Friendship all way long

  In recent years, I have become more and more willing to read simple and honest stories that touch the heart. Charlotte’s story of “this ordinary gray spider” helping “falling pig” Wilbur out of bad luck (“Charlotte’s Web” [American] E.B. White) has been popular for more than 50 years. favorite. Fully feel the charm of the narrative art of classic children’s literature works.
  This is a story about friendship. Everyone needs friendship in life, strong and weak. When Wilbur the pig was the most lonely and helpless, Charlotte, the grey spider hanging in the corner of the barn, took the initiative to say, “I can be your friend. I have been observing you all day, and I like you.” In front of the worldly Wilbur, he made no secret of his way of catching and devouring small insects, which made the kind-hearted pig feel conflicted: “I finally have a new friend, I can’t go wrong. But what a risk this friendship is! Charlotte is fierce , cruel, cunning, bloodthirsty, nothing to my liking.” It felt “questioned and fearful.” And I believe this is a good start. In the beginning of the relationship, if you accept the other party’s hot fight or only show the other party’s good side, the friendship will not last long.
  Capable and world-conscious, Charlotte dominates their friendship. When Wilbur “loved Charlotte more and more every day”, his trust and reliance on Charlotte also increased day by day. Whenever the two of them get along alone, the author’s brushstrokes are tender and radiant with touching luster.
  In the night, Wilbur worried about his fate, and Charlotte consoled it.
  ”It closed its eyes, but then it opened its mouth again. ‘Charlotte, can you hear me?’ it asked. ‘Yes, Wilbur, what’s the matter?’ ‘Can I go out to eat?’ Go to the trough and see if I’ve got a little dinner left? I think I’ve got a little mashed potatoes left.”Very well,’ said Charlotte, ‘but I want you to go back to bed right away.’ Wilbur hurried Get up and run up to his pens outside. ‘Run slowly, run slowly!’ said Charlotte. ‘Never rush, never worry!’ Wilbur stopped, and walked slowly to Its trough. It found a little potato, chewed it carefully, swallowed it, and went back to sleep. It closed its eyes and was silent for a while, ‘Charlotte?’ it whispered again. ‘What is it?” Can I have a sip of milk? I think I still have a few drops left in my trough.”No, the trough is dry, I want you to sleep. Stop talking! Close your eyes and get a good night’s sleep ‘Wilbur closed his eyes. ‘Good night, Charlotte!’ said Wilbur. ‘Good night, Wilbur!’ After a moment of silence, ‘Good night, Charlotte!”Good night, Wilbur!”Good night !”Good night!'”
  Please forgive me for quoting this original text without regard to the length of the article. I can’t compress the dialogue between the two friends into a dry summary. In the trivial requests, answers, and comforts, the friendship seems to nourish the heart bit by bit. I imagined that Mr. White was also in one night, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, writing these ordinary but warm and welcoming words, the irritability and anxiety in the sound of “good night” disappeared, the earth returned to silence, and life returned to peace.
  When Wilbur heard that he was going to be slaughtered before Christmas, screaming and moaning in fear and sadness, Charlotte said, “I won’t die,” “I’ll save you.” Charlotte said in a “light” tone With a great commitment, it takes the life of a friend in its hands, and it puts the heaviest burden on its own shoulders. No one asked Charlotte to do this, and the other insiders in the warehouse watched on the sidelines. But Charlotte knew that friendship wasn’t just a happy face or a chat.
  It is not easy to compete with people with the power of spiders.
  ”Day after day, the spider turned head down, waiting for a good idea to come to its head. Hour after hour, it sat there motionless, brooding. After promising Wilbur to save its life, the spider decided Do what you say and never break your word.”
  Charlotte understood that the promise was for Wilbur and for herself.
  Friendship develops wonderful power in the process of struggling with adversity, and clever Charlotte comes up with a good idea. It worked hard in the dead of night, weaving words such as “ace pig”, “amazing”, “glorious” and “humility” on the spider’s web four times. A famous pig, and finally won a special prize in the competition of the county fair.
  When you’re done, Charlotte tells Wilbur calmly, “Your future is guaranteed. You’re going to live and be safe, and nothing can hurt you now.” The endings of the fairy tales are all the same: “The curse is lifted, the bad luck is over, and the protagonist lives a happy life. But the author Mr. White doesn’t think so. He wants to explore the true meaning of a happy life, and he wants to endow friendship with richer connotations.
  After Wilbur won the award, he asked a question he had long wanted to ask: “Why are you doing all this for me? I don’t deserve it. I haven’t done anything for you. “I’ve wanted to ask this question for a long time. Secular people are accustomed to reciprocal exchanges.
  ”You’ve always been my friend,” Charlotte replied. “It’s a remarkable thing in itself.” I make nets for you because I like you. Besides, what is life? We are born, we live a while, and we die. It’s pointless for a spider to spend its entire life catching and eating flies. By helping you, maybe I can add a little value to my life. Everyone knows that there is something meaningful to do in life. ”
  Charlotte is not a philosophical full of knowledge, but his thoughts on the meaning of life and its value orientation shocked our humble hearts.
  You can start to understand Charlotte’s mental trajectory from the beginning. This spider weaving a web in the barn was not satisfied with his living state before he met Wilbur, and was looking forward to something other than preying on insects and eating and drinking. Charlotte chose friendship. Helping the poor little pig is a fun opportunity to “teasing” people who are not as “smart” as insects, bringing spiritual fulfillment and joy to Charlotte. When saving the piglets becomes the collective action of the animals living in the barn, Charlotte gets another taste of being a leader. The important moment to decide the fate of the piglet comes, and Charlotte, regardless of her tired body about to lay eggs, accompanies Wilbur to the market just because “it may need me”. To be a person needed by others is a self-expectation and the final reward for life. When Charlotte changed Wilbur’s fate, she also changed herself. When Charlotte was “exhausted”, her mood was calm and happy, “he was convinced that he had saved Wilbur’s life, and felt at peace and contented”. It responds to the desire from the heart with perfect actions: “do something meaningful”, it completes an important transformation in its life course, from an ordinary spider to Wilbur “so affectionate, so loyal, so kind A friend of the”.
  Now it was time to talk about Wilbur, who was on the other side of the friendship. Wilbur was a weak man from birth, kind and docile by nature, and he was at ease with everything. It was his greatest fortune to have a friend like Charlotte, and he happily enjoyed the gift of friendship. He sighed “good luck little pig”, and was delighted to find that friendship made the little pig grow up.
  In the pig’s life, eating well, sleeping well, and playing well is everything. When Charlotte was trying to save her life, weaving beautiful and noble words on the cobwebs, the little pig also tried to make her performance match Charlotte’s evaluation. Gradually it really emerged into a different “excellent pig”. This makes us realize how important it is to watch and look sincerely in our lives. In particular, the attention and earnest eyes of friends can help you get rid of inferiority and cowardice, incompetence and mediocrity, and stand out from the crowd, “glorious”.
  In the end, Wilbur also earned our respect. Charlotte is about to die, and Wilbur turns to Templeton the mouse for help to secure Charlotte’s offspring, an egg bag containing 514 eggs. It “solemnly promises”: “From now on, when Levy feeds me, I will let you eat first. I will let you eat whatever you like in the trough, and I will never eat until you have enough. Don’t touch the food”. It’s not easy to get gluttonous pigs to make such a commitment, but Wilbur has drawn strength and faith from friendship by this time. This strength is strong enough to resist all kinds of greed, and this belief is full of the sanctity of others: “Charlotte, I am happy to give my life for you – I really do”.
  After reading this story, I seem to have rediscovered friendship. It’s an amazing feeling. I enjoy this feeling.

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