Why do I sometimes get garbled emails etc.

  Why do I sometimes receive garbled emails? When
  receiving emails, we occasionally find that we receive a bunch of garbled characters, which is because the Chinese operating environment used by the sender and the receiver is inconsistent.
  Chinese e-mails must be encoded before sending, and Chinese characters are encoded into ASCII codes before being sent; the recipient of the mail must be decoded when receiving them, and the ASCII codes will be automatically restored to Chinese characters. If the Chinese operating environment used by the sender and the receiver is different, for example, one side uses the simplified Chinese operating environment and the other uses the traditional Chinese operating environment, the encoding and decoding methods are different, and garbled characters may appear. Usually, when the Chinese operating environment is inconsistent, use the text converter provided by the Chinese operating environment to transcode the email, and then the Chinese that is consistent with the original text can be obtained.
  Why do some blood test items need to be performed on an empty stomach?
  Various tests use different detection methods, and the normal values ​​are also different, and the data of normal values ​​are measured by fasting blood drawn from a large number of normal people. Because the body is relatively in the basal metabolic state when fasting, the influence of factors such as food can be excluded, and the mood is relatively stable, so it can reflect the real situation in the human blood, and can provide valuable proof for the diagnosis of diseases. If a blood test is done after eating, certain components of the food can enter the bloodstream and the results of the test may be inaccurate.
  In the past, there were many items that required fasting blood tests. However, with the modernization of blood testing technology, the way of testing blood has changed, and blood testing items such as liver function and kidney function are gradually not required to be performed on an empty stomach.
  peacocks The peak period for peacocks to open their screens is in March and April every year, which is the breeding season of peacocks. The male peacock with the open screen erected its beautiful tail screen, showing off and strutting, as if to show people its beauty. This action is the result of the stimulation of sex hormones secreted by the animal’s gonads, and the opening of the screen is the performance of male peacock courtship. With the end of the breeding season, this open screen phenomenon will gradually disappear.
  However, in order to defend or warn the enemy, the female peacock and the little peacock also have screen opening actions. It’s just like when a chick is attacked by an eagle, the hen cocks its feathers and flaps its wings to protect the chick. As for the peacocks opening their screens in front of tourists in colorful clothes, it is not “beautiful” with them, but the loud noise of tourists stimulates the peacocks and arouses their vigilance. This opening of the screen is a reactionary action of demonstration and defense.
  Why is gastric juice acidic?
  You must have had the experience of vomiting acid water after eating too much or being cold, and there is a part of gastric juice in the acid water. So, do you know why gastric juice is acidic?
  Gastric juice consists of a mixture secreted by various cells of the gastric glands. The acidity of gastric juice is mainly due to the effect of gastric acid. The main component of gastric acid is hydrochloric acid, which is a very acidic substance. Although the food we usually eat is hygienic, there are still some bacteria mixed in it. Stomach acid kills bacteria that enter the stomach with food, maintaining a sterile state in the stomach and small intestine. Iron and calcium are essential substances for the human body, but they must be well digested and absorbed in an acidic environment. After the stomach acid enters the small intestine, the environment in the small intestine is also acidic, which helps the small intestine to absorb iron and calcium. There is also an important substance in gastric juice called pepsin, which is used to digest proteins. However, pepsin can only work in a highly acidic environment, which requires gastric acid to create a good working environment for it.

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