The discovery of blind children

  The whole screen is black. There seemed to be nothing, and it seemed to be filled up again.
  The sound continues – the sound from the cassette and the dialogue of the characters. In this black field we are just guessing, whose whole world this is.
  This is how the movie begins. This is the famous Iranian director Majid Majidi’s masterpiece “The Color of Heaven”.
  ”You can see and you can’t see.” Clearly, this is a statement that is important to understanding the subject. Don’t blame it for being too direct. Many times we don’t want obvious guidelines. “The author’s conception or intention is neither an applicable nor an ideal standard.” “And most of the thorny problems arise because the critic’s research is limited by the author’s ‘intention’ in it.” However, this sentence is a guiding ideology for the entire film creation, helping us to better understand it. We usually understand the world with confidence, but this confidence can often cloud our perception.
  At the beginning of the film, the director made a very important close-up: the little boy Mohammed found a chick that fell from the nest with his own hearing, and not far away, a cat was eager to try. After frightening the cat, he tried to find the bird, put it in his jacket pocket, and climbed the tree with difficulty, touched the bird’s nest by feeling, and put it in carefully. The camera stops at a smiling face. This is a kind and warm boy, and he is a blind child.
  The tone of the movie is basically set, and it’s clear that this isn’t an obscure and complicated movie. It just seems to be trying to get us close to being tedious and recognizing it. Majid Majidi chose a blind child as our guide. Because, he said, we can see and we can’t.
  The teacher said to Muhammad that Allah is with each of us. But no one can see Allah.
  I think he thought so too. Because he can only feel Allah.
  Allah has written secrets on every object, in various forms, which he can access through his ears and fingers. The dialogue of the film is no longer important, and a lot of information is conveyed through the fingers of the little boy. He is trying to discover everything. Therefore, touch and vision have become the main methods of this film.
  Those of us in the audience are smart, immersed in the world and accustomed to it, and rarely surprised by it. We never ask what color heaven is. And now we begin to follow his fingers to re-feel:
  One of the close-ups: On the way home with my father, the road is green on both sides, the pure sunlight is shining on his face, and he is reaching out the window- He wanted to catch the wind. Other passengers fell asleep. They are no longer unfamiliar with these sights.
  Feature 2: Resting on the edge of a stream, my father sat silently; while Muhammad put his hands in the water, his slender fingers felt the flow of the water, we also looked away from my father’s dull face, Down to the most mundane but pure and beautiful natural things. The water is so clear.
  Feature 3: When he and his sister meet again after a long absence, he stretches out his hand and gently touches her smiling face, “You have grown up”. And fathers never seem to see sons and daughters growing up.
  Feature 4: Grandma took his hand back from the field, and he stroked grandma’s field with his hand, here is alfalfa, there is wheat, the wheat ears are fragrant in the sun and the wind, and the purple and red flowers are blooming In full bloom; “Grandma, your hands are soft and white”. He said he “sees” it. — the hand of an old woman who works day and night in the fields!
  Actually, he couldn’t see anything.
  However, he saw nothing.
  These ordinary things, trivial things that we ignore, also begin to become magical, beautiful and poetic in our eyes. Just like the picture of the whole movie is very pure and lyrical, it pays special attention to the light: fields, jungles, mountains or sea, the colors are bright and rich. There really is a secret in every tiny object, all telling, and Allah has projected his own essence on every object, as long as you carefully discover it. And the way to know the secrets of this world is not the eyes, because the eyesight is limited, but the heart. A heart full of love.
  Therefore, the little boy also has another function, how to sublimate this love – lover.
  As an important obstacle to the father’s remarriage, this will be an abandoned child. In a very complicated mood, the father sent him to a blind carpenter in a distant place against his grandmother’s wishes to be an apprentice, and the grandmother had a great conflict with him. He ran away from home during the storm and fell ill and finally died of depression. Majid Majidi loves to use some beautiful and idealistically symbolic shots: for example, the white feathers of the sky flying higher in the morning when the chickens are released from the chicken coop, and here, the grandmother ascends in the mist. face of heaven. The grandmother who loved him the most went to heaven. The father’s marriage was ruined like this, and the woman felt that it seemed unlucky to marry him. On his way to call Muhammad home, his face was as gloomy as usual, just as his complaints about life filled his heart. And it was a rainy summer, and the river was full of water. When crossing a bridge, something unfortunate happened. The bridge suddenly broke, and the horse and child fell into the fast-flowing river. The father watched in horror. Just as the child was swept away, he suddenly jumped into the water recklessly. And the director left more shots for the tumbling water. Our hearts hang there. However, the child’s mission is not complete. He is a guide, don’t forget.
  In the last shot, the father was washed to the beach, gradually woke up, and hurriedly looked for his son. Not far away, the son was lying quietly. He stumbled over, picked up his son, and burst into tears. He had fully understood how important his son was to him, and he had tried his best to abandon him. At this moment, a ray of golden light shone, and the child’s fingers trembled slightly. The movie ends.
  Some people say that this is an unknown outcome of life and death.
  In fact, life and death do not have to be known.
  As a symbol, interpreting love and need, his mission has been accomplished. The tormented father lost his mother and son because of his selfish thoughts in his heart, which violated his love. It was this blind boy who caused him to show his evil thoughts and ushered in his final return.
  The last shot just exists as a symbol. Just like that golden light. When the sky is lighted up, he still feels it with his fingers.
  The colors of heaven are for us to discover love. love nature; love people. No matter how different the world is, the stars, sand, water, fire, trees, and people all show the same divinity and are all worthy of true love.
  In fact, the overall story and narrative techniques of the film are simple, direct, and simple. (Although there is an occasional sensational treatment – but this is almost inevitable in the film itself) It takes us to feel the world again. And full of love.
  It is the blind child who is discovering, and it is we who are discovering.
  This film can be called a classic representative of Iranian cinema.

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