Egyptian belly dance

  Egypt, an ancient civilization with a history of more than 5,000 years, is located in northeastern Africa, while the Sinai Peninsula to the east of the Suez Canal is located in the southwestern corner of Asia. The Sphinx, the ancient city of Thebes, the Temple of Karnak, and the longest Nile River in the world are all rare “treasures” that are highly favored. In addition, the “belly dance”, which is quite popular among tourists from all over the world, is full of strong national characteristics, beautiful and sexy movements, enthusiastic and exciting, and it is a rare cultural feast.
  Some time ago, the European super-large dance epic “Fire Dance”, which was performed by world-class master choreographers and many celebrities, combined more than 100 kinds of folk dances, especially the hot scene of 40 sexy girls dancing belly dance, which made it even more exciting. People have a special liking.
  Belly dance is a common name for oriental dance. It has a long history, but there are different opinions. It is generally believed that it first appeared in the court of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey and was only for the enjoyment of a few dignitaries. In order to popularize the dance, it spread to Egypt, the Middle East, East Africa and other places. At that time, as a means of making a living, it could be seen on the streets, in bars, in cafes, in nightclubs and other entertainment venues. However, some experts who specialize in Arab dance believe that Oriental dance was originally a product of ancient Egypt, and enough evidence can be found in the cultural relics. It is inseparably connected with the life, customs, festivals and banquets of the Egyptians. At that time, as long as they heard the relevant music, whether it was a girl or an old woman, they would twist their waists and dance involuntarily. For thousands of years, with the continuous development of the times, oriental dance has also been changing, and it has almost become the “patent” of young women. Although there are also duets and group dances, the main form is solo dance. I saw a flower-like girl with white gauze on her shoulders, a ring on her body, a high chest, an exposed upper body, a thin skirt, and ribbons of golden yellow and other colors to cover her buttocks that surrounded the hills. Unrestrained and dynamic music, open your arms, stretch your waist, and twist your hips and breasts constantly. Those who are skilled in dancing can shake more than ten times per second, like a non-stop spinning machine. The round, through the coordinated swing of the waist, hips, and hips, fully demonstrates the beauty of female curves and the temptation of the senses, and then shows the kind of hard-working, simple, and full of longing for life and the future. Rare artistic enjoyment.
  As a very difficult, technically demanding and very comprehensive belly dance, the training is extremely strict and arduous. It must start at an early age and graduate in at least two years. First of all, it is necessary to repeatedly learn and practice abdominal muscles, which is the most basic belly dance. Then train the chest muscles until you can control the abdominal muscles and chest muscles voluntarily. When dancing, through the beauty of relaxation, contraction and quivering of the exposed abdominal muscles, it gives people colorful spiritual enjoyment and artistic associations.
  Foreign friends who travel to Egypt often hear such a voice: It would be a great pity if they only watched the pyramids but not the belly dance; although they watched belly dance, but did not see the performance of the queen of belly dance, then Also another great regret. The so-called “Queen” is the famous Najwa Fuad, born in 1943 in Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. When she was 33 years old, the famous Egyptian writer Abd al-Wahhab made a song “Full Moon” specially tailored for her, which made it reach the pinnacle of her dance career and became popular throughout the Arab world. When U.S. President Carter and his wife visited Egypt, they specifically proposed to watch Najwa’s performance and praised them sincerely, “You are really amazing.”
  Interestingly, today’s belly dancing has also become a new favorite for urban women’s leisure and fitness. The characteristics of the basic movements enable the participants to get a good workout from the neck to the legs, especially the chest, abdomen and arms. They can not only lose weight, but also strengthen their muscles. People of all shapes and sizes can step into the threshold of “belly dance” as they please, and enjoy the infinite fun and intoxication brought by the selfless twisting and swinging.

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