Leo Tolstoy’s fairy tales

  Leo Tolstoy’s more than ten years of creative career has left more than ninety volumes of literary heritage for the world. With his well-known novels “War and Peace”, “Anna Karenina” and “Resurrection”, he has added a top writer to the world literary world. In addition, he also left behind a lot of excellent short stories, plays, political theories and so on for future generations. This is almost known, and relatively little known is that Tolstoy was very concerned about the education of the people, he opened a peasant school in Tula, and wrote several language textbooks for peasants and children, all of which came from Folk creations all over the world, these textbooks written after Tolstoy’s processing and rewriting have become the favorite fairy tales and fables of the Russian people.
  The Russian journal “Traveling Companion” published an allegorical fairy tale from Tolstoy in the second volume of “Reading in Russian”. In this fairy tale, what we see in this fairy tale is that Tolstoy is not only the pursuit of moral perfection He is an educator who is full of passion for life. He tells people that they should be passionate about life, they should fight for happiness, and even if they meet with blood and blood, they should not be enterprising and mediocre for the rest of their lives. This story is about two brothers who went out for a long trip together. At noon, the brothers were lying in the forest to rest. When they woke up, they found a stone next to them with a few lines written on it. They were curious to identify what was written. It turned out to be written on it:
  ”Whoever finds this stone, go to the direction of the sunrise and go deep into the village. At that time, a river will flow, you have to swim to the other side, and you will see a female bear with a group of bears. Cub, you have to take the bear cub and go straight to the mountain. When you reach the mountain, you will see a house, and you can find happiness in this house.”
  After the brothers saw the words on the stone, the younger brother said, “Let’s go together. Well, probably cross the river and bring Cubs into that house, and we’ll be happy.”
  But the elder brother said: “I don’t want to go to the forest to catch bear cubs, so I advise you not to go either. First, we don’t know if what is written on the stone is true, it is very likely that what is written on it is a joke, and it is possible that we understand Wrong. Second, if what is written is true, it will get dark when we enter the forest, and we will get lost. Where can we find the river? Besides, even if we find the river, how can we swim across it? Because it says Maybe the river is wide and the water is urgent. Third, even if we cross the river, it is not easy to take the bear cub from the mother bear; We got the bear cub, and we can run into the mountains in one breath? And the most important point is that it is not written what kind of happiness we can get in this house? Maybe the house is not prepared for us at all The happiness we hope for.” The
  younger brother said, “I don’t think so. People won’t write it casually. If we don’t go, someone else will find this stone and find happiness, but we will get nothing and empty hands. Third, we are afraid of the wolf and the tiger will do nothing, and there will be nothing in the world that will make you happy. Fourth, I don’t want others to see me as a timid person.”
  At this time, my brother retorted: “As the saying goes, ‘stealing chickens is not enough to eat rice’, and ‘the cranes flying in the sky are better than the ones you have at your fingertips. Tit’.” The
  younger brother also retorted: “I have heard that ‘If you don’t enter the tiger’s den, you won’t get a tiger’s son’; and ‘A flat stone can’t flow through water; good things don’t wait for anyone, it all depends on determination.’ I see, I should go.” The
  younger brother went, and the older brother stayed.
  As soon as the younger brother entered the woods, he saw a big river, and immediately jumped into the water. After swimming to the opposite bank, he found a female bear, sleeping soundly. The younger brother immediately took the bear cub away and went straight to the mountain, without daring to turn his head. As soon as he reached the mountain, a group of people met him. They also brought him a four-wheeled carriage. After inviting him into the carriage, they drove to a city and immediately embraced him as the king.
  The younger brother ruled this city-state for 5 years, and he was very happy. He could not think that the good times would not last long. In the sixth year, a king who was stronger than him defeated him and invaded the city-state. He was also expelled from the country. Back to my brother.
  At this time, my brother was living a well-off life in the countryside. The two brothers were very happy to meet again after a long absence. They shared their experiences and feelings with each other over the past few years.
  The elder brother said, “I’m not wrong: I have lived a peaceful and good life, and although you became a king, you have suffered a lot.”

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