Hope can’t be cut

At noon one day
  three years ago, I saw a patient, 17-year-old Martha, who was on the brink of life and death.
  She had an osteoma in her left pelvis. I told her: “Your condition is not optimistic. If you don’t have surgery to remove it, then you will only die; if you have surgery to remove your left leg and part of your pelvis, then you will only have a 5% survival rate.”
  Tears in Martha Beauty Her eyes rolled, and after a moment of silence, she stared into my eyes and said, “Okay, I’ll have the surgery.”
  On the third day, Martha went through the hospitalization procedures. I sent her to the ward and told her, “I will perform an operation for you at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning. After 12 o’clock tonight, you can’t eat or drink any more.” After that, I wrote a piece of paper that read “Osteoma, remove it. Left leg and half pelvis” was tucked into the remarks column at the head of the bed.
  Martha glanced at the card and asked me, “Have you removed half of your pelvis? Does it hurt?”
  ”During the operation, you will spend your time in deep sleep, and when you wake up, you may experience some pain.” I answered cautiously, for fear affect her mood.
  ”I know it will hurt. But I trust you, doctor.” Martha said with a smile, as if to comfort me, the doctor.
  At 6 o’clock the next morning, Martha was on the operating table. After the anesthesia took effect, I started the operation with the help of several assistants. The surgery to remove the left leg and pelvis was difficult. During the operation, we also had to discuss how many leg nerves to keep, which part needs to be folded when the incision is sutured, which part must be removed, and when to give her blood transfusion, and other key issues.
  After nearly ten hours , the operation was finally completed successfully. The incision on her body was covered with layers of white gauze. I wondered in my heart whether Martha could accept such a cruel reality after waking up? Disillusionment affects treatment.
  That night, Martha woke up from anesthesia. The severe pain at the incision made her moan non-stop. I gave her a painkiller and she fell asleep.
  The next day, she developed a high fever, which is usually a normal response after surgery. I watched her very unstable situation closely. And she was suffering from pain. Always thank me with a grateful face.
  On the 9th day after the operation, it was the day when Martha had her stitches removed. We all came to her bed that day. When the nurse removed the gauze layer by layer, I held my breath nervously. I know, the fact that the thick gauze covers up, I am very worried about how Martha will react when she faces the reality?
  Finally, the nurse took off the last gauze, Martha lost her left leg, and her left abdomen was dug up Empty, leaving only a deep and long suture incision.
  Martha struggled to sit up, her eyes focused on the empty white sheet next to her slender right leg. Obviously, she was sad. But after she was silent for a moment, she raised her head and said “thank you” to us, at the same time, a calm smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.
  That was the most beautiful smiling face I have ever seen in my life. But I don’t understand, how can Martha laugh under the cruel fate of losing her left leg and never being able to have children again?
  The morning after the stitches were removed, when I hurried to Martha with the medical records The ward of the hospital unexpectedly saw her in the corridor of the inpatient department. At that time, she was practicing walking carefully with two crutches, and she looked up to see me, with a big smile: “Hi! Hello, Dr. Bren.”
  ”You look good!” I responded.
  ”Yes!” she continued slowly moving towards me, “I asked the nurse to do my makeup and hairdo this morning, is it pretty?”
  Martha exclaimed. A string of silver bell-like laughter: “Dr. Bren, is it time for an examination? Let’s go back to the ward!”
  I escorted her back to the ward. Along the way, I kept speculating to myself what kind of power it was. , making Martha so optimistic? Eventually, I couldn’t help but ask her.
  Martha said with a smile in her eyes, “If you were a multi-millionaire, how would you feel when you lost $100?”
  I thought about it and said, “Maybe I have some regrets!”
  ”Yeah, that’s all I have!”
  I had an epiphany in an instant. The scalpel cut off one of Martha’s legs, but in her spiritual world, there is more wealth to support her happy life, that is, hope for the future and optimistic self-confidence…

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