The love life of Obama’s eldest daughter Maria

  The sisters are in good health and have been hiking for hours on the outskirts of Los Angeles with nothing but their sports water bottles.
  According to reports, the Obamas now live in eastern Washington, and the couple are still as affectionate as ever, in a 9-bedroom mansion worth $8.1 million (56 million yuan).

  The couple are empty-nesters, and when celebrating their birthdays, only Obama posted a social network to show their love.
  Women’s University is not up to the mother, she doesn’t care about her two daughters, she decides by herself when she goes to college and finds a boyfriend. Both sisters are in Los Angeles.
  Maria was born in 1998 and graduated from Harvard last year. No matter her background or education, she won at the starting line.
  She seems determined to develop an interest in writing and directing. She interned in Hollywood TV during the summer of college and worked as a colleague with Halle Berry on the CBS film crew. After graduating, I found a screenwriter position in Amazon’s new project. This is just a small screenwriter working in a team, and it takes time to become famous.
  The 20-year-old sister, Sasha, originally studied at the University of Michigan and transferred to the University of Southern California, where she lives with her sister in Los Angeles.
  Daily street shooting and playing fashion, a dazzling dress that is incomprehensible.

Sasha and her boyfriend attended the high school prom, the parents of both sides met

  Colorful beads, nail painting, cloth bags are also very colorful.
  The boyfriends of the sisters also decide for themselves. Sasha once dated an African-American boyfriend who attended a high school prom together before breaking up.
  Maria’s boyfriend is her Harvard classmate, dating for 5 years.
  Before the sisters were adults, the Obamas were famously strict tutors. Maria, who spent her adolescence in the White House, has always had a luxurious circle of friends. This is when the sisters met Justin Bieber who went to the show.

  Chat with American TV stars at a state dinner in the United States.
  Maria has been photographed skiing and drinking champagne in Aspen with friends, gathering almost all American celebrities.

  I’m used to seeing celebrities and rich people, but Maria’s social style is all family members. She has never “posted” her friends, and she has never changed her boyfriend with a revolving light. It may be related to her parents being super rational.
  When Maria went out to have a party, she had to tell how many times to end the party and go home immediately after the party.

  She only got her first mobile phone when she was 14 years old, but the Obamas will always be there to care and ask their daughter, “Who are you talking to? Are you talking about studying?”
  Michelle warned all girls to be more straightforward. Once you study hard, you can’t fall in love early! The reasoning is very convincing. If I didn’t care about my studies in middle school and just wanted to dress up and attract boys, I wouldn’t be able to marry the president!
  Be yourself first, then find a boyfriend. This is Michelle’s teaching; Obama’s advice is: “Don’t be fooled by the boy’s appearance, don’t be fooled by others, follow your own personality and heart!”
  Since Maria entered college, the Obamas have The whip is too long, and can no longer be controlled. However, it seems that earnestly taught me down.
  They taught their daughters not to be a “appearance party”. Looking at the heart, the frontal photo of Maria’s boyfriend doesn’t seem as good as she imagined.
  The height of the boyfriend is 1.85 meters, and the feeling of the figure from a distance is much better.

  After all, this little brother has a good life without looking at his face. His name is Roy, he is a rich second-generation British, born in a noble family, and has a lot of ties to the royal family.
  His father graduated from the Law Department of Cambridge University, is the CEO of an investment fund in London, and his mother is an accountant; his uncle has a knighthood; his uncle worked as a housekeeper’s assistant to the Queen, and is now the personal assistant of Prince Charles.

Roy childhood photos

  The middle school is Rugby School. This aristocratic school is second only to Harrow School and Eton School. The annual tuition fee is about 280,000 yuan.

  The students who enter Harvard are full of rich people. This man is not only a good family, but he is also very good. According to the middle school alumni, Roy is the student representative. This position is responsible for the communication between teachers and students.
  He is also a member of the school’s chemical club, has represented the school in golf tournaments, and is also good at rugby, having attended the opening ceremony of the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

  Look at the hairstyle so flying, you know there is personality. Ronaldinho once wrote a letter to his 16-year-old self and posted it in the school magazine: You are sometimes too confident and eager to prove yourself, and the result may fall miserably. Also, please get your hair trimmed, although your brain is okay, but big mops don’t appeal to girls.

  His tone and emotional intelligence are very mature, and his self-confidence looks so youthful. Who doesn’t love such a young man, he is quite a woman in middle school.
  The little brother is really unusual. As soon as he entered Harvard, he dated Obama’s daughter. He was the same age as Mary, and they both went in and out together.
  Obama once said that during the severe epidemic, Maria’s boyfriend was quarantined together at his house, and he could only pretend he didn’t see anything, and the tabloids commented that he was “so cool”.
  Maria had also met Roy’s parents over a leisurely lunch at a California restaurant.
  The 5-year relationship has been very warm. Although both of them have youthful rebellious behavior, they have not gone astray.
  Roy has a high emotional intelligence, acts very low-key, and has a bright future.
  His Twitter and social accounts disappeared after his intimate photos with Maria were revealed, and his private affairs have not been revealed for five years. Some sources have revealed that Roy’s social media accounts are linked to those of several banks, indicating his interest in banking.

  He previously tweeted that he wanted to be a father in finance. According to reports, he is currently running in the United Kingdom and the United States, and is likely to inherit a financial career.
  Maria, who was working alone in Los Angeles after graduation, was photographed getting close to an African-American youth at a party. It is hard to say whether the British boyfriend of 5 years can continue.

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