PGA Tour sky darkened

  Golf tournaments generally last for 4 days, with one round per day, each round of 18 holes and a par of 72.
  In this year’s All-Star Game, Tiger Woods was already a little powerless by the second round. He overshot the standard by 4 in the first 5 holes, but then slowly stabilized his position and entered the final with a score of 1 over in the first two rounds. However, he played very badly in the final, both rounds ended with 6 overs, and finally ranked 47th.
  However, all this did not affect the ever-increasing enthusiasm of Tiger fans. Many spectators followed Woods all the way to the last few holes of the fourth round. No matter how far apart the spectators on both sides were, they would stand up and cheer, as if welcoming a heroic triumph.
  In the era of the Internet and the epidemic, people’s sense of time is extremely distorted. In my mind, Woods announced not long ago (actually 4 months) that he would never play full-time in the future. No one knew until the All-Star Game that he would actually play.
  On February 23, 2021, when Woods was racing on the outskirts of Los Angeles at a high speed of more than 80 miles, the sports car lost control, hit a tree and jumped into the air, and was completely scrapped after the vehicle landed on the side. The rescued Woods suffered multiple fractures in the fibula and tibia of his right leg and was fixed with metal rods and screws.
  And he unexpectedly appeared in the star game a year later, and still limped and insisted on finishing 4 rounds of games. Can it make the fans not cheer for it? Americans like this kind of comeback story.
  However, in the cheers to Woods, perhaps you can hear a little overtone that people don’t want to mention? The All-Star Game, in stark contrast to Woods’ sudden entry, saw his old rival Phil Mickelson sit out for the first time in 28 years.
  No one in golf has challenged Woods and Mickelson for the past 30 years. But Mickelson is far behind in second place. In golf’s four major tournaments, Woods has won 15 times, Mickelson has won only 6 times, and, because there is always Woods in his way, he has never been ranked No. 1 in the world. No wonder Mickelson sighed: “I often wonder what my career would be like without him.”
  If Woods takes the lead here, why can’t Mickelson be tolerated? Because it’s hard to beat Woods’ Mickelson on the court, he knows how to find another way. He has a very charming smiling face, takes the trouble to interact friendly with the audience, runs out of ink to sign their autographs, and does not hesitate to leave the game to care for his ailing wife, thus winning the reputation of “the people’s player”.
  Woods may have heard more cheers than anyone else, but it was Mickelson who was truly loved that afflicted him. What’s more, Woods has been riddled with scandals since his career reached its peak. His family was broken up because of his provocation, and he was in a car accident three times because of alcoholism and drug addiction
  . Ersen decided to take the risk and open up an alternative glory.
  According to his biographer, Mickelson criticized the PGA Tour for authoritarianism and greed, so he decided to bring a group of people to join the super tour that Saudi Arabia is planning.
  Mickelson this time can be regarded as poking a hornet’s nest, attracting a voice of condemnation. He quickly issued an apology statement, saying that his actions were just to promote the reform of the PGA Tour, and announced a temporary suspension to think behind closed doors.
  Mickelson’s actions actually thwarted Xinsai’s original strong limelight, so much so that no one dared to express his support. However, these surging dark clouds on the horizon of the PGA Tour are afraid that they will eventually gather momentum, because the color of the clouds is green and the color of the US dollar. According to reports, the prize money of the new competition will be as high as 20 million US dollars, and as long as you participate, you can share it.

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