After serving more than a dozen Fortune 500 customers, I summed up 40 private domain dry goods

  During this time, we have been doing private domain services for Fortune 500 customers.
  In this article, based on my experience serving more than a dozen Fortune 500 customers, combined with the four-force growth model of enterprise WeChat private domain, I share 40 cognitions that I think are more important to be a private domain.
  The growth model of the four forces in the WeChat private domain of enterprises: the overall operating status of the brand private domain = organizational strength × operational strength × commodity strength × product strength.
1. Organizational Power

  1. The landing of the private domain often involves the interests of the inherent organization, so sometimes the private domain is difficult to land, not because the strategy is not good, but because of the factors of people and organizations.
  2. A good private domain trader is a master of water management, not only to balance the interests of users, but also to weigh the interests of various organizations in the company. Especially those departments that hold users, face users directly, and manage users.
  3. The formulation of private domain policies should be co-created within the organization. Especially large-scale chain formats have organizational structures such as headquarters, regions, and stores.
  The large area, especially the store, is the terminal of the private domain, which can directly contact users. Therefore, the private domain team at the headquarters cannot sit in the office every day and dream, but go deep into the front line, listen to the opinions of the regional and store partners on the private domain, and conduct sufficient co-creation discussions.
  4. Headquarters, regions and stores are not antagonistic. The headquarters is for service, formulating strategies, methods, and training, and serving front-line employees to make better performance through the private domain.
  5. The private domain strategy does not need to be unified across the country, but should be adapted to local conditions. According to the actual situation of local operations, manpower, users, etc., targeted strategies are formulated.
  6. When the private domain is just starting and the promotion progress is slow, the headquarters can initiate recruitment first, and select the area or store with high cooperation and intention to give priority to the private domain layout. One is to make performances and proofing boards; the other is to find out the problems in the strategy, the stuck points of landing, and then iterative optimization is carried out in a targeted manner.
  7. The validity period of the private domain is at least 3 months, so you must have enough patience. If you are working part-time, you must do a good job of upward management.
2. Operational capacity

  8. The construction of the private domain system should be based on brand strategy, tonality, products, organization, and operations according to local conditions, and there is no one trick that can be used all over the world.
  9. SOP is a standardized operation process, which can reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve the operational efficiency of the private domain, but it is not a panacea. With SOP, the private domain may not be able to do it.
  10. In addition to SOP, the private domain must be more humane, more temperature, and more service. It is difficult to do it. It requires the brand to have enough awareness and manpower to implement it, and the person who needs to implement it has keen insight and can treat each user from the user’s perspective.
  11. Details matter. A good private domain trader can optimize the details and links of each operation to the extreme.
  The simplified calculation formula of private domain GMV (website transaction value) is: number of users × conversions × repurchase times × customer unit price.
  This formula contains 4 key indicators, assuming each link, because various details are 10% different from the peers, the final GMV is only 66% of the peers. (The calculation formula is: 0.9×0.9×0.9×0.9=0.66)
  12. The basis for the growth of users in the private domain is the public domain. There is no public domain traffic, and I just want to rely on my own hundreds of friends to grow through fission 1 to 5, 5 to 25, and 25 to 125. The math is nice and it looks beautiful, but the reality is cruel.
  13. Three elements of drainage: scene, method, and bait.
  14. There are only 3 ways for e-commerce to attract traffic: parcel card, text message, and AI phone call.
  15. It is possible to attract traffic through Ali Wangwangjia customer WeChat, but it is not a long-term solution. If the system is caught, the authority will be reduced, and there is no way to copy it in batches. Not for brands.
  16. The main point of store drainage is to set up signs based on the store’s moving lines, such as roll-ups, station cards, posters, etc., and then cooperate with shopping guides to guide.
  17. Through private domain channels, brands can face users directly at zero distance. Therefore, private domain is a perfect field for creating user-oriented brands.
  18. User-based brand means that the brand is no longer high above, but stands with users, communicates equally and becomes friends. I think this is the best relationship between the brand and the user.
  Users recognize the brand, follow the brand, recommend the brand to others, stand up and speak for the brand, but do not follow blindly.
  19. Whether it is mass distribution of coupons or refined operation, they are different operating methods in the private domain. There is no good or bad, only if it is suitable or not, and whether ROI (return on investment) can be maximized.
  20. The premise of refinement is to invest enough resources. For a brand with millions of users, the operation method in the private domain is to distribute coupons in groups, and the operation team behind it is only a dozen people.
  From category characteristics, price to user level, from the perspective of ROI maximization, this is their optimal solution.
  21. Compared with transformation, I think the private domain is more important to convey the values ​​and tonality of the brand, which is the long-term core value of the private domain.
  22. In addition to conversion, the private domain can also collect user group portraits, verify new products before they are launched, and feed back the marketing of the public domain platform.
  23. Co-creation with users can enable users to have a sense of participation, including product co-creation, content co-creation, experience co-creation, etc. It enables every user to have the feeling that the product and the content are created by themselves, so they also have a deeper emotional connection with the brand and spontaneously become the super communicator of the brand.
  24. By setting up IP matrix in private domain, enterprises and users become friends. Transmit perceptual value in the user’s purchasing decision path, enhance emotional connection, and influence the mind.
  Using “people” to approach users and serve users is more acceptable than a cold brand, and it is easier for users to have a good impression.
  25. Personal IPs in private domains are divided into 5 categories: brand IP, expert IP, founder IP, sales IP, and assistant IP. Enterprises with different product categories and different development stages have different personality matrices. The above five categories are not required for every enterprise.
  26. It is really important to post well in the circle of friends, from the three dimensions of product, personality and user.
  27. Different users have different needs for labels. Labels are not the more the better, they must be accurate and useful. Geographical tags allow operations to iteratively optimize delivery strategies, and for front-line sales, user needs and consumption tags are more important.
  28. User stratification cannot be divided for the sake of division. Consider the operational differences that arise after stratification. There is no value in dividing the repurchase 4 times, 5 times, and 6 times into 3 levels.
  29. Not every category needs to establish a community, and it is a pit for some categories to establish a community, especially for categories with opaque prices.
  30. A community, in a broad sense, refers to a group organization. Enterprise WeChat is just the carrier of this community.
  If you want the community to have continuous vitality, it is far from enough to rely on the one-way output of the brand’s online enterprise WeChat group. It must be decentralized, and a social relationship network is built by members of the community. The brand side only exists as one of the nodes, and more is to connect users with users.
  The fastest way to have a relationship is to meet offline and do something meaningful and have the same goal.
  31. One-on-one private chat sales rely on sales ability. Many private domain operators have never done sales. Before setting up the process, you must ask more experienced salesmen.
3. Commodity power

  32. Commodities are very important, remember the following formula.
  The commodity is 1, the marketing and promotion private domain ability is 100, and the total value is 100.
  The commodity is -1, the marketing and promotion private domain ability is 100, and the total value is -100.
  33. Many bosses/brands do not have enough commodity power at all, either they have no advantage compared with their peers, or they are simply pseudo-demands. At this time, thinking about how to make money and sell goods through private domains every day is simply unrealistic. Even if you start a group and sell some goods, can you resist the monstrous public opinion of users complaining about products and services in the group?
  34. The construction of the commodity system in the private domain is different from traditional e-commerce and stores, in the shape of a ladder and a funnel. Taking the user journey and life cycle as the starting point, the entire product ladder is divided into 4 categories, namely drainage products, building credit products, profit products, and expansion products.
Fourth, product strength

  35. SCRM (customer relationship maintenance system) is only an efficiency tool, and it cannot be expected that after buying the tool, the private domain will be able to do it.
  36. The applet is just a trading field. Whether a user will place an order or not depends on the operational capability and commodity capability.
  37. The general SCRM functions on the market are similar, which service is better to choose.
  38. No matter how many SCRM functions, there may be only a few that can be used.
  39. Small companies don’t think about developing small programs and SCRM, it’s really unnecessary. Money and energy should be invested in operations.
  40. Games are not suitable for small companies. If you have this money, you might as well give it to operations to do activities.

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