Beast Boy, I help the jaguar feed four cubs

   The jaguar is known to be larger in size and ranks third among cats after African lions and Asian tigers. But when it comes to hunting power, the average adult jaguar has an amazing bite force of more than 600 kilograms, far exceeding that of African lions and Asian tigers. Even a crocodile can be bitten to pieces by a jaguar.
  In 2019, a young Mexican named Roger entered the virgin jungle. When he rescued the troubled leopard, he even disregarded the danger of his life and sent the mother leopard’s children to feed him in front of him. After Roger shared this wonderful relationship with the jaguar on Instagram, he immediately became an internet celebrity!    Roger
was a staunch animal protector during his school days, so after graduating from college, he gave up his stable civil servant job and volunteered to work in animal protection in the Madre Mountains in southern Mexico.    Unwilling to be lonely, Roger is unwilling to stay only in the office of the Institute of Zoology. He often invites his companions to explore the jungle areas in order to better study the habits of some rare wild animals.    In the summer of 2019, Roger and two other colleagues once again entered the virgin jungle in the hinterland of the Sierra Madre. They had walked for a long distance, and when they entered a wood that covered the sky, they suddenly heard the howl of a wild beast. Everyone couldn’t help but get nervous, because judging from the sound, it most likely belonged to some kind of large carnivorous beast.    Although they are not hunters, carnivorous beasts, when they are desperately hungry, will greedily see people as their food to fill their stomachs.    Roger and his two companions searched carefully in the woods to find out what kind of beast was making the sound. Under a big tree overgrown with weeds, the sharp-eyed Roger first noticed the situation. He reminded his two companions: “Look, there is a leopard lying there!”    At the same time, the leopard in the grass also noticed After Roger and his party, it stood up and let out a few roars majestically. The terrifying voice frightened the three of Rogers, and everyone involuntarily took a dozen steps back.

   However, what surprised the three of them was that although the jaguar in front of them opened their bloody mouths, they just kept howling, but they never made any moves to pounce on them. After the three people who were still in shock barely stabilized their bodies, they opened their eyes and took a closer look, and finally put the hanging heart back into their stomachs.
   I saw that the two hind legs of this huge adult jaguar were firmly clamped by the beast steel clips, so they could not move. And the harder it struggled, the tighter the clamp’s mechanism became, and it even caught blood dripping from its hind legs.
   When Roger and the other three saw this situation, they approached the leopard carefully again, and then observed it up close. The experienced Roger saw the shape of the steel clip and found that it belonged to a clip used by hunters many years ago. In order to protect wild animals, this clip has long been banned by the government department. This poor jaguar is unfortunately unfortunate. Stepped on this mechanism.
   The restless jaguar gave a dull roar and occasionally raised its front legs in a biting gesture, but because its hind legs were bound, it couldn’t jump at all.
   As the jaguar straightened up, Roger observed that its breasts were bulging, and the nipples were still slightly oozing milk. Seeing this situation, Roger immediately thought of a question: it seems that this jaguar is breastfeeding, but it is tightly bound here, so how can the cubs in its family get milk?
   Seeing a large amount of blood oozing from the clipped part of the jaguar’s hind legs, Roger could infer that the beast in front of him had been clipped for at least a day and a night. If the cubs are not allowed to drink milk, those cubs may starve to death. Conversely, if there is no way to open the steel clips on the jaguar’s hind legs, it will eventually die of exhaustion here.
   When Roger told his two companions, everyone was shocked by his appalling thought: “Although we advocate animal protection, we can’t make fun of our own lives! The jaguar is the most ferocious beast in the jungle. One, if it is really released now, who can guarantee that it will not hurt us?”
   Seeing that Roger insisted on going over to open the steel clip, the two companions were too frightened to stay any longer, so they left Roger behind. Escaped.
   Seeing the disappearance of the two cowards, Roger snorted mockingly. However, when he tried to get closer to the female leopard in front of him, the other party was not friendly. Its eyes were wide open, revealing two fierce lights, and a mouth full of fangs and sharp teeth spurted out hot air, it seemed As long as Roger gets within range, the jaguar will surely tear him to shreds alive.
   Seeing this, Roger took a deep breath and had to stop moving forward, but if he just left without asking, wouldn’t it mean that the female leopard and her children would starve to death?
   Roger stood in the same place, and after thinking for a while, suddenly his eyes lit up: Yes, since we can’t save this adult female leopard immediately, we can send its children here, at least not let it go. The children are starving!
   Roger made up his mind and started looking for a jaguar’s den in the jungle. But it’s easy to think of and it’s very difficult to do. In the vast forest, where can you find it!
  According to past experience, jaguar dens are often selected in caves halfway up the mountain. So Roger went as far as he could along the mountainside. Just above a moss-covered rock, he found the traces left by the jaguar’s claws, so he searched all the way according to these deep or shallow traces, and finally found a natural stone in a place covered by bushes halfway up the mountain. Hole.    Roger
‘s heart hangs in his throat, and his body trembles.
Because he suddenly thought of a terrible problem. If this cave is not the female leopard’s, but there are other carnivorous beasts hidden in it, then the consequences will be disastrous.
   After hesitating for a long time at the entrance of the cave, Roger took a deep breath and simply gritted his teeth and went into the cave. With the help of the weak light through the cracks in the rock, Roger held his breath and opened his eyes to search hard, and finally saw a few furry little guys on the ground paved with grass. At that moment, Roger’s heart was so excited that it almost jumped out of his chest. One, two… Good guy, there are four full leopard cubs lying there and sleeping.
   Roger took off his coat and pocketed all the four cubs. Although they have only been born for more than a week, they add up to a considerable weight. Fortunately, Roger is a young man with a lot of energy and strength, so he carried these cubs out of the cave and headed all the way in the direction of the mother leopard. walk over.
   The cubs were confused as to what was going on, but since they had never seen their mother, the hungry little ones groaned and hunched over Roger’s back. Roger had no choice but to comfort him as he walked: “Little guys, don’t worry, I’ll see your mother in a while, and you’ll have enough to eat!”

   When Roger was sweating from exhaustion, he also arrived under the tree near the female leopard. The mother leopard had obviously smelled the cub’s scent long ago, and regardless of the pain in her two injured legs, she stood up again and let out a roar.
   Seeing this situation, Roger had to put down the cubs and said kindly to the mother leopard: “Don’t get me wrong, I brought your cubs, if they can’t get milk, they will really starve. ”
   Fortunately, the four cubs have been fed milk for more than a week, and have the strength to get up and slowly learn to walk. So without Roger picking them up one by one, the four cubs came to their mother’s side. Strange to say, the female leopard immediately changed into a docile and docile appearance when she saw her children, sticking out her tongue to lick them one by one. Seeing that the children were safe and sound, the female leopard immediately lay on her side on the grass and fed her children.
   Roger did not feel relieved when he saw the jaguar mother and child reunited, because if the mother leopard’s hind legs were stuck here, it would still die in a few days. If the mother leopard died, its children would also die. Difficult to survive.
   No matter what, he had to untie the steel clip on the legs of the female leopard and let it be completely free. But how to make the female leopard believe in herself?
   That night, Roger didn’t go back, and set up a simple tent not far from the female leopard. And when Roger did these things, the mother leopard kept staring at him. Although she no longer yelled at Roger, she just refused to let Roger get close to it and the cubs. At night, Roger, lying in his clothes, would occasionally hear the heavy snoring of the mother leopard and the moaning of the cubs.
   The whole night passed, and when it was bright, Roger began to eat dry food and drink water. After his physical strength recovered, he saw that the female leopard had also woken up, but her swollen breasts had shriveled a lot, and her spirits were far from what it was yesterday. Obviously, the female leopard had not been able to eat, and her physical strength had begun to run out.
   In order to gain the trust of the female leopard, Roger decided to get some food for her first. Fortunately, there are more animals here, so it didn’t take much effort to hit a fat rabbit.
   Roger carried the rabbit back to the big tree where the jaguar mother and child stayed. At this moment, the starving female leopard kept staring at the rabbit in Roger’s hand.
   Roger smiled and put the rabbit where the mother leopard could reach: “Man, eat it, the prey you just caught is very fresh, and you will have milk to feed the children when you are full!” Even so, this head The jaguar, who is highly vigilant to humans, still resisted the huge temptation to the food, wriggled its mouth a few times, then turned its head away and stopped looking at the rabbit in front of it.
   Roger looked at the wound on the female leopard’s hind leg at this time, and couldn’t help but be surprised. Because the rust on the steel clip has penetrated into its flesh, the wound has been festered, and the infection will continue to worsen if no medicine is used to reduce the inflammation. Seeing this, Roger resolutely comforted the mother leopard: “Your wound has been infected by bacteria, and it must be anti-inflammatory and bandaged, otherwise your legs will not be saved. You wait here with the children, I will go back to get medicine and gauze! ”
  Roger returned to the residence as quickly as possible, not only brought anti-inflammatory powder and gauze, but also brought a large piece of fresh beef to the female leopard. When Roger finally found the place, he was surprised to find that the female leopard had eaten the rabbit.
  The miracle of love, the bestiality is against the sky.
   Because of the contact with the female leopard several times, the female leopard felt that Roger was not malicious, so when Roger threw it the beef, the female leopard simply no longer hesitated and devoured it.
   The fully fed female leopard obviously recovered a lot of physical strength. While feeding the children, it looked at Roger, but its eyes were no longer so fierce and there was no hostility. After the mother leopard’s children were full, they ran away from their mother and ran to Roger, using their immature bodies to play with Roger. The mother leopard stood up and stared at it at first. Later, when she saw that Roger and the four cubs were playing more and more closely, the mother leopard lay down quietly and continued to rest.
   When the four cubs had played enough and returned to their mother, Roger clapped the medicine box in his hand and tried to persuade the mother leopard: “Man, I know you are a loving mother, and you like it very much. Four children, but the wound on your leg is very infected. If you don’t get medicine and bandage, I’m afraid it won’t save. If you don’t have two legs, you will die sooner or later, then what should your children do? Ah, are you willing to leave them alone…”
   In order to make the female leopard understand what he meant, Roger even said with a picture. After some tossing, maybe the female leopard understood the general meaning and became much gentler.
   Seeing that the opportunity was rare, Roger gathered up his courage and leaned over a little bit. He held his breath, one step, two steps… When Roger entered the attack range of the female leopard, his hair was so nervous that his roots stood on end. You must know that if the mother leopard opens her mouth at this time, she will be doomed. Fortunately, the female leopard had been lying on the ground quietly, and her body did not move at all, so that Roger finally came to the steel clip that clamped the two hind legs of the female leopard.
   Through careful observation, Roger saw that part of the steel clip had been embedded in the muscles of the hind legs due to the struggle of the female leopard. If you want to fully open the steel clip, the female leopard has to endure severe pain. If the female leopard is so dazed by the pain, can she kill herself with grace and revenge! The more Roger thought about it, the more frightened it became, but in order for the jaguar and its cubs to survive, there was only one risk left.
   Thinking of this, Roger took out the tools he was carrying, and began to try to crack the mechanism on the steel clip. Roger has been in contact with this kind of trap in the past, so he is no stranger to it. After a lot of effort, the mechanism was finally opened.
   The last step is to take out some of the clips embedded in the muscles of the female leopard’s hind legs, but can this jaguar, which is naturally a ferocious beast, have the patience to endure the bone-piercing pain?
   At this moment, the four leopard cubs who were about to get acquainted with Roger came to play with Roger again. After playing with them for a while, Roger stroked the female leopard’s body and comforted: “Man, it’s almost a little bit now, as long as I help you take out the clip embedded in the flesh, you will be completely free, but You have to hold back the pain, okay? For the sake of the four lovely babies, I really want you to be a strong mother!”
   When Roger chattered, the mother leopard remained silent, and finally it seemed to agree with Roger’s Like a suggestion, lie down on the ground with the whole body, only the two hind legs are exposed. Seeing this, Roger simply slammed his heart down, and with both hands he broke out the steel clips embedded in the female leopard’s hind legs.
   It was too late to say it, and at the moment when the steel clip and the flesh were separated, the female leopard jumped up two or three meters from the spot with a painful “Ow–“, and then fell heavily. But the terrible scene that worried Roger didn’t happen, because the mother leopard’s bloody mouth was just wheezing and panting, and she never meant to bite Roger.
   When the female leopard calmed down, Roger opened the medicine box and took out the anti-inflammatory powder, and began to apply medicine to the wounds of its two hind legs. The female leopard turned her head sideways and kept looking at Roger with her big eyes, her eyes full of gratitude and friendliness. After Roger finished applying the powder, he gently wrapped the female leopard with gauze, and said with a smile, “Man, this little injury is nothing to your strong mother, so it won’t take a few days for your wound to disappear. It’ll heal.”
   When Roger was done with the wound, the mother leopard got up and moved. Perhaps because of the magical effect of the drug, the female leopard was able to try to run slowly and limping after a few laps. It came to Roger’s side and touched Roger’s arm and neck. Although the hot air from the mother leopard’s mouth was sprayed in groups, Roger was not afraid of it, because he knew that touching the other’s body gently was a sign of the beast’s gratitude to the other party.
   The mother leopard and Roger stayed together for more than an hour before leading her four children to leave the place and reluctantly walked into the depths of the jungle. Roger waved goodbye with tears in his eyes: “Man, take care of yourself in the future, I hope we will meet again!”

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