at a glance.
  The new director, Mayumi Miyazaki, is a famous person who has served as a royal guard in the Imperial Household Agency for 4 years. Her husband is a high-ranking police official. Her father and father-in-law are also police officers. .
  Japanese media speculated that Yuren still entered Dongda University through recommendation 3 years later. Since 2016, Dongda University has a recommended admission system. The famous principal can recommend 4 students. Candidates need to have outstanding achievements or awards in high school, such as thesis publication, and the basic score of the college entrance examination must be more than 80%.
  Isn’t this another tailor-made admissions system? It is said that the royal family has a tradition of studying biology, and Yuren is interested in insects and may be enrolled in the Department of Agriculture or Biology at Dongda University.
  Unsurprisingly, Yuren will be the first emperor to graduate from the University of Tokyo, even if he has never had an exam score.

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