The sweetest substance in the world

The prototype is the pesticide sucralose

  In 1975, British researchers tried to make pesticides from sucrose and a highly toxic chemical, and after a series of complex chemical reactions produced pesticide samples. The researcher told a student to test the sample, but the student listened to the “test” as a “taste” and actually put the sample in his mouth, and found that the “insecticide” was a mess.
  This oolong also led researchers to find that this substance is useless as a pesticide, but it is very suitable for use as a sweetener, so they named it “sucralose”. After that, a sugar company processed and packaged sucralose to produce the artificial sweetener “Shanpintang”. It was born by mistake from a pesticide and became the best-selling artificial sweetener in the United States when it hit the market.
Soma sweet from the world’s sweetest plant

  In the jungles of West Africa, there is an inconspicuous fruit that grows close to the soil surface, covered with dirt and dead leaves, and it is difficult to spot it without looking carefully. This fruit is called African arrowroot, and its pulp is less, but it is by far the sweetest natural substance known to man. Its sweetness lingers in the mouth for up to half an hour, accompanied by a licorice-like aroma, thanks to a protein in the pulp called soma. Because it can produce a long-lasting sweet taste and does not cause blood sugar to rise after eating, soma sweet extracted from African arrowroot is added to imported gum, beverages and ice cream in some countries.

Neotame that does not cause tooth decay

  Neotame is an artificial sweetener invented by French scientists. It tastes very similar to sucrose and has a very high sweetness. It only needs to add a little to food to produce a strong sweetness. Compared with other artificial sweeteners, it is safer – the added amount is very small, and it does not generate too many calories; it is very easy to absorb and can be quickly metabolized by the body; it does not cause tooth decay and blood sugar fluctuates and therefore also acts as a sweetener in health foods. Currently, Neotame has been approved for use in more than 1,000 products in more than 100 countries.
The sweetest food sweetener, Advan sweet

  A Japanese food company used traditional artificial sweeteners and flavors extracted from wood to produce Advan sweet in 2008. It was approved to be added to food in 2014 and is by far the sweetest food. sweetener. It produces toxic methanol as it passes through the human gut, but is considered safe because it is used in very small doses.
The king of sweetness Lyon sugar guanidine

  In 1996, researchers at the University of Lyon in France synthesized a chemical called Lyon sugar guanidine. Its unique molecular structure can better bind to receptor proteins on the taste buds of the tongue, and the resulting sweetness is estimated to be 220,000 to 300,000 times that of sucrose, making it the sweetest known substance in the world so far. Its toxicity has not been established, so it has not been approved for use in food. But it is estimated that you only need to taste half a spoonful of this sweet substance, and you will never want to eat sugar again.

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