How to execute efficiently?

  The goal is determined, and the strategy and method are also clear. How to implement it? Here’s how to make sure your goals are accomplished and executed efficiently.
1. Strong executive team

  Special person in charge: the executive team is in charge of the special person;
  team assistance: formulate a team assistance mechanism to complete the goal;
  stable team: have a stable executive team to ensure the effective advancement of the project;
  team building: stimulate the morale, attitude and confidence of the team, and unite the team’s thinking .
2. Effective management mechanism

  Project schedule: there is a clear timetable for completion and progress;
  performance appraisal: there are clear KPI indicators;
  budget clarity: a detailed budget breakdown table;
  reward and punishment system: reward and punishment measures for doing well and not doing well;
  ability Evaluation: Evaluation of the person in charge of the project’s ability to control the project;
  Tracking mechanism: Establish a timely tracking mechanism for the progress of the project;
  Guarantee system: To ensure the establishment of a security system to ensure the completion of the task, escort;
  Tool support: Provide marketing tool support during the implementation process ;
  Training support: Timely training support to assist implementation;
  Resource matching: In order to achieve goals, integrate internal and external resource matching to assist in implementation;
  Performance query: Establish a system that can quickly query the completion status.
3. An open communication platform

  Authorization mechanism: construction of an authorization system that matches efficient execution;
  open communication platform: allows the executor to communicate and solve problems and difficulties in the execution process in a timely manner;
  meeting mechanism: according to the characteristics of the enterprise, morning, weekly and monthly meetings can be held , quarterly meetings, report and discuss around the goals, and solve problems arising in the implementation process;
  efficient communication methods: establish timely and efficient communication methods through telephone, WeChat, email, etc.;
  special communication: establish a regular special communication mechanism.
4. Take responsibility for results

  Result-oriented: focus on results, sales are the completion of performance;
  do a good job in the project: it is not just to do it, but to do it well, not to complete it, and achieving the goal is a good execution;
  achievable goal: to ensure that there are reasonable goals , if the setting is too high, the team will have no confidence, and there will be no execution. It needs to achieve achievable goals;
  results presentation: there are transparent results presentation methods, such as performance tracking display boards, weekly performance reports and other performance tracking methods.

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