Salt water, starch, baking soda, which one is cleaner for washing fruits and vegetables?

  Recently, experts have popularized how to clean fruits and vegetables scientifically on the Internet.
  In fact, the main component of the fruit and vegetable cleaning agent is salt. Cleaning with salt water can dissolve the formaldehyde residues on the surface to a certain extent, as well as some pesticides. However, it should be noted that the concentration of salt water used to clean fruits and vegetables should not be too high. If the concentration is too high, osmotic pressure will be formed, and the pesticides dissolved in the water will invade the fruits and vegetables instead. Generally, use brine with a concentration of 9‰, soak it for 3-5 minutes, and then wash it with running water. Light salt water can make it easier for insect eggs and borers to fall.
  Powders such as starch and flour are added to water to soak fruits and vegetables, which can effectively absorb dust on their surfaces. If you use baking soda or rice-washing water to wash fruits and vegetables, it will also have a certain effect. Pesticides like organophosphorus will decompose quickly in an alkaline environment. If the rice is washed with water, the rice itself also has the problem of pesticide residues and insect eggs. Moreover, there is generally only one pot of rice-washing water, and the amount of water is not enough to remove the pesticide residues. Soaking in water is not effective for all pesticide residues, and it should not be too long, otherwise the epidermal cells of fruits and vegetables will be damaged by water, and it is easy for pesticides dissolved in water to enter the interior of fruits and vegetables. Generally, soaking for 10 minutes is the best time.
French electricity prices soared fourfold

  At present, half of France’s 56 nuclear reactors have been shut down or suspended due to internal hidden dangers or equipment maintenance, and the total power generation of French nuclear power plants has dropped to the lowest level in more than 10 years.
  It is understood that France is one of the major power exporters in Europe, and more than two-thirds of the country’s electricity demand relies on nuclear power. Due to the shutdown or suspension of nuclear reactors, daily electricity prices in France have surged to four times what they were in the same period last year, and are on average about 30% higher than in Germany, which relies mainly on natural gas and coal for power generation.
  French President Emmanuel Macron had earlier announced a nuclear power revival plan. France will launch a 1 billion euro project to roll out “small modular reactors”, as well as innovative reactors to reduce waste generation, with the goal of building the first prototype by 2030.

$1 coin prototype sells for high price

  The prototype of the U.S. $1 coin, a copper coin minted by the Philadelphia Mint in 1794, recently sold for $840,000, much higher than previously estimated.
  Bradley, a spokesman for Heritage Auctions, said the copper coin was very similar to a later silver coin minted in Philadelphia, but was notable for missing a ring of stars. This starless coin is seen as a unique prototype for the later silver dollar. It features the Statue of Liberty with long flowing hair and the year 1794 on the front, and flowers around a hawk standing on a rock on the other. Possibly because the coin has been buried at the original mint site, the pattern has been corroded and not in perfect condition, with some scratches and other marks on the coin’s brown surface.
  The coin, which has changed hands eight times, and Simpson, 73, who bought it in 2008, said: “The coin should be appreciated as a work of art,” according to the auction house statement.
China’s total eel consumption exceeds Japan’s

  In the past two years, my country’s eel exports have turned to domestic sales, and the number of domestic eel-related catering businesses has grown significantly. There are more than 60,000 types of eel dishes, and nearly 10 million Chinese people eat eel at least once a month.
  China has always been a major exporter of eels. More than 60% of the grilled eels sold in Japan come from China. At the end of last year, it was revealed that a Japanese company had disguised Chinese eels as domestically produced in Japan for more than five years. At present, my country’s eel consumption accounts for 60%-70% of the total output, and the total consumption is gradually catching up with Japan. Today, a complete chain of eel production and sales has been formed in China. Through the efficient operation of the catering system, it takes only 72 hours for eel to travel from the factory to the dining table. Up to now, the number of eel-related catering merchants has continued to increase with an increase of more than 14% for two consecutive years.
  It is understood that this year, the catch of eel fry in my country is only about 1/3 of that of last year, and the decrease in the number of eel fry may push the price of the terminal market higher.

Apple sentenced to pay for mobile phone without charger

  Recently, the news that Apple was punished by a Brazilian court for not sending the charger has caused heated discussions. According to foreign media reports, a court in the Brazilian city of Goiania ruled that Apple violated consumer protection laws by not including a charging plug in the iPhone box and needed to compensate an iPhone buyer 5,000 Brazilian reais (about 5,000 Brazilian reais). 7,000 RMB).
  According to Article 39 of Brazil’s Consumer Protection Law, “combination sales” is an abusive and prohibited practice in Brazil, so separate sales of mobile phones and charging plugs are not allowed. In this case, Apple sold the phone and the charging plug separately, and the judge found guilty and needed to pay the user compensation.
  In its defense, Apple said it removed the charger for environmental reasons. In this regard, many netizens said, “Apple’s dismantling of mobile phones and chargers is to increase consumer costs.” “A mobile phone without a charger is equivalent to eating without chopsticks.”

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