Knight Zorro, crossed an era

  Ordinary people who can’t bear tyranny need heroes like “Zorro”.
  And Alain Delon, who was rumored to be “euthanized”, lived like an extra footnote to “Zorro”.
  ”I have everything in my life except happiness.”
  It is evident how lonely Alain Delon who said this sentence was in his later years. Not long ago, news of his decision to be euthanized spread across the Internet, bringing back memories of the acting superstar’s glory days.
  Alain Delon, known as “the most handsome man in the world”, has played many classic roles in his life, but only a Z-shaped lightning is always engraved on the peak of his acting career.
  Black capes, black masks, and black top hats have stood for 47 years.
who is zorro

  In 1975, a French-Italian film, Zorro, caused a sensation. In Spanish, the name means fox and first appeared in a fictional novel written by journalist John Macaulay.
  Macaulay’s image of Zorro is a fusion of an English legend and three heroes of the Mexican Revolution. Inspired by this story, the movie Zorro tells an uncomplicated story.
  During the colonial era when the people were struggling, Don Diego (Alain Delon), “the first swordsman in Europe”, took over as the governor instead of his friend Miguel who was killed on the way to his post. Because he witnessed Colonel Huerta’s brutal personality, Don Diego pretended to be a playboy in order to protect himself; at the same time, a masked knight appeared in the people who helped the weak and punished the tyrant repeatedly.

Zorro whips the whip and hits the hearts of the audience

  At the end of the story, when the colonel doubted the Doge’s identity several times and set up an attempt to kill him, the two fought a duel and Don Diego was victorious.
  The style of the whole film is light and witty. When Chinese film scholars reviewed the film many years later, they still felt the impact of Western rhetoric brought by “Zorro”. For example, when Zorro rescued his noble cousin who was threatened by the colonel, he used his sword to mark the former’s clothes, but the line was not “Be careful, I’m going to kill you”, but “When I’m on your uniform If you get tired of scratching, I will dig your heart out.” This domineering humor, no wonder it can travel across the ocean to gain the hearts of so many fans.
  The most classic scene in the movie is the scene where Zorro appears. He appears from a distance. In the far desert, there is an invisible black shadow coming from the dust, and no one can see his true appearance. The towering top hat, the cloak facing the wind, and the sharp sword at the waist created one of the most classic, noble and mysterious images of knights in the history of film.
  The great thing about the knight is his sense of contrast. Zorro has two completely different identities in the movie. In front of people, he is a submissive governor who pretends to be crazy and sells fools. In the back, he is very sober and his sword is unfair. This kind of setting has inspired many later genre films. It can be said that it will be a future Marvel movie. ‘s grandfather.
  Three years after its premiere, “Zorro” has been translated into China, and 70 million Chinese viewers have watched it in cinemas. When Alain Delon came to China because of this movie, Liu Huan and Fan Linlin sang “Alain Delon” together to welcome him: “Alain Delon is a fire, Alain Delon is a whirlwind.”
  After all, after watching “Zorro”, what child can resist not putting on sheets, waving branches, dancing iron bars, and not drawing big “Z” characters all over the doors and windows?

  When Alain Delon came to China, Liu Huan and Fan Linlin sang “Alain Delon” together to welcome him.

  After the reform and opening up, there were also a number of foreign films introduced to China during the same period, among which “Pursuit” starring Ken Takakura was also very popular. Compared with the stern and deep Ken Takakura, Delong’s “Zorro” gentleman, humorous, brings the charm of knights to the extreme, and planted the seeds of Western-style knights in people’s hearts.
direction of the times

  As mentioned above, the image of “Zorro” first appeared in the 1919 serialized story “The Curse of Capestrano” by American writer John Macaulay.
  The location of the story is set in California, a land that has changed its owners three times (Spain, Mexico, and the United States); the time is the period of Spanish rule over Mexico in the 18th and 19th centuries. The protagonist, Tang Diego, was originally the son of a landlord’s family, but he was willing to act chivalrous, eliminate violence, and become a Robin Hood.
  A superhero always needs a matching outfit. Zorro’s outfit is a black mask, black hat, black cloak, black mount, sword and whip. Whenever Zorro, the black desert fox, is haunted, he always marks the “Z” with a sharp sword.
  A knight movie always has realistic considerations it wants to express. The Zorro movie also explores a number of cautionary issues. In the background setting, some people think that the story takes place in a Spanish-ruled Latin American colony, and is located in the Colombian interior south of the harbor of Cartagena, which is now Colombia’s “Bolivarian Province”; others think it is In the 18th and 19th centuries, California was under Spanish rule in Mexico, and the latter gradually broke away from Spanish colonial rule from 1846 to 1848.
  But in any case, the so-called governor is an identity without absolute power. When Don Diego took office as a friend, he always said a line, “I want to see the situation clearly.” He was telling the truth. When his friend was killed by an assassin, he knew that this was not a good seat and was constrained by many parties.
  The crisis came as expected. The biggest threat comes from the military behind Colonel Huerta, which is also the confidence of the colonel’s unscrupulousness and the courage to say things like replacing the Governor at the banquet. As for the other nobles, they were helpless because of their powerlessness.
  The core purpose of the film is to punish evil and promote good. In addition to Don Diego, the Catholic monk Francis is also very upright. He often fights for the rights of poor people and black children, and is often persecuted by evil forces represented by the military.
  In repeated resistance, he was sheltered by Zorro, and the two teamed up to knock down the colonel.
  Therefore, it can be understood that Zorro united the masses at the grassroots level through the monk group, and united the power of the noble group, and finally was able to eradicate the colonel’s power. It seems that Zorro is self-taught and has great supernatural powers, but in fact he is also a wise man.
  The ideal light flashes at the beginning and end of the film. “Be sure to keep my principles, my ideals, Don Diego, take this mark and swear, and swear not to kill people.” Before dying, a friend told Don Diego.

  At the end of the film, when Zorro completed his mission and flew away in the rolling desert, people sincerely said: “In this land, we must have peace and justice, and on that day, Zorro will meet again. back.”

The Lone Killer, Alain Delon as a taciturn killer

In “Black Tulip”, Alain Delon plays the two roles, and the golden sentence of the film is “Freedom is a bone thrown to the people”

  Ordinary people who have suffered from colonial rule and tyranny need heroes like “Zorro”. They are courageous and resourceful, dare to rebel against authority, and are ideally brilliant.

  Zorro united the masses at the grassroots level through the monk group, and united the power of the noble group, and finally was able to eradicate the colonel’s power.

In April 2019, Alain Delon won the “Honor Palme d’Or” at Cannes
Real “Zorro”, real life

  The image of “Zorro” played by Alain Delon is too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and maybe in this lifetime, he can’t be associated with this label. And from the real experience of this superstar, his life is indeed legendary and romantic.
  As far as legend is concerned, the many classic images he created on the screen have inspired a lot of directors at home and abroad. The lonely killer who shuttles between dawn and night in “Lone Killer” is handsome, lonely, elegant and rebellious. He uses the beautiful appearance of an angel to engage in demon-like “killing activities”, and has given directors from Quentin to John Woo, John To and other directors. Endless inspiration for shaping the underworld. Chow Yun-fat’s “Little Pony” appearance was learned from “Lonely Killer”.
  In “Black Tulip”, Alain Delon also plays a legendary knight who robs the rich to help the poor and shows himself in a mask. The images of extremely lonely characters such as killers and knights have been deeply embedded in the minds of people in the last century.
  Recently, he was brought up again, and it turned out to be a topic related to “euthanasia”. The twilight of the hero comes so sadly.
  In fact, Alain Delon is not the meaning contained in the hot search – “I will be euthanized soon”, but it is more like a rumor going back to the source. The source was his 57-year-old son, Antoine Delon, who was interviewed by French TV, and the reporter asked: “You wrote in your book that you promised your father that when he decided to give up, that he wanted to end his life, you would accompany him all the way. …”
  Alain Delon was not happy in his later years. How dashing and romantic he was when he was young, the later his reputation was as “hip-pulling”.
  Alain Delon’s acting career began with the joint efforts of three women, allowing him to star in his debut “When a Woman Intervenes”. First a woman named Kiki led him into the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood; then Brigitte Aubert introduced him to director Yves Alegre; then, the director’s wife, Michel Also fascinated by him, got him the role.
  ”There are many women in my life who are urging me to be an actor, ‘I owe my career to them’.” Alain Delon himself later admitted, “They inspired me, made me look better than others. Well, stronger and taller than others, and saw that in their eyes.”
  In addition to trying to whitewash his private life, Alain Delon openly talked about beating his ex-wife in an interview with a TV station, declaring that “if a slap is manly, then I am manly.” The audience is certainly not stupid. When he won the “Honorable Palme d’Or” in Cannes in April 2019, a petition with nearly 18,000 online signatures opposed Delon’s award and called on the festival to cancel the award.
  There are more and more negative rumors about Alain Delon, and people find that the “white moonlight” male god in their hearts is nothing more than a half-hearted ordinary man. In his later years, Alain Delon lived alone in a mountain area in Switzerland. He lamented: “I have had five women in my life, and now they are all dead, leaving me alone in this world to suffer.”
  Among them, an old friend’s His death touched him even more. “It’s terrifying, I’m completely destroyed. I just thought, it would be a good choice for the two of us to leave together.” The impermanence of life and the loneliness of the beautiful scenery made Alain Delon sigh with emotion. Said that he is a person who “has everything except happiness”.
  Nearly half a century has passed, “Zorro” still has its vitality, and the actor Alain Delon is also finishing his life. Inside and outside the play, each is unique.

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