Friendship behind the glass

   On the huge back-shaped building, countless glass is reflecting the dazzling light. This is a well-known software company in India, and Ketil Loy is a small staff member of this company. When he was bored or idle, Roy always took advantage of his window position to look to the other side of the pavilion, and to see the expressions of people in other departments at work.
   This day, Roy was troubled by a task. When she was puzzled, she looked out the window again and thought hard. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of an elegant and quiet girl sitting one level lower than her—she just happened to be looking towards Roy. The eyes of the two met, and the girl showed a friendly smile. Her smile was clean and bright, which moved Roy. Roy laughed too, but her smile was filled with a bit of regret that the work wasn’t done. “Who is this girl? How come I never noticed it before.” Roy thought to himself.
   She turned her head and progressed the work in part. When she stretched her waist and looked out the window again, her eyes unconsciously glanced at the girl opposite. The girl’s eyes were already ready to be there. She raised a large white paper in her hand and pressed it against the window. Roy took a closer look and read, “My name is Harlan, what is your name?”
   What an interesting little girl! Roy smiled, and also tore off a piece of white paper and wrote his name in return for Harlan to see. In order for the other party to see clearly, they could only write large words and do simple questions and answers each time, but the two soon fell in love with this secret communication and enjoyed it.
   “Are you busy?” Lowy wrote.
   “No,” Harlan wrote. Her smile was shy and reserved, and somewhat shy.
   “Nice,” Lowy wrote, turning the paper
   over. “I work a lot.” “Take your time,” Harlan encouraged her.
   Lowe also draws on paper sometimes, such as after her boss comes over and accuses her of not doing her job properly. She knew that Harlan was looking at it, so she drew a big grimace on the paper and marked it next to it: “Monster”. Whenever this time, the two of them giggled in unison, as if the other was by their side.
   Once Lowy wrote on a piece of paper, “Can you come and find me?” Harlan thought for a moment, then shook his head.
   “We’re friends, aren’t we?” Lowy wrote.
   “Sorry, I can’t get away,” Harlan replied.
   “She must be busy too,” Roy thought, shrugging.
   In fact, sometimes Roy doesn’t think Harlan is very busy. When she looked at Harlan, Harlan was either ready to meet her gaze, or she lowered her head as if reading a book. The glass projection made Roy’s vision not so complete, so she couldn’t understand the arrangement and situation around Haran.
   In this way, with the encouragement of Harlan’s book, Roy feels that life is not so boring. She was fortunate that she was leaning against the window to have such a good sister who had never met but had a good conversation. Roy’s motivation to work also increased, and each task was completed well, and Roy was promoted soon after. After hearing the news of the promotion, the first thing that came to Roy’s mind was Harlan, and she couldn’t wait to write it down on a blank sheet of paper and share it with her.
   “You’re awesome,” Harlan replied.
   But after the promotion, Roy also faced a problem that she didn’t want to face – she was about to be transferred to the office of the design department, and this position where she could communicate with Harlan through the window, she could only regretfully give up. The day before moving out, Roy came to the office early and waited for Harlan by the window to say goodbye to her. But I don’t know if Harlan also expected this result in advance, and it never appeared.
   “I don’t even know which department she is in,” Roy thought
   . Work.
   The days passed quickly, and Roy’s work got busier. The creativity required for everyday design work always makes her want to break her head. Until one day, the company received an important design task. In the design of the interactive interface, the design department has not come up with good ideas. Everyone in the design department frowned in those days, including Lowe. When he was bored, Roy could no longer look out the window.
   “If only Harlan was here,” Roy thought to himself.
   Suddenly, Roy had an idea. Isn’t his and Harlan’s “black and white” a good design for an interactive interface?
   She immediately put the idea into practice, designed an interface that combines handwritten fonts and paper forms, and handed it over to the company. After being recommended by the company to the company, this friendly design won the praise of consumers. Lowe himself also won a design award.
   On the day after receiving the award, Roy hurried back to the company and went straight to the floor where Harlan was. “I want to find Miss Harlan from your department,” Roy said excitedly to the supervisor at the door. “Our department doesn’t have Harlan’s name, Ms. Lowe,” the supervisor said. “There is a disabled female worker who sorts the sundries called Harlan, and she’s sitting there.”
  Lowy walked slowly to the window. Harlan was sitting in a wheelchair, all kinds of old newspapers and sundries were neatly packed in front of her, she was so tired that she fell asleep, with a pair of crutches standing beside her. Roy took a sheet out of the waste paper and wrote on it, “You are the best.” Then he held up the white paper and stood next to Harlan with a smile, quietly waiting for her to wake up.

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