Man who turns man into monster

  The green Gamora, the red-faced Vision, the terrifying Red Skull, the mantis woman with cute tentacles, the robot-like Nebula… These characters in the sci-fi movie “Avengers” are impressive, and their unique shapes can Not post-production by computer, but rendered in makeup.

make people weird

  Most people think that makeup is to make people look good, but sometimes there are ugly and weird characters in film and television dramas, such as Red Skull and Gamora in “Avengers”. Makeup artists use special makeup techniques to change the contours of the actor’s face, skin color, and add hideous bones or sci-fi lines to the actor’s face to make people in reality look like people. These makeup artists are special effects. makeup artist. Although computer special effects technology is very developed now, special effects makeup can make actors more integrated into the role when performing, and can also assist computer technology to present more realistic visual effects. Therefore, special effects makeup artists are very important members of the film crew.

Makeover Makeover

  How do special effects makeup artists turn ordinary humans into aliens or even monsters? They put specially made headgear on the actors. In order to make the headgear fit the actor better, the makeup artist must first obtain the actor’s head model, then according to the design, use clay to carve the pattern on the headform, and then turn the engraved headform into a silicone headgear. Glue it to the actor’s head, and then color and retouch the actor as a whole, and the actor has a brand new image.

Let the actors “seventy-two changes”

  Special effects makeup artists not only create non-existent images of sci-fi characters, aliens, mythical creatures, etc., but also make the characters show different states according to the plot. For example, adding weight to actors, like Thor who became fat in “Avengers 4: Endgame”; creating wrinkles, eye bags, pigmentation spots, etc., to make actors age quickly; in battle scenes, various fake Gunshot wounds, cuts, bites, severed limbs, internal organs and old scars made of body and paint make you feel as if the character is in pain; change the actor’s facial features to look like another person, even Change gender.

The daily life of a special effect makeup artist is to do experiments

  Since the characters in each film are different, the makeup artist needs to solve new problems every time, so even an experienced makeup artist needs to try many times to get the result that the director wants. So, despite being called makeup artists, their day-to-day work feels like an experiment. Special effects makeup artists need to adjust the ratio of materials, such as the alginate paste needed to make the head mold, and the gypsum water needed to make the head cover, in order to achieve the desired effect.
  In the special effects makeup studio, there are also kitchen appliances such as mixers and ovens. The makeup artist will wear an apron and use the mixer to beat the ingredients for the headgear.

How to Become a Special Effects Makeup Artist

  A special effects makeup artist must be a generalist. First of all, you must have unrestrained imagination and careful observation. Good creativity is the first step to a successful makeup look. The second is to have superb skills, including certain art skills, to be able to draw ideas, sculpt designs, and color makeup; have certain chemical knowledge, understand the characteristics and differences of different prosthesis materials, and understand each You have to know the proportions of all kinds of materials; have a certain medical knowledge, understand the skin, muscles, and bones of the human body, and refer to the real characteristics of the human body when making makeup, so as to make the makeup more realistic; a certain knowledge of physics can also help makeup artists make Some ingenious mechanisms, such as allowing an “alien” to fire lasers from the eyes simply by clenching his fist.

The Bloody Studio of the Special Effects Makeup Master

  Oscar winner Matthew Munger is considered one of the premier special effects makeup artists. He was fascinated by the special effects makeup in movies since he was a child, and taught himself the special effects makeup technique. In high school, when the sci-fi movie “Return to the Planet of the Apes” was released, he encouraged the owner of his home theater to let him disguise himself as a chimpanzee to promote the movie. As a result, his professional makeup made the local residents mistakenly believe that Hollywood sent actors to promote the movie.
  When Munger grew up, he entered Hollywood and created makeup for more than 200 film and television dramas. Walking into his studio, people’s first impression is horror. The ubiquitous skin, organs, and visceral prostheses will make you mistakenly think that you are in a meat stall. There are many actor head models hanging on the wall, and many staring and bleeding headgear appear in the dim light. Terrible, but Munger enjoyed it.

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