“The Prince’s Revenge” by Marcos

May 11, the Philippine Federal Party presidential candidate Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos’s campaign team issued a statement on May 11, announcing that Marcos won the Philippine presidential election held on May 9.
  Self-proclaimed “spoiled child”
   According to the Philippine “Daily Inquirer” report, the 65-year-old Marcos was born in a prominent political and business family and lived a good life. He moved into the Philippine Presidential Palace with his father Marcos at the age of 7. . In a recent interview with the Philippine media, he said bluntly: “I was a spoiled child and was well taken care of.” According to his recollection, he could feel a significant difference with his friends when he was very young, because The friend lives in the “home”, but he lives in the “palace” (that is, the Malacañang Palace).
   In 1970, at the age of 13, Marcos went overseas to study and studied at Oxford University. But he is not a good student. Not only did he repeatedly fail his subjects during his studies, but there were also rumors in the media that he lived a luxurious life during his student days, and his monthly pocket money was as high as 10,000 US dollars.
   The good times did not last long. The “people power” revolution broke out in the Philippines in the 1980s, and then President Marcos Sr. took an iron fist to suppress it. To avoid a civil war, the Reagan administration withdrew its support for Marcos and forced his family to move to Hawaii, where he began a life of exile. In 1989, the old Marcos unfortunately died in a foreign country. It is reported that only Marcos was on the side at the time.    After the death of
  ”The Prince’s Revenge” old Marcos, his family was allowed to return to their homeland.
Having experienced the ups and downs of life, Marcos inherited his father’s mantle and successfully entered the Philippine Congress in 1992. Throughout his political career, Marcos was elected to the House of Representatives twice, and in 2010 entered the Senate.
   In October 2021, Marcos officially announced his candidacy for the presidency and used the campaign banner of “national unity”. Throughout his candidacy, he was good at capturing the real needs of the Filipino people to improve the economy and people’s livelihood, promising to develop the economy and create more job opportunities. He focused on highlighting his father’s contribution to the Philippines during his administration, and skillfully used the political legacy left by his father to add points to his election. Some media described his experience as “Prince’s Revenge”.
   “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” cited as an example, at a campaign rally, he pointed out that the resources of specialized hospitals in the Philippines were severely lacking during the COVID-19 outbreak, and emphasized that the country’s existing four famous specialized hospitals were all founded by his father when he was in politics. The social pain point of “insufficient investment in medical care by successive governments”.
   Articulate, knowledgeable, intelligent and experienced in politics, Marcos is considered by many to be the ideal presidential candidate. Coupled with his use of social media, he has registered accounts on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok, which has won the hearts of young voters. Although the old Marcos has a mixed reputation and his political legacy has been smeared by Western public opinion for a long time, the Marcos family has many die-hard supporters in the Philippines. To this day, many older Filipinos still remember the “golden era” of Marcos’ administration.
   Another analysis believes that the rise of Marcos is inseparable from Duterte’s foreshadowing and endorsement: Before the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Philippines developed overall under the leadership of Duterte, with an annual economic growth of as high as 6%. In addition, the younger generation of Filipinos has entered voting age. They know little about the history of the old Marcos period and are not easily bewitched by overseas propaganda.    The
  eldest son continues to be in politics . Marcos married his wife Louise in 1993, who came from the famous Araneta family in the Philippines.
The family owns multinational corporations and has a wealth of talents within the family, including many politicians, wealthy businessmen and well-known religious figures. Louise is also a well-known scholar herself, and has taught at a number of institutions of higher learning, including Saint Louis University in the Philippines, Far Eastern University, and Northwestern University.
   The Marcos have three sons, born in 1994, 1995 and 1997. The Philippine “Manila Times” said that the eldest son Sandro graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a master’s degree. Now he has entered the political arena and followed his father’s political path to participate in this year’s parliamentary election in Ilocos Norte province.

   For the vast majority of us, few have thought that life might end tomorrow. We are taboo to say death, the sky is long and the sun is long, where will it die?
   Are the days really long? There are hidden crises here and there, natural disasters, man-made disasters, coupled with unpredictable diseases, life is full of variables, who can ensure that tomorrow will be safe and sound? You might as well imagine what you would do today if your life ended tomorrow.
   How long has it been since you said love to the person around you? You blur his birthday, you ignore his preferences, you don’t remember what color he wore today. Did he add any wrinkles? Does he have gray hair? Is he in a good mood recently? You don’t know all this. You say love to the wind and the moon, but you are too lazy to tell him.
   You have to accompany your child and listen to him ask over and over again: Why do birds in the sky fly? Why are we not fish? Did the flower cry? If the biscuits are buried in the soil, will they grow? You will smile and touch your child’s head and listen patiently without showing a hint of impatience. If he makes a mistake, you won’t get angry, you will forgive. You pray that as long as the child is healthy and safe, that is the greatest good.
   You have to pick up your mother from the country to see a doctor. My mother has been yelling for a long time, saying that her legs hurt. You don’t care. You think, it’s normal for your mother to feel pain here and there when she’s getting older. It’s not a big problem. You use words to prevaricate mother, mother, when I have a holiday, when I have time, I will take you to see a doctor. However, when you really wait for the holiday, you have already forgotten your commitment to your mother. To you, a mother is just a gift you bring along during the festivals.
   You are going to meet some friends. What a wonderful time when friends get together to talk and talk. But you often break appointments and leave your friends to wait. You always say, next time, wait for the next time we get together. But when is the next time? How many times can you wait in your life?
   You have to be good to yourself. Gosh, after all these years, you forgot to love yourself. You sink in the trivial things of the world, money, fame and fortune, all of which are coercing you, making you have to run all the way. Only then will you know that it’s all just passing by, you can’t catch it, and you can’t take it away. You can finally love yourself without caring and cook yourself a delicious meal. Buy yourself an expensive dress. Go to the cinema to watch a blockbuster, or lie down on a piece of grass, put everything aside, and let the warm sun cover your body quietly.
   Honey, do you know how to do it? That is, don’t wait any longer, from now on, do it one by one.

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