Immortal or Immortal, Kings and Clowns

  Maybe it’s really “freedom is bigger than the sky”, but the “heaven” of the clown artist is far wider than the “heaven” of Wang Jun. If it weren’t for such blatant and vulgar satire, Changsheng and Kong Ji would have always been simple. They live freely under their blue sky: the streams they pass through when fleeing, the boundless sea of ​​flowers in the wilderness, or the noisy downtown streets… Their programs also have some small unique skills. The most grassroots success seems to be the orientation of their life.
  Yeonsan-kun is one of the most easily mentioned characters in Korean historical dramas. In fact, objectively speaking, the classic cases of psychological distortion caused by childhood encounters have always been numerous, but if they are infinitely amplified and circulated by the monarch of a country, history will become subtle and unusual. Yan Shanjun should also be an extremely lonely person from the bottom of his heart, but the excessively luxurious and violent monarchy makes his loneliness appear absurd and arbitrary.
  The king and the clown, these two types of people who seem to be talking about chickens and ducks, have a serious and sad intersection because of an exaggerated and absurd masked drama that is popular among the people, and it is difficult to make it into the halls of elegance.
  Let’s talk about the characters first.
  I don’t know the growth process and identity details of Changsheng and Kong Ji, and I don’t know if they have the same complicated and sentimental fate entanglement as Duan Xiaolou and Cheng Dieyi, but for Kong Ji, Changsheng is indeed able to do anything. Cover him with a quilt at night, so large that he can bear his grievances and bear the murder case for him. Changsheng is a person who lives a very unrestrained and unrestrained life, and Kong Ji is probably the only existence in this world that he cannot let go of.
  Kong Ji gave me the intuitive impression of only two words: fuzzy. His gender is ambiguous, his stance is ambiguous, his love-hate relationship, and his dealings with others are all ambiguous. This man is too delicate and charming, and the corners of his eyes and brows contain an irresistible softness and fragility. When he smiles or cry, he always has a distinct childishness. This kind of temperament is combined with his appearance. On the contrary, it will make the same-sex hormones more likely to get out of control. The princes and nobles want to possess him, while Changsheng just instinctively wants to protect him.
  They rushed into the king’s world recklessly and fearfully. Brocade clothing and jade food, carved beams and painted pillars, the palace has the most intense and dazzling colors and the most exquisite way of life in the world, but it seems that it has been cursed by power and conspiracy, and the lingering decadence and corruption linger in the air The breath slowly devoured the nerves and reason of people under the splendor of the appearance. The poisonous gas of desire spreads recklessly under the blue sky inside the palace walls, and promiscuity also thrives on such a hotbed without any cover.
  When the repertoire of the era of evil gradually lost its original meaning and turned into a bloody court tragedy, Changsheng decided not to be the cause and accomplice of killing and hysteria, but when he saw Kong Ji for the first time With a hesitant and lost look on his face, he knew that it was impossible for him to escape the claustrophobic and crazy Zhu Lou Yuyu alone. And at the moment when Kong Ji was blocked by the horizontal sword, even if his soul was wrapped in the gorgeous official uniform, Kong Ji should know that what really stopped Changsheng from running away was not the cold and sharp blade in his hand, but his horizontal sword. The opposite person has a feeling for himself that cannot be released and exiled.
  The sadness in Kong Ji’s eyes is real. He is sad for the dark inside of the palace, for the pain and loneliness under the appearance of Yanshan Jun’s madness, and for his struggling and shaken soul. After he paid the price of blindness, the sorrow that rose from the depths of his heart was washed away. When Kong Ji drew the blade to his wrist and the blood poured down like a stream, I believe I saw the most pathetic and desperate puppet show in the world:
  ”I stole the ring, let’s run away.
  ” If it was my eyes that lost my blindness, then it may be my mouth that will suffer now.”…
  Changsheng never gave up on Kong Ji, even if the fresh air outside the palace wall had cut off the red walls and green tiles that suffocated him The poisonous gas inside, even he knew very well, under the secret palace abyss, if one Kong Ji was swallowed up, there would always be thousands of “Kong Ji”, and the history was always amazingly the same or repeated, so he made up his mind. To challenge these “sames”, he wants to take Kong Ji away, no matter how expensive or heavy the cost, he believes that Kong Ji’s soul is the same as himself, and can never belong here.
  So what about Jun Yanshan? I’m trying to remember what the last expression of a generation of tyrants looked like on the screen. In the face of the rebel army that was rushing in, whether he was panicked and horrified, but it didn’t seem to be, even Chong Ji Lushui was at that moment. They didn’t panic, they had the same strange expressions on their faces, even though there was no sternness of the monarch and the virtue of concubines at all, at the end of the glory and indulgence in their lives, the king and the princess seemed to understand the so-called clown. Absurd dramas are actually magnified on the stage of history. While speedy and immortal run in opposite directions, they sometimes replace and transform each other. Kong Ji and Changsheng’s oath to “be a masked artist in the next life” seems to be still resonating loudly, but the power and prosperity wrapped in extravagance and promiscuity collapsed at the same moment, and the real emptiness and loneliness were exposed to the world. , so their final expressions are trance and stagnation, but two silhouettes jumping high in the sky, frozen and enlarged, appearing so vivid and immortal.
  ”They have lived happily ever after.” When reading fairy tales when they were children, well-meaning authors often arrange such a shallow and simple ending. Changsheng still took Kong Ji’s soul out of the high wall of the palace, but I feel that “the king’s man” has never really belonged to the king. He just strayed into the maze and lost himself for a short time. After the collapse and reconstruction of all kinds of souls, the villages and fields are the freedom and vastness that can truly be relied on and returned to. Just like waking up from a tired dream, the texture of life can still be firmly grasped in the palm of your hand. Where people finally set their eyes on for a long time, it becomes their eternity.

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