The only way for a suffering nation

  The 2021 global economic data came out, and I was surprised by the country with the second highest GDP per capita.
  The first per capita GDP is Luxembourg, which is 125,900 US dollars, and the second is a very special country, Ireland, whose per capita GDP is 90,500 US dollars. In third place was Switzerland, at $90,400.
  If population figures are considered, Ireland should be number one among the “small countries”. Luxembourg is so small that its name is even titled “Grand Duchy”, and with a population of only 630,000, it can only be considered a “miniature country”. Moreover, Luxembourg is a complete financial haven, with no other pillar industries except the financial industry. Therefore, its ranking has little reference value for other countries.
  Although Ireland is a small country, it has a population of 5 million. The most important thing is that it has a developed IT industry. Therefore, its rise can provide more references for other countries.
  The Irish nation is a nation that has suffered a lot. In the 1840s, Ireland’s population had reached more than 8 million – today, with economic development and technological development, it is only 5 million, which shows that the population at that time was huge. One reason for the population expansion is that the introduction of the super-yielding crop from the Americas, the potato, solved the food ration problem and stimulated population growth.
  In addition, in the eyes of some Irish people, the United Kingdom at that time always regarded Ireland as a “colonial”, not our race, so they deliberately induced Ireland to only plant high-yield potatoes in order to make Ireland a cheap ration base for the British.
  Excessive single crops also mean a high risk of food security, especially when potatoes encounter diseases and insect pests, they will burn even the entire camp, and potatoes across the country will suffer. In 1845, shortly after the Opium War, there was a widespread failure of the potato harvest in Ireland, and a food crisis broke out. From 1845 to 1849, more than 1 million people in Ireland starved to death, and more than 1 million people fled Ireland, mainly to the United States. For example, Kennedy and Biden were both Irish-born American presidents.
Obviously, Ireland’s rise has little to do with its “national endowment”, it is openness that made the country.

  To a certain extent, the suffering of the nation lies in the harsh natural conditions. The ancestors of the Irish are the Celts among the white Europeans. Now, Ireland, which is economically rising, is also called the “Celtic tiger” by outsiders. There was a long war between the Celts and another large white group, the Anglo-Saxons, the ancestors of the English, and the Celts were gradually defeated, and finally they could only choose parts of Scotland and Ireland as settlements.
  The British Isles are by no means a fertile land in the sense of natural conditions, and the northern and more marginal areas inhabited by the Celts, for tens of millions of years, have been eroded by glaciers during the Great Ice Age for a long time, and are even more bitter and cold. . In fact, Ireland chose to focus its crops on potatoes in part because the land was too poor to rely on the potato, a tough crop.
  Obviously, Ireland’s rise has little to do with its “national endowment”, it is openness that made the country. Several conditions in this regard, Ireland has all. One is language. Ireland is an English-speaking country, and the Irish language has long since declined. The second is currency, Ireland joined the euro zone.
  Putting the above two together, Ireland is the only English-speaking country that uses the euro. Such special conditions make it a natural bridge between Europe and North America. This advantage has become even more attractive after Brexit. In addition to London, Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, is already the largest investment concentration of Silicon Valley Internet companies in Europe.
  Another thing that makes openness work its magic is the low tax rate. Currently, the minimum corporate tax rate in Ireland is 12.5% ​​and for large companies it is 15%. Compared with other developed countries, it is already very low and attractive.
  For many small countries in the world, there is no domestic market, no resources, or even enough arable land to meet the needs of basic food rations. Therefore, only by opening up this road can these countries move from scarcity and suffering to prosperity and happiness.
  Unfortunately, not all small countries do this.

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